Propositions for Season 2021

In accordance with R.P.R.A. Rules, members are required to vote on the following proposals.  Please place a mark in the ‘For’ box if you are in favour.  Place a mark in the ‘Against’ box if you are not in favour on the voting paper you will receive. If you have not yet received your voting paper it can be downloaded here

Please return the voting paper to :-

Mr. & Mrs. S. Barkel, Secretaries


21 Ridley Avenue

Ryhope, Sunderland

Tyne & Wear SR2 0SF

 To arrive not later than first post Saturday 6th March, 2021.

If the special voting paper arrives late, or does not have your code no. on it, if the vote has not been cast correctly, or the declaration has not been signed, it will be declared void.

Alternatively you can vote online here by logging onto the NFC website.

Please retain this list of proposals for your own future use.

Please note General Rule 12 which states, “The committee can indicate on the ballot paper a preference for any particular outcome of any of the proposals submitted by the general membership if the committee considers that a resolution would cause serious adverse and fundamental problems or would be favourable, advantageous and in the best interests of the club”.   

Visit the Official Website: - www.NationalFlyingClub.Co.Uk




M McGrevy, GOLDTHORPE, P. Naum, will propose:

1)     General Rule 4. Delete the words, “All members must pay their fees before April 1st each year.”

Insert new wording, “All members must pay their fees before March 1st each year.”


M McGrevy, GOLDTHORPE, will propose:

2)     Clock Rule 5. Delete in its entirety. Insert New Clock Rule 5, “All clocks must be checked in accordance with R.P.R.A. rules, clocks which do not show the day of timing in must be controlled if not checked on the day of timing. All clocks must be controlled/checked and read off within 24 hours of timing and then paperwork submitted the same day to the Secretary.



The Annual General Meeting of the National Flying Club will be held at

The Alveley Sports & Social Club,

Button Hole, Alveley, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV15 6JX.

Tel. No. 01746 780279

on Wednesday 10th March, 2021, at 12.00 noon, prompt.