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Sent: 14 March 2022 14:27
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Subject: Channel Update

Despite my publication of 2nd February 2022 where I asked for patience and outlined what was required to achieve Channel racing there are still many posts on social media that demonstrate a lack of understanding of what is required; it also demonstrates frustration in relation to publishing the relevant confirmation. While I understand peoples frustration their misleading statements do nothing to help the situation; quite the opposite. In my update of 2nd February 2022 I outlined what was required to achieve the position of being able to race from the continent in 2022. If you have not already done so then please read this update available here In summary the statement outlined the following; The latest amended Export Health certificate published in January by the EU would not work. Therefore, the certificate required amending. I outlined that we had direct conversations with the EU and via DEFRA to achieve these amendments and although I could not provide any guarantees, the EU through DG Sante (Department of Health) had indicated in an email that these amendments would be agreed. The update then went on to outline that as soon as the certificate was amended DEFRA would publish a document for members to register their lofts, as per EU requirements. However, DEFRA could not and would not publish such a document until the certificate had been amended. In short until the certificate is amended the registration document does not exist. As soon as it does it will be published on the RPRA website along with a notice on social media, BHW and an email sent to club secretaries. My update also outlined that the indicated timescales to achieve these amendments was weeks, but highlighted that progress was very much in the hands of the EU. Six weeks later the document has not yet been amended but we are receiving indications that this will happen within the next two weeks and possibly this week. I can guarantee you that this is the most important item on my/our agenda and that as soon as is reasonably possible (after the EU amend the health certificate) we will be publishing guidance and the relevant documents for registration; BUT we cannot do any of this until the EU amend the certificate. I remain confident that this issue will be sorted to facilitate Channel racing in 2022 Ian Evans CEO