Since the onset of the Corona Virus restrictions, the National Flying Club has continued to be very hopeful of being able to provide a race program for our members and indeed, we issued the statement that four weeks after racing could begin, we would hold our first National race.

We are very grateful to the Chief Executive Officer, President and Vice Presidents of the RPRA who have worked very hard to produce a workable method statement in all aspects of the processes needed in order to allow racing to begin for most from the 6th June. Therefore, the NFC Committee have agreed a 2020 race program as follows; the first race will be from Fougeres on the 4th July followed by Nort-sur-Erdre on the 18th July. The NFC Grand National will go ahead from Pau on Friday the 31st July, with the last old bird race being from Fougeres on the 15th August and the young bird and old hens race will still go ahead on the 5th September. Please note, three marking stations: Ash, Steventon and Alveley are in doubt and are closed for the moment, with club officials working hard to find suitable alternatives. 

Also with the government’s recent requirement for a 14 day quarantine period for all those entering the UK from the 8th June, there have been rumours that Continental Racing would not take place this year, however, please be assured that the NFC will be providing Continental Racing this season as our operations are contractual and therefore deemed as essential employment, as confirmed by the RPRA and the very positive upshot of this is the reopening of discussions regarding joint liberations by the major organisations, and as necessity is the mother of inventions it proves there is light to be found in every situation, however dark it may seem at the time. We will keep all members posted via the news page on the National Flying Club website.

Any news or views to me Chris Sutton on 01530 242548 or email