September 20, 2020
GB20P28947 Cowlin

Press Report - Coutances YB/OH 2020 - Now Including Section Winners

The final race of the season for the National Flying Club took place on the 6th September from Coutances when the Chief Convoyer Mr Dom McCoy, liberated 4500 young birds and old hens at 8.00 hrs into a light North West wind in sunny conditions. Race Advisor…
August 28, 2020
GB19B06292 Gilbert

Press Report RPRA UK Pau Masters race

The UK Pau Masters race was open to all members of the National Flying Club, British Barcelona Club and the Central Southern Class Flying Club with a combined entry of 2700 pigeons, which were convoyed by the National Flying Club in a custom built transporter…
August 17, 2020
Mark Gilbert NFC Pau Winner

Press Report Pau Int 2020 (Now Including Section Winners)

Firstly, a little news on the NFC presentation for 2020. Mr McGrevy has recently spoken to the Management of the venue who have reassured him that the presentation will take place as planned and they are able to follow the government guidelines on social…
July 20, 2020

Press Report Fougeres 2020 now Including Section Winners

Winners Report Once again, I travelled down the leafy Kent lanes overlooking the Stockbury Valley in the North Downs, to visit the loft of Colin Fagg and his partner Linda Nicholas to report on their second National Flying Club win. The first time was in 2013…
July 10, 2019

Press Report Fougeres 2019

The first race of the season for the National Flying Club will go down as one of the most disappointing starts to any racing season. There is a lot of discontent voiced by the members as the decision to liberate proved inadequate and as a consequence the Race…
July 10, 2019

Press Report Cholet 2019

The programmed National Flying Club Ancenis race had to take place from Cholet due to the liberation site not being available for the 2019 season. The third race of the season for the National Flying Club was held on the 15th June from Cholet with the 3500…
July 10, 2019

Press Report Tarbes 2019

The first place in National Flying Club Tarbes Grand National is the most coveted title in the UK pigeon sport without exception. It presents the biggest haul of silverware that can be won in any race in the country, accumulated in more than 100 years of the…
July 10, 2019

Press Report Messac 2019

The second race of the season for the National Flying Club took place on the 1st of June from Messac, France. A total of 5128 pigeons were entered by 602 members from Scotland, Wales and England which were liberated at 7:15am into a clear blue sky and light…