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Sent: 01 April 2022 09:19
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Subject: Channel Racing

The meeting scheduled for today with representatives from DEFRA has been postponed until Thursday 7th April. I received notice late yesterday afternoon and despite my respectful request that this meeting is not delayed I have been informed that due to the availability of DEFRA officials that this meeting can not go ahead.. Although disappointing we have to consider the competing priorities DEFRA have with the ongoing Avian Influenza issues in the UK. However, I know first hand that DEFRA have given this issue due consideration and have been working hard with the RPRA and EU, on behalf of the confederation to achive a solution. Despite this disappointment it is important to note that due to the amendments made by the EU to the requirements of entry for Racing pigeons, we now have a solution to the issues that prevented racing from the continent in 2021. As a summary the requirements of entry into the EU from UK are as follows: 1. The pigeons have to be vaccinated against Paramyxo. The vaccine used has to be one approved for use in the UK by the VMD. 2. The lofts/premises of origin have to be registered with the competent authority of the third country. In the UK this is DEFRA 3. Each convoy will require an export health certificate signed by an official veterinarian (OV). At next weeks meeting we hope to be able to confirm the registration process with DEFRA. We are working with an OV to produce guidance that will assist organisations in achieving channel racing for their members. However, this guidance can not be completed until we have had the meeting with DEFRA. Clearly, we now have a solution to meeting the requirements of entry that will facilitate channel racing in 2022. We ask that everyone remains patient and we will publish an update as soon as possible following the meeting with DEFRA. Ian Evans CEO