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Sent: 10 May 2022 14:13
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Subject: Channel Racing Update

At today's meeting (10/05/2022) with DEFRA and representatives from the devolved Governments we were informed that; 1. That the registration process for England, Scotland and Wales will go live at 10am on 24th May 2022 2. Due to the possible high level of demand on registration in England there could be a period of up to 6 week before all lofts are registered. 3. The Export Health Certificate along with all guidance notes will be published on 24th May 2022 DEFRA has indicated that following the registration process going live we will be kept updated of the amount of applications for registration and how many lofts they have registered. This will then give us a clearer picture of how long it will be until all lofts are registered. Website links and information on how to register will be published on the RPRA website at 10am on 24th May 2022 There will be more detailed information published over the next two weeks. Ian Evans CEO


Due to the above, the NFC first race will be from Guernsey.