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Sent: 07 April 2022 14:33
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Subject: Channel Racing Update

At today's meeting (7th April 2022) the following was discussed; LOFT/PREMISES REGISTRATION The process for registering lofts was outlined. Details on how to register will be published in the next two weeks via DEFRA/RPRA and other unions. From what we are told this will be a relatively straight forward process that can be done online or via a form that can be posted to DEFRA A somewhat surprising point was that the EU require lofts, that wish to take part in channel racing to be registered with a veterinary practice and have at least one visit from a veterinarian per year. It was stated that you will not need to have had a visit from a veterinarian before registering or racing but you will be expected to have a visit within the year and each year thereafter. VACCINATION All birds in the loft will have to be vaccinated not just the ones you are racing. THE EXPORT HEALTH CERTIFICATE DEFRA are seeking clarity from the EU in respect of one part of the certificate before publishing and providing guidance for the official veterinarians that are required to sign the export health certificate on behalf of the convoy. As mentioned above the details regarding processes of registration will be published within the next two weeks. Ian Evans CEO