Considering the uncertainty of when the restrictions preventing us from racing our pigeons will be lifted, the Committee of the National Flying Club have decided that we will hold our first National race one month after the Royal Pigeon Racing Association allowed us to train and race our pigeons. Our thinking is that we envisage most federations will begin their race programme one or two weeks after the all clear has been given to allow for a period of road training, which will ensure fitness in our birds before the competitive season begins, and after one or two of these federation races our birds should be ready to compete in a National. As we all know, his is a far from ideal situation but careful consideration has been given to allow us to decide to either join the existing race program from the second race or a decision will be made along those lines as the situation unfolds.


The RPRA are due to announce a protocol in which we are to conduct the race marking etc and the NFC will strictly adhere to their guidelines, as we will also have to give due consideration not only to when we can hold our first race but how. The current marking stations will need to be confirmed and also consideration given to the delay in postal services for the postal entry deadline as it is determined within our rules for entry. Further announcements will follow as the situation unfolds and we are pleased that the NFC transport contractors are more than willing to accommodate us, as it has become clear we may have to change some of our race dates, as determined by the RPRA Councils decision.

Keep safe.

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