Sat 2nd Jul @ 07:36 hrs: The birds at St Philbert have been liberated at 07.30 hrs into clear skys and a light variable wind and cleared immediately. The channel is clear with South Westerly winds at 12 to 14mph. The UK has pockets of rain that will disperse as the day goes on but some areas will see heavy showers. Winds in the UK are South Westerly at 15 to 18mph. Good luck to all, Steve White Race Advisor, Levi Leech Assistant Convoyer.


Fri 1st Jul @ 18:21 hrs: I have spoken to our Convoyer and Mark Gilbert, Race Controller for the BICC as well as our weather advisor. Tomorrow we have a small band of rain coming in from the North West, which will spread from Cornwall to Yorkshire. We are hoping this will break up as the morning progresses. Winds in the Channel moderate South West. We will update around 08.00 tomorrow morning. Steve White, Race Advisor.