The National Flying Club committee meeting was held on Wednesday the 16th March at Alverley Social Club. The Chairman Mr Paul Naum opened the meeting at 9:40am with apologies received from absent section representatives. Mr Tom Scott was then proposed and accepted as a new representative for section J, followed by a review of the previous meeting minutes.

NFC Secretary Sid Barkel has made an excellent job of the yearly handbook which is now ready for printing and will be posted out to all fully subscribed members in April.

The Chairman went on to discuss the practices and logistics of the National Flying Club providing an equal service to the whole country and proposed that after a meeting with Mr J Edwards and Mark Lamley, Managing Director of PJ Logistics that for the 2022 season, our birds will be transported by PJ Logistics who are based a few miles from Portsmouth. The Chairman pointed out his reliance and appreciation of the vast experience of John Edwards in the transport and logistics industry, which he has always made available the Chairman and the Committee. Dom McCoy has decided to resign as Chief Convoyer and Phil Leech will be taking over the position with Levi Leech as Reserve Convoyer.

The birdage charge for the 2022 season was discussed at great length with our Treasurer Mr Stephen Beardmore providing the Committee with a comprehensive profit and loss balance sheet to reflect the true position of the costs of running the club. With the recent rise in fuel prices and being somewhat uncertain about the future prices, it was discussed at length as to the best way forward. Two propositions came forward, one with increases to certain race points and another to increase by 50 pence for all races, which was carried. So for the 2022 season the NFC birdage will go up by 50p to £4.50 per bird which reflects the rising costs in inflation. Some good news is that Roger Sutton confirmed that Vanrobaeys will continue to sponsor the National Flying Club for the 2022 season by supplying all the feed requirements for each race.

The venue for the presentation in 2023 is planned to be held at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate although Mick McGrevey informed us that the cost per room has also increased to an amount he felt that it was too much to expect members to pay, so he will be trying to negotiate a lower price whilst looking into alternative venues with Birmingham and Alton Towers being suggested.  

The NFC will be in attendance at the Epsom Show this weekend with Chairman Paul Naum, Drew Callum and Dom McCoy there to answer your queries. The NFC young bird sale is now competed with a total of £5,500 raised with some fantastic pigeons having been donated by top lofts and we thank all those involved especially John Burgham and Stuart Treharne, who also informed the meeting that those members who had previously been using the Cwmtillery marking station can now more easily use the new marking station at Bristol as the Prince of Wales bridge on the M4, has opened up toll free both ways.

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