All liberation updates will be shared here.

02/09/2023 - The birds have been liberated from Carentan at 10.45am in a very light North East Wind. Visibility over the channel is good. Thanks to the liberation team for achieving this. Good luck to all.

01/09/2023 - The forecast received from the Met Office shows a ridge of high pressure extending from the Bay of Biscay over England and the channel. This rise in pressure will give a dry settled day over England and the channel on Saturday. Any early morning mist should soon clear as sunny periods develop. Winds generally are forecast to be light from the NE averaging 10 mph over the channel. So the prospects for the race tomorrow are quite promising. Steve Appleby

The Liberation Line phone number is 01235 627727. Please tell members who do not have access to the website.This will be updated with each announcement.

Good luck to all participating members ... and remember... please verify JUST YOUR FIRST ARRIVAL for BOTH Old Birds and Young Birds (additional arrivals are NOT required), within 60 minutes of that pigeon's arrival, and preferably online at Racing Verification ( ... you'll of course need to be LOGGED IN to the website do this.

Can't verify online? Then phone one of the following three mobile numbers within 60 minutes, to verify your first arrival only. If the line is busy, please try another number. DO NOT leave a message as we may not pick it up within the 60 minutes from your clocking time:-

  • 07733-641524
  • 07733-641526
  • 07733-641532