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Subject: Registration

One if the most popular question we are getting asked is will I need a visit from a veterinarian before racing. The answer to this is that following registration with DEFRA you will need to register with a veterinary practice before you can race. However, a visit from the veterinarian does not have to have been completed prior to racing but will have to have been completed within a period that DEFRA/APHA will confirm in their communication on the 24th May. Another question is what information will I need to register with DEFRA. For this we understand you will need just basic information such as name address and other contact details. You will not for example, be required to submit a ring list. All other information including what will the veterinarian be looking for when visiting will be clarified in DEFRAs publication but as an indication this MAY include notifiable diseases such as Paramyxo. Ian Evans CEO