On Wednesday the 13th of October the National Flying Club held its first Management Committee since the Covid Lockdown came into force and it was a real pleasure to see twenty six section representatives in attendance. The meeting began at 9:35am with the Chairman Mr Paul Naum welcoming all and thanking them for their attendance. Apologies were read out from Mr. S. White; Mr. W. Curtis; Mr. S. Treharne; Mr. E. W. Froggatt and Mr. K. Zerafa which were accepted.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read, and Mr J Sexton brought up the rules review which he and Mr C Boyce had been asked to do. The final report had been completed by them but was to be put before all the Management Committee for review before the next meeting. The minutes were then accepted as a true record, proposed by Drew Callum and seconded by Paul Pym which was carried.

The Chairman then read out a letter from HM The Queens Secretary Sir Edward Young thanking the NFC for their letter of sympathy on the death of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. The next correspondence was from Three Counties Combine re being transported by the NFC. It was noted that the charge of £2.25 per bird will apply and was left in abeyance until further communication had taken place.

Mr S Beardmore then reported on the zoom meeting held between the RPRA and other Specialist clubs to discuss the prospects of a joint race in the 2022 season from Sigogne. The European Requirements as to what documentation will be needed and the need to promote a joint race for the whole country were discussed and he then went on to discuss the Accounts and give his Honorary Treasurers report. He talked at length on the general running of the club being financed by the members subscriptions and each race standing as a separate entity. That said the past two seasons difficulties with Brexit and Covid have meant that racing costs are above the income generated which was discussed at length and the vision for the future was to explore all possibilities of savings on costs.

The Chief Convoyer Mr Dom McCoy gave a report on his experiences during the last season with inland racing as well as Guernsey and the Police Escorts given to the NFC and that we were made very welcome on the island by the local officials and local fanciers. The same applied for Sennon Cove when although it was not possible for the local fanciers to race themselves, they went all out to ensure the NFC team were well looked after.

The 2022 race program was then discussed with a proposal to change the first race point to Coutances by Mr J Sexton and seconded by Mr D McCoy with an amendment to remain at Fougeres proposed by Mr C Talis and seconded by Mr M McGrevy which was voted on first and received 5 votes. The original proposition by MR Sexton then received 13 votes so it was carried that the first race of the 2022 season will be held from Coutances. Then, if racing is not allowed from France a plan B race program was discussed at length with 3 North Road race points and 3 Guernsey’s being suggested along with Sennon Cove and Guernsey alternating before a proposition for all races to be held from Guernsey, in the event of a restriction in France was submitted by Mr C Sutton and seconded by Mr. A. Voiculescu to race all races except the Grand National, from Guernsey. This received 16 votes for, with 2 against and was carried.

The management committee discussed the prize monies with nothing been passed. It was proposed by Mr. R King and seconded by Mr. M. McGrevy to keep the birdage charges the same as in the 2021 handbook and if applicable to what has been charged for Guernsey i.e. £4 per bird which was carried. The handbook was also discussed at length and it was decided to continue with the current format for 2022 but be under review for the following years. It was noted that adverts in the handbook are to be placed onto the NFC website as well to give as much exposure to the sponsors as possible. It was also agreed that Mr. A. Voiculescu will organise different tiers of advertising, i.e. premium advertiser, tier two etc, so advertisers and sponsors could decide if they want a specific sponsorship option. The winning fanciers’ photos by Mr C Sutton was discussed as a possible revenue source and after a passionate discussion it was clarified that C Sutton has the sole copyright of his photos. Mr S Wilcox then proposed a vote of thanks to It Mr A Voiculescu (Team Aurel), for his sponsorship which seconded by Mr. D. McCoy and was carried.

The meeting moved on to discussing the marking stations and the Chairman reported that Ash was closed but not before being given the option to feed in and the President Mr R Scriven endorsed that. The Bridgwater station will require a new I/C otherwise it too will be closed with options being looked into around the Portishead area as a possible replacement. Mr J Edwards asked that the transport costs be compared with other companies for next year in time for any necessary negotiations to take place. A sub committee was formed to assess the trailers each year for maintenance issues which will consist of Mr D McCoy, M McGrevy, Mr J Edwards and Mr P Naum. Mr McCoy stated that the new fronts require fitting to existing crates and Mr Naum then informed the meeting that the cost of crates had drastically increased over recent months.

The Presentation evening to be held in Torquay on the 27th of November was next on the agenda with Mr M McGrevy confirming Ian Evans Chief Executive of the RPRA was Guest of Honour with Mr A Voiculescu suggesting that we also invite two representatives of the Chair App G Group. The top table will then consist of Mr & Mrs Geoff Kirkland; Mr & Mrs J R Sutton; Mr & Mrs Ian Evans; Two representatives of the Chair App G Group; Mr & Mrs P Farrow who will be representing HM the Queen as the Royal Loft Manager. The 2022 presentation dinner has been booked at the Palace Hotel in Buxton.

Propositions submitted for Committee discussion were received with several being ruled out of order due to being submitted too late as the rule states that propositions have to be received by the 3rd of September each year. After a lengthy discussion Mr D McCoy decided to withdraw three of his propositions and a further proposition submitted by Mr S Redfern & Family was all in order so therefore able to go to the members regarding the number of open diplomas and section diplomas for each race. A proposition submitted by Mr Alan Holdaway that all competing members be limited to a maximum entry of 40 birds for all races was discussed and deliberated at length before Mr McGrevy proposed it out of order due to being financially detrimental to the club. This was seconded by Mr J R Sutton and carried.

The yearly young bird sale is a great contribution to the clubs finances and it is hoped that next year will be even better with Mr S Trehearne, Mr S Wilcox and C Sutton working together to organise a late bred sale in September 2022. The Chairman reported on the miniature Trophies to be presented with three options being produced for Committee approval and it was decided that Glass awards will be given in future.

Mr S Wilcox then proposed that the Old Hens race held in conjunction with the yearly young bird race be both cocks and hens, this was seconded by Mr J R Sutton and was carried so another complete old bird National will be added to the program for 2022 season.

Lastly it was proposed by Mr McGrevy to give a vote of thanks to our Chairman Mr P Naum for all his efforts over the last two very difficult years.

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