The fourth and final old bird race of the 2021 season for the National Flying Club was held from Guernsey on the 17th July. A total of 5419 birds were entered by 514 members which were taken to the liberation site in the very capable hands of Dom McCoy and his team. He said the trip to Guernsey went like clockwork and after their Covid checks they were allowed to leave the port and were met by their Police Escort to the race point at Pembroke beach. They let the birds settle down before offering them more food and water. He was up and waiting for the sun to rise at 4am on the Saturday morning when he received the first call of the day from our Race Adviser Steve White who said the channel was looking good for an early liberation. At 6am he began to cut the strings with the local press photographers positioning themselves for the liberation shot and a large crowd gathered around the tape barrier he had set up for the occasion. A few last calls were made to check the conditions then at 7:30am the birds were liberated into a light North East wind and cleared very quickly.

After missing out on the first two races from Sennen Cove it was pleasing to see the conditions were more favourable for the west country and for an hour or so previous NFC Open winners Mike Underhill and Rob Prettejohn, topped the leader board in Plymouth. It was a great pigeon which finished up being second open but far to the west, another 65 miles further on, Gary Jacobs was sitting in the sunshine, with his back leaning against the loft looking out to seas towards Guernsey. His birds would normally come around the bay along the coastline but as he was staring towards the Lizard Peninsula, he saw a dot of a pigeon coming straight towards him directly on line for Guernsey, a distance of 142 miles across the sea, which it had flown over the whole way.


He stood up to watch where it was going but it continued to draw closer and it was indeed one of his birds, a roundabout cock which had spent the whole night with his hen before going to the race two days earlier. He raced right to the loft and trapped so quickly Gary immediately realised he had a good bird.


Just at that time his friend, Justin Rogers arrived to watch the birds come home and he could tell by the colour of Gary’s face that something special had happened. “He was in bits” said Justin “and he was finding it difficult to write the details down his hands were shaking so much”


It was a special moment for the two friends, because Justin had bred the bird for Gary as three years ago to the day of this race, Gary was in hospital having a triple heart by-pass, which basically knocked him sideways for quite some time. Then to make things worse, in 2019, Circo virus sickness hit Gary’s loft and completely wiped him out of all pigeons. Consequently in 2020, Justin decided to breed Gary 25 youngsters to get him back up and running which were then lightly raced as youngsters.


He followed this up by speaking with Gary at the beginning of the 2021 season and told him that if he wanted to be completive, he would have to move away from his old school methods, get these birds on a roundabout system and a new feeding regime. Gary took his advice which he has religiously applied, as indicated by his performances in the Cornish Combine this year. Obviously, the birds are highly motivated and with such motivation his bird has made good use of the favourable conditions and flown directly to his waiting hen.

The NFC Open winning bird, now called “Bosliven Blue Boy”, is a Leo Hereman bred by Justin Rogers of St Buryian in Cornwall and was sired by an inbred double grandson of “Rossi” when he was paired to an inbred double granddaughter of “Euro”, a breeding strategy favoured by Justin to fix the genes of those super pigeons.

Justin said that after a successful stint of racing, in 2018 he decided to take a break due to work commitments restricting his time with the birds. So, at Bosliven Lofts they decided to continue to sell some pigeons and recoup on the investments made when purchasing direct Leo Heremans and some of the best Gabby Vandenbeele bloodline available, which they acquired from top lofts such as G W P Macaloney and Mark Evans from M & D Evans direct. Determined to purchase as close to the tree as possible, they also decided to go to Eijerkamp to buy direct children of Leo Heremans pigeons and obtained multiple direct children of “Rossi”, “Jackpot”, “Den Euro”, “New Olympiade”, “Olympic Leo” and “Olympic Hanns” plus some direct from main breeders “Wild Wind”, “Super Heremans”, “Man O’Chester” and “Better Than Bolt” which were purchased from Premier Stud. 

These have proven to be a great success as in the same race, their partner loft of Cottrell, Richmond & Rogers, which is run by Tony Cottrell in Wimborne, Dorset, clocked another Bosliven Lofts Heremans Ceuster which was 2nd Section B, 21st Open (provisional), carrying the lines of a daughter of “Chieftan” and “Blue Thunder”, bred by Ogilvie Lofts in Sterling, crossed on to another Bosliven Lofts inbred “Rossi”. This pigeon was also 15th Section B, 27th Open in the BBC from Wadebridge, when the Bosliven Ceusters also took 13th & 14th Section B & 25th & 26th Open.

He went on to say that him being pleased for Gary is an understatement, he is totally made up for him. For his shear dedication and commitment to the cause on winning the National Flying Club Guernsey 2. Gary is Chairman of the Cornish Combine and assistant Secretary of his local club, so is one of the workers in the sport and together they would like to congratulate the other Section winners and say a big thank you to the conveyors in doing a great job under very hot circumstances and wish everybody the very best of luck with the young bird races.


Those NFC members in Section Q are a real testament to National racing, as in most races they have to watch their birds coming back down the coastline, which adds on time they cannot afford, but they do not give up or quibble, they just wait their turn and such patience has been well rewarded this time from Guernsey with seven birds from six lofts in section Q showing in the top fifty of the provisional open result. Very well done to all of you and a big thank you for your Cornish hospitality shown to me and to our convoying team when they were at Sennen Cove, I left for home with two of the biggest Pasties I have ever seen, they really were the size of half a dustbin lid each.

News and Views to me Chris Sutton on 01530 242548 or 077792 356330 email










It was great to see so many having a good race from Guernsey with the National Flying Club as it was the first opportunity for anyone in the UK to race over the channel this season. Fred Hall in Worthing put up a great performance with his winning bird reaching 68mph with the high than expected velocities right up the country. 

Birds were timed doing good velocities into the Scottish borders and it was a real tonic for an otherwise sombre season, with Black Saturday blues still hurting many fanciers. With that said the club Committee has voted to cancel the last race of the season from Guernsey. With the race date having been moved to late July in the hope of getting a Grand National race from San Sebastian, it was felt by most that with the beginning of the young bird season being around the same time and us not being able to have the Grand National from Guernsey in respect of the previous performances from the long distances, plus the Treasurer expressed caution so the Chairman agreed to hold the vote. We can now look forward to the young bird season with the next race being from Guernsey on the 4th September along with the usual Old Hens race and we wish you all the very best of luck in the preceding Federation races.

Section A

First section and first Open was Fred Hall and Daughters with Fred’s Syndicate lofts bloodlines reported in the winners article.

IMG 1889

Second and fifth was Mick Skidmore in Havant who has been having a great season in the NFC. For the second time in two weeks he has been asked to write a few lines on his pigeons.

AMick Skidmore 2nd Sect A NFC Guernsey 1

“But first I must congratulate the national winner Fred Hall of the Premiere 100 Club at Havant, “Well done Fred”, my winning pigeon is two-year-old checked pied cock flown on the widowhood system. It was the first race across the water after being raced as a yearling Bird from my half brother and half sister mating the Sire is 50% Busschaert and 50% Joss Thorne with the dam being the same mother. The sire has been top class widowhood cock winning eleven national cards is also sire of the second open Messac with the central southern classic dame won first club Bergerac and raced with the NFC.” Third was Mr & MRs Brian Wall also in Havant as is Dec Jones who was fourth. He timed a blue yearling cock having his first channel race. His nest brother as a youngster won the Premier 100 P Ring race and £1000 pound and his mother was a good racing but now breeding hen, coming to win 1st section 8th Open NFC Messac. His grandfather was a cock I call Dads Lad winning 1st Section NFC 1st Open NFC Messac. The Cocks are raced on pure widowhood system going out once a day and no training is given once racing starts.

Section B

First and third section B was Jason Bowden who would like to congratulate all of the section winners.

B1st Sect B for Jason Bowen NFC Guernsey 1

He timed a two year old hen flown on widowhood which has been a very consistent bird on both the North and West routes, being 6th in the Premier 100 Club from Honiton the week before. His second bird is a red grizzle hen which was unraced as a young bird but has been to every race in the Premier 100 Club this season and was sent sitting 10 days on eggs for this National. Second section was Rob Harbour who would like to congratulate Fred Hall and all the section winners.

BRob Harbour 2nd Sect B NFC Guernsey 1

He timed a two year old hen of “Black Power” lines on both sides via Hardy Kruger.   Mr & Mrs Dave Waterhouse were fourth and fifth and Dave would also like to congratulate Fred Hall a fantastic result. Both his birds are together and down from his old family of Jacob Poortvliet x Leo Hermann. The hen was having her second race of the season and the cock is a grandson of his “Ace Pair” this was her 2nd race of the season and came with her cock. Dave’s third pigeon home, a granddaughter of “Kettle”, was nominated in the Premier 100 Club winning him £100  

My 2nd pigeon was 4th section 7th open which again is from my old family Jacob Poortvliet pigeons he is a grandson of my Ace pair. His birds are raced on roundabout and fed on Van Robaeys Super Widowhood mix.

Section C

I was pleased to see that Neville and Diana Spracklen was first section C which is their twenty fifth section win. They had to wait for two seasons to get the 25th having hit the post several times and it was more pleasing to win it from a channel race.

CNeville and Diane Spracklen with their loft helpers 1st Sect C NFC Guernsey 1

The winning bird is a Hoogland x Deklak x Mark Gilbert's “Sebastian” which is a strange combination, but it is working for them. He is a yearling widowhood cock and was their first pigeon from the BICC Truro race and was well placed. They would like to congratulate the winner and all the section winners. Mr & Mrs Mick Wiffin was second with a blue white flight widowhood cock called “Treble”.

CMick Wiffen 2nd Sect C NFC Guernsey 1

He has been very consistent this year having flown west from Sennen Cove and north from Chesterfield. And was their second bird from a hard Upper Heyford race. He is from their own family of pigeons which Mick can trace back to 1969 when we bought a pair of Busschaert yearlings from Doug Gifford for 30 Shillings (£1.50) so I think they got their money’s worth. Third was John Halstead from North Dorset with a yearling chequer widowhood cock.

CJohn Halstead 3rd Sect C NFC Guernsey 1

This cock was John’s first bird two weeks earlier from the BICC Penzance race when he finished 38th Open from 3575 birds. His Sire 972 has flown NFC Tarbes and Pau in the last 2 seasons being a son of “Nyland Reco” winner in 2017 and 2018 of 9th and 23rd open Barcelona. “Reco” is a grandson of “Ashley”. Dam of the yearling was bred by M.Gilbert from a son of “Tuff Nutt” and “Cilla”, both Brian Denny to a daughter of Etienne Meirlaen 7 times Barcelona cock. John had 100% returns even though 3 homed around 8.30 pm on the evening of the race. Fourth was David Wilson of Yeovil and fifth was Terry and Linda Vincent in Steepleton. They timed a yearling cock sent sitting eggs and was bred from Tony Porter birds acquired when Tony gave up the sport. His wife Linda is pictured with the bird and is a great help for Terry and they had a very enjoyable day as the birds came well after flying North Road for the first time this season, Terry was glad to be able to race over the channel once again getting six out of six home on the day. Linda Vincent was 5th section.

CLinda Vincent with 5th Sect C NFC Guernsey 1

Section D

Marcus Balckmore wins section D and would like to thank the National Flying Club for a great race from Guernsey plus Wayne Wright and Mr& Mrs Wright for the parents that bred his blue bar cock.

DMarcus Blackmore 1st Sect D NFC Guernsey 1

He is also grateful for the help and advice they have given him over the last couple of years since he returned to the sport. Marcus flies a small team and is thrilled with his two section positions in the last month, a 5th from Sennen Cove and a first from Guernsey is a dream come true having sent 3 and had 3 home. Second and third was Simon Cordery in Sidmouth who timed a blue hen he bought at the Ken Ware retirement sale in 2017, flown to the nest.

DSimon Cordery 2nd & 3rd Sect D NFC Guernsey 1

His second bird is a Leen Boar which also finished 18th section in the first Sennen Cove race. Both parents were purchased from Tumley Lofts. Fourth was Kevin Smith with a cock sent sitting ten days on eggs.

DKevin Smith 4th Sect D NFC Guernsey 1

His sire is “Thornlea Flashy Boy” which he bought from Gerry Francis and is full of one loft racing birds including National, Fed, Classic Open race winning positions. The dam is a Vandenabeele hen he bought from Alan Baker which has bred winners with different Cocks including an RPRA winner and many club positions when owned and raced by Steve White, liberator of the NFC. In preparation for the Guernsey race he was sent sitting 10 Day old eggs and raced with the DCWSFC each week to get him up to speed taking club and open positions on the way. Fifth was Club Chairman Paul Naum who is working tirelessly for the benefit of the club and it is great to see him get a top position in the section.

Section E

Mark Gilbert has topped his section once again along with the third place. He has had a fantastic old bird season with top positions both North and South routes, hats off to you Mark. Second was Steve Buckle who races Janssen bloodlines. Fourth was Gary Inkley with a blue chequer hen bred from his 2nd Open NFC Saintes winner which was himself bred from his “Northern Lights” 1st Open NFC Saintes, when paired to a daughter of Hannibal x Genie. Her dam is via Tim Atkin bred from a son of Bandit x Moonglow with a daughter of War Drum x Rhiannon. Fifth was the ever present Mr & Mrs E Corkett & Sons who are always in the mix with their Gust Jansen Strain

EMr & Mrs E Corkett & Sons 5th Sect E NFC Guernsey 1

Section F

The Rostrons topped their section in Thatcham and would like to congratulate the overall winner and all the other section winners. They are over the moon with their very first section winner, a hen which has been a consistent bird for them.


FThe Rostrons 1st Sect F NFC Guernsey 1

She is a pure Franz zwols from stock birds purchased at Formula 1 lofts which they have raced birds on the roundabout system this year and they, along with the birds, have really enjoyed it. They would also like to say a big thank you to Allan Webber for training their birds. Second was J& P Parker in Reading, with Kieron Marcham,from Newbury third with a widowhood hen that I had brought in a breeder buyer sale last year. She was bred by Darren Aspy from Wolverhampton out of some Van Loon stock he had brought in. His second bird was fifth section and was another widowhood hen which he had bred himself out of his original Jansen based birds he had been given when he started up 10 years ago. This family have been very consistent in the club and BBandO federation competing in the sprint races which are his main concern although he is getting the bug for National racing. 

Fourth was David Clark, also in Reading with a Blue Chequer Hen which also raced well last year being in all three 2020 races taking 248th Fourges 9,976b, 160th Nort-sur-Erdre 5,349b and 174th Pau Grand National 2,730b. 7th was Andrei Bargaoanu.

FAndrei Bargaoanu 7th Sect F NFC Guernsey 1

Section G

Thanks go to Catherine Cooper who sent me the details for section winners Fab Barresi, Dom Barresi and Donald Bull who race in partnership at Peasedown St John, Somerset. They timed a two year old widowhood cock which is now called “Luka” after Fab’s grandson.

GD & F.Barresi & D.Bull 1st Sect G NFC Guernsey 1


 Luka was bred by friend Brian Goodwin and the parents are from Mickey Collins Van den Bulck lines. Just this season this cock has won, 1st club Eastbourne 25th West of England SR combine 2394b, 4th Eastbourne club. 36th West of England SR combine 1344b and 3rd Ramsgate club, 32nd West of England SR Combine 1419b. Second was D Wyatt & M Gray from Nailsea in Bristol and third was Chris Templar in Hartcliffe. Elmer Harvey was fourth with a two year old called “Bones” as it was previously picked up by a non fancier at Western Super Mare flown out.

G4th Sect G for Elmer Harvey NFC Guernsey 1

Winning the club the week before the National from Brighton it is bred down from “The Machine” via good friend Ian Stafford. All his three entries arrived in good time in great condition. Fifth was S Luff & Walker Bros in Dursley, Gloucestershire.

Section H

Steve Bartholomew won the section with a three year old Blue Cock raced on the Chaos System which also won the first race of the season in his club and was second on the Black Saturday race from Weymouth beaten by his loftmate.

HSteve Bartholomew 1st Sect H NFC Guernsey 1

His dam has won 1 x 1st 2 x 2nds 1 x 5th racing in the Midshires Fed being a gift bird bred by Mark Cauldwell of Uley Gloucester.

H1st Sect H for Steve Bartholomew NFC Guernsey 1

A full Brother to the Section winner was 3rd SE Section MNFC Holmsley. Steve entered 8 for the race had 7 on the day and one next morning. Second was Patmore & Rayner in Saffron Walden with a Sliver Chequer yearling cock which was 17 minutes in front of his next bird.

HChris Patmore 2nd Sect H NFC Guernsey 1

He had never been paired as he was one of 8 surplus yearlings as they didn’t have enough boxes. There was always hens floating around in the loft on a Saturday so he sort of got the idea of widowhood and after loosing one or two older cocks he took a box which he defended to the hilt. Steve Bartholomew was third with his second bird and fourth was Colin and Adam Crick in Stotfold, Hertfordshire.

HColin & Adam Crick 4th Sect H NFC Guernsey 1Fifth was Nicolae Babes in Ely who is originally from Transylvania in Romania.

Hicolae Babes 5th Sect H NFC Guernsey 1

He came to England as a student in 2003 and since he decided to remain he joined the Cambridge Granta Pigeon club in 2009. For the last few years he has taken the responsibility of the Club Secretary and helps with other club work. Nicolae races his birds on the natural system due to work commitments and trains them once or twice a day around the house at different hours. His first bird is a blue chequer hen bred in 2018 which flew Pau last season as they are long distance bloodlines and he hopes to fly from Pau once again next season. 

Section I

Shaun McDonough won first and fifth section with a yearling chequer cock bred for him by his friend Pieter Oberholster.

I1st Sect I for Shaun McDonough NFC Guernsey 1

He is raced on widowhood and has won this year 1st club, 5th fed, 3rd club 3rd fed being beaten by loft mates he arrived with and also 1st section from Penzance in the BICC and is bred from a son of MJ1 x Gaby Vandenabeele. Second was Jon Perrott with a cock raced on natural and sitting eggs which won his club the week prior to the NFC. He is bred of his own channel family crossed with a hen of my very good friend Dave Shorthouse. Top Leicester fanciers Summers Bros & Daughter were third with a bird that was 2nd Club 12th Fed from Lyndhurst the week before. Fourth was Clive Yates who had a good days racing when four dropped in four minutes and had 20 out of 25 on the day which all looked well.

IClive Yates 4th Sect I NFC Guernsey 1

He also won the first four in the federation on the same day so had got them right for the job. The hen he timed has won a few prizes in the past, her dam is full of his FVW stock that they have had for 40 years, in her breeding she has Clive’s four Open MNFC winners. Her sire is bred by syndicate lofts being a grandson of Mona Lisa of Mike Ganus, his best ever stock hen.

Section J

Mr & Mrs P Shaw won first section with yet another of his Mandelartz pigeons which is also a multiple club winner.

JPeter Shaw 1st Sect J NFC Guernsey 1

Second was Williams Bros with a hen raced on widowhood bred by their good friend Adam Stokes of S Stokes & Sons.  She was 1st Club 3rd Wolverhampton Federation as a youngster and was a very consistent yearling. She continued this consistency as a 2 year old and was 3rd club 4th Wolverhampton Federation a few weeks before the National race from Guernsey. Third was K & P Herbert & F Jones from Stourbridge with “The Bridesmaid Cock” which is a very consistent cock, always in the mix and never lets them down. His sire was bred by Jack Walker from his son of Johannesburg and the Dam by John Crehan being a daughter of Colt45. Fourth was J. & B. Oakley in Whitchurch who timed their good yearling cock “George” which topped the section from the NFC young bird race. He must like the channel as his form has been steady this year until this race. He's raced on widowhood and bred from their good son of GWP Macaloneys “Back Caviar” & "Black Gold" when he was paired to a daughter of Ian Wheatley's “Red King”. These are proving to be a real power couple with numerous other top national/fed positions coming through these again this season. Thanks to the NFC for making a great lib call on a difficult day, to Pete and Sandra Shaw on topping the section and Fred Hall for winning the race. 4th were J & B Oakley.

J4th Sect J for J & B Oakley NFC Guernsey 1


Fifth were Cooper Bros in Kidderminster. 

Section K

First section K was H A Rawson & Towers with a four year old hen bred from their old family of K Morgan and Rod Sparkes which has been their most consistant bird this year, winning 1st Club Marlborough and now 1st Sect K, which is now her fifth first prize.

KA Rawson Son & Towers 1st Sect K NFC Guernsey 1

Second was J R Woods with a blue Mandelartz hen from stock off John Gerrard. Previous to this she has had a first Club, 7th Fed Falaise 330 miles and a 1st Club, 1st Fed, 2nd Mid Yorkshire combine Falaise. Third were Tomlinson & Green from Barnsley who timed two yearlings in great condition which were bred by good friends Ray & George Anderson in Washington. They had a great race having 29 out of 30 on the day with the last one early the next morning. Pete Hagland was fourth with a dark chequer cock which is a Houben x Herman Beverdam. This pigeon was injured in one of the early races and this was his first race for three weeks after recovery. Pete was very pleased as this has been a very consistent pigeon in the past. Fifth was J T Dudhill in Doncaster with a Marcelis x Delbar whose sire and dam both won prizes in the NFC and NC and one loft races, winning over £3,000.

Section L

B & G Smith from Congleton, Cheshire won section L with a two year old Roundabout Hen berd from a pair of stock birds they brought direct off Roger Lowe of Reading.

1st Sect L NFC Guernsey 1

They are De Rauw Sablon’s from the “Freddy” & “Limoges” lines when paired to a Hen bred by John Jackson of Redruth which is a Heremans-Ceuster from their New Diamond x Dark Debbie lines. This season she has flown inland races in the local club as well as going to the first Sennen Cove race with the NFC being first back to the loft finishing 2nd Eccles 2 bird Club and going to Yelverton with the North West Classic Club.

G & B Smith 1st Sect L NFC Guernsey 1

In preparation for this race she had the weekend off from racing prior to Basketing and fed Vanrobaeys Racing Exclusive with fats added closer to the race date. Second and third were J Wood and Son in Oldham with two hens which were both sitting 10 days on eggs.

LJ Wood & Son 2nd & 3rd Sect L NFC Guernsey 1

First over the pad was a blue Busschert hen and second over the pad was a blue hen same way bread as their 4th section L Sennen Cove 2 which was from J&S Ward and Chris Gordon’s pigeons. Paul Hart in Haywood was fourth with Roger Sutton of Bent Farm in Astbury fifth.


Section M

I was pleased ot see some very good pigeons being timed right up into the Scottish Borders and I asked John Hodgson to send me some details of his race.This was the first time I have sent with the NFC and felt this year would be a good time to send due to limited racing from across the channel. Due to the late liberation, I thought the birds would find it difficult to home on the night as they would have to fly around the last 100 miles on their own and no helping wind they then have to come through the Cumbria hills however they did and I was very pleased as the pigeons all came home in excellent condition.

MJohn Hodgson 1st 4th Sect M NFC Guernsey 1

My first 5 pigeons were all hens sent sitting 10 days prior to this they were flown widowhood and my first pigeon had been racing very well having a 1st & 2nd club, her sire was bred by Oswald Schneider and dam is a R&X Verstraete Top Star bloodlines. The second hen is sired by a R&X Verstraete Top Star Bloodlines, dam is a direct Daughter of Louella's "Incredible" gifted to me by John & Michael Massarella and my third is a Grandson of Top Star and dam a daughter of the Monar in turn bred from Yelena. The fourth birds sire is a son of Louella's "Incredible" gifted to me by John & Michael Massarella dam is a half sister to Mark Gilberts "Iron Man" and my fifth pigeon is called Roxy both parents bred by Oswald Schneider. I decided to send my fourth and fifth pigeons back to a Guernsey race on the 9th of July with SNFC as they were is excellent condition ,both these hen scored at this race flying 760 miles in 6days. I would also like to say I am very impressed with the NFC website with the arrivals map etc.”

Section N

J Best & Son won 1st Section N with a yearling cock through Bob McKie’s ‘The Driver’ x Kannibaal/Farmer George bloodlines.

NSteven Best & nephew Luke 1st & 2nd Sect N NFC Guernsey 1

Steven’s 2nd Section was a 3yo hen from a full brother to Southfield Melissa x ‘Pure Gem’ star performer, winner of 1st & 2nd NFC Section N in 2016 for John & Steven Best. Tony Lyons' inform loft won 3rd Section with a 3yo hen from his Brian Denney/Marrtin Vinkerbourg family.

NTony Lyons & granddaughter Elsie 3rd Sect N NFC Guernsey 1

This hen  won 2nd Section N from the first Sennen Cove race. Kevin Kelly won 4th Section with a 3yo cock with previous channel form, winning 61st UNC from Gien. G/Son of Marshall’s ‘Champaign Charlie’ x Nouwen/Paesen bloodlines. Brian Hopper & Son won 5th Section with a 2yo cock from their Ian Axe bloodlines, sent to the race 'in between eggs’ 

NBrian & Marie Hopper 5th Sect N NFC Guernsey 1

Section O

Dave Travis timed two for first and second section and he had entered five birds for this race all Southwell pigeons bred form stock obtain from Nigel Corwood, which he said were not the fastest but very reliable.

ODave Travis 1st & 2nd Sect O NFC Guernsey 1

The section winner was third section from Sennen Cove 1 and has flown a few channel races including twice 500mile on the day and would have been his candidate for the Grand National if we could have gone the greater distance. The second section pigeon was fifth section from Sennen Cove 1. Dave is also into his Motorbikes and is pictured with both his passions.

Section P

With an excellent entry of over 550b the clear leader of the section was V Belcher and son from Plumstead and was also fourth.

PTony Belcher with 1st Sect P NFC Guernsey 1

Tony timed a yearling Lambrect hen bred from a pair of birds from James Parker. This pair have already bred some good pigeons for Tony and has seen this loft feature well up in recent national races. Second section is another previous national winner in Bruce McAllister

PBruce McAllister 2nd Sect P NFC Guernsey 1

This is what Bruce had to say about the race “ My second section winner is a two year old blue pied cock raced widowhood, consistent with an outstanding pedigree. The sire is Dynamite Wittcop, a Cooreman purchased at one of Bob Fenech’ s sales. The Dam is my Goldmine hen which is an outstanding breeder, dam of my 1st and 2nd National and another daughter has topped the fed 3 times so pretty special. I had a good race with 27/30 on the day and the other 3 next morning. Well done to all the winners” Third section is Kevin Foster of Longfield Hill, with a three year old widowhood hen.

PKevin Foster 3rd Sect P NFC Guernsey 1

A very consistent pigeon winning from club to national level where she was 21st National Cholet as a yearling. Her sire is a Koopman from Tim Rodwell while her dam is from Robert Rome bred directly from Bernie 1st Welsh National when paired to a top stock hen the 187. The hens have been in good form this year appearing in the first 10  of the section result in the last three  national races in c 1st Section BICC National Penzance. Fifth is Damian Szpak from Bromley and he said “ My first pigeon is a yearling cock bred from my ‘Queen 85’ a super racing hen and from last year a breeding hen. The nest sister to my first pigeon won 20th open BICC Coutances YB last year and many other top position. Congratulations to all the winners”

PDamian Szpak 5th Sect P NFC Guernsey 1

Sixth section is a recently formed partnership from Bromley. J Newman, L Firmager, S Dunn and J Elston who said “ The pigeon we timed in was a Michael Van Lint that i purchased from Dean Pallatt at the South of England Epsom Fayre as a squeaker . He’s done everything I’ve asked and has always been consistent. This year I’ve had help from Tom Williams who has given me a fresh approach to pigeon racing. To be honest I was at the point of packing it in but now have my enthusiasm back. I will dedicate this performance  to my pigeon partner Steve Dunn “

 P5 Tom Firmager with Tom Williams Sect P NFC Guernsey 1


Section Q

Thanks to Chris Boyce who compiled this report “After missing the first two National races from our Sennen Cove, section Q finally got some National racing from Guernsey, on paper only 90 -130 miles to Cornwall, in reality with a southerly wind and rain in the South West it turned out to be yet another hard national race for the Cornish fliers.  12 fanciers sent 83 birds to Guernsey. The first bird home was Dave Johnson’s Blue cock, ‘Q King’ see picture, in 4hrs 36mins and the velocity of 756 yds per minute gives you a feel for how hard the race had been.


This turned out to be the fastest bird on the day, Dave flies with the Cornwall classic club and with St Austell. His winning bird was bred from a pure Logan cock obtained from Brian Snell. The hen was out of ‘Young Connie’ a bird Dave had bred from Keith Mott’s ‘Connie’ which in turn came from Eric Cannon stock. Second on the day was Darren Hosking from Penzance club, Darren had a great day’s racing with three birds in the top ten. His blue chequer cock ‘Tufty’ was a cross between a Daniel Aerens cock obtained from the Gregory brothers at Blackpool a hen that was half Mueleman and half Jan Aarden. In third place was Dick Anthony who has over 60 years of pigeon racing experience had second and eighth on the day. Dick has been very ill over the last 12 months or so and his wife Gail told me this will probably be his last year of racing as they run down their old bird race team. They were both delighted with the results, Dick told me that the three year old Blue cock was from his own stock the cock bird being a son of his third open Saintes bird (2013) (ari-bissor breeding) and the hen was twenty eighth open St Vincent BICC ( Ari-Bissor/Marriot breeding)

A final mention must go to Keith Frost of St Austell, at one point ‘Frosty’ had 3 pigeons in the top four but as the race results developed he had to settle for 4th,5th and 7th still a creditable result. Overall we had a very hard race with nine different fanciers appearing in the top fifteen positions great for competition and we are all looking forward to Guernsey Two.

Section W

First section were S & B Cooke in Wrexham, with a yearling pied hen raced on widowhood, with both her parents being bred by good friend Shaun McDonough, of Pelsall.

WS & B Cooke 1st Sect W NFC Guernsey 1

The bird is bred through the lines of Shaun’s main birds, with “Magic Pie” “Ultimate” and “Coronation Joy”, among them. She has been really consistent through out the season. They would like to thank Shaun for the birds, and also the winners. Second and fifth was D. Wright & Son also in Wrexham with a Frans Zwol hen which has had minor club positions including 3rd club 18th fed Eastbourne this season. Their second bird is a Vandenbelle originating from M & D Evans. Which was 1st section 64th open Welsh South Rd National Eastbourne, 1st Wrexhan 2 bird specialist club Carentan, 3rd club 12th fed Eastbourne, 3rd club 14th fed Eastbourne, 4th club 29th fed Eastbourne and also bred a yearling hen 2 x 1st club and 2 x 1st fed and 2nd club 12th fed. Third were M & L. Bowen,in Rhyl with a bird out of a pair bought from Brain Clayburns clearance sale. He won Monmouth the week before when they took the first six. D Jones was fourth.

News and views to me Chris Sutton on 01530 242548 or 07792 356330 email

The third race of the season for the National Flying Club was held on the 3rd of July from the island of Guernsey. A total of 635 members entered 6693 birds which were liberated at 12:45pm into sunshine and a 15mph South South West wind. The weather and visibility in the channel was clear with the morning rain showers along the south coast clearing as the birds travelled onto the mainland. The overall winner was Fred Hall and Daughters in Worthing with the birds doing a faster velocity than most expected on the day.

IMG 1892

Fred had been busy making ready for the arrival of his pigeons and was feeding the fish in his ornamental pond when he saw a pigeon arrive and rush straight through the trap. His initial thoughts were that it must be a last arrival from a previous race when to his surprise his ETS clock indicated it was a Guernsey pigeon doing an average velocity of 68mph, which was a speed he did not expect, and he was thrilled to add a fifth National win to his CV.

IMG 1890

His list of illustrious National and Classic wins began in 1998 when Fred added his name to the most prestigious Kings Cup from Pau which is a distance of 518 miles, in the NFC Grand National. In 2004 he won first and second Open BICCfrom La Ferté Bernard and in 2007 he won the National Flying Club again from Alençon with “FoxgroveBlacknight” followed with another BICC national win in 2017 in the Agen International being 63rdout of 24,000b International with “FoxgroveCarteus.

Now called “Foxgrove Missile” the Guernsey winner is a yearling widowhood cock which is just one more fantastic pigeon being the result of a long established relationship with Peter Fox of Syndicate Lofts. In 2003 Fred and his pal Steve Radcliffe from Liverpool, bought a pair of pigeons from Peter that would become known as 'The Good Pair'which is really an understatement as they are responsible for countless winners for them over fifteen years at all levels. Just two weeks ago a grandson of the Good Pair won 2nd section, 23rd Open NFC Sennen Cove against 5738 birds which had previously won 1st Premier 100 Club from Coutances and Fred can add two combine wins to his list of achievements with these birds.


IMG 1889

Foxgrove Missile”is bred from a granddaughter of the Good Pair on her dams side and a great granddaughter on her sires sidewith the direct sire being from Fred's own national winners and granddaughter of Max, the double Midlands National winner, bred form a direct daughter owned and raced by Lee Davidson

IMG 1891

As has become synonymous with Syndicate Lofts, the “Good Pair” are a classic example of world class pigeons being blended together to produce a continued line of outstanding winners. The cock of the Good Pair was bred from “Hannibal”, well known breeding son of Dirk van Dyck's Kannibaal”, when he was coupled with “Martha” bred by Flor Vervoort and a sister to Den Aske the OlypiadeAsduif and grandchild of the world renowned 'Fieneke 5000'. The hen of  The Good Pair” was bred from “Figo” a top class Hofkens cock bred by Verheyen and daughter of Merksplas coupled with “Golden Nugget” a daughter of 'Ikon' which was bred by Mike Ganus of the USA.

All the cocks at Foxgrove Lofts are raced on the classic widowhood system being paired around late December to rear a pair of early youngsters, then separated and repaired to sit for 10 days just before the season begins. Training to gain fitness is done during those 10 days before all hens are taken away, and the bowls turned upside down for the cocks to begin on the widowhood system. Fred said it was important that the bowls are turned over, as the hens are never shown before the race so turning them right side up for 10 minutes at basketing, keeps them calmer and is enough to let the cocks know there is something to race home to.  

He feeds the old VanHee System of feeding widowhood cocks with Countrywide Red Star Plus and Super Widowhood mixed together 50/50 for racing, plus a high protein mix on their return and the following day. Depurative is given at the beginning of the week with at least three days of good food to build them up for the next race. He has been feeding Countrywide mixtures for the last few seasons and said their mixes are high quality, consistent and the health of the birds is optimal. In the water he uses Tollyamin Forte vitamin supplement from Tollisan Schroeder for three days with Lemon and Honey in the water on their return from a race.

Once the final result for Guernsey 1 has been completed, I shall follow up this winners report with the full section report and we can all look forward to Guernsey 2 due to be held on the 17th July. It is with regret that the last race of the old bird season due to be held on the 31st July will now be cancelled and the Grand National for 2021 will not take place. We had been holding out in the hope that we could race from San Sebastian, but the decision maker on the Spanish side went on annual leave without giving us his verdict. The race date had already been moved back towards the end of July to allow for any delays but with young bird racing already taking place by then, combined with the lack of the Grand National, the Committee voted, and it was decided it would be in the best interests of the club to cancel the race altogether.  

News or views to me Chris Sutton on 01530 242548 or 07792 356330 email 

The following is the section report for the National Flying Club race from Guernsey on the 17th July sponsored by The House of Aarden Stud and I thank all those who have submitted their details and assisted me in compiling this report. The next National Flying Club race includes the Old Hens National too so I would ask that anyone sending in details would please mark clearly in the email subject line, which section and which race it is for. I want to report on at least the first five in each of the eighteen sections which takes a lot of sorting out, especially if it is doubled with a coinciding race. Young Bird racing will now be in full swing which can be a very frustrating time considering all the many obstacles and it is worrying how many are deciding to call it a day. One huge loss to the sport is the partnership of Mike Underhill and Robbie Prettejohn in Plymouth who were 2nd and 4th Open Guernsey and have been at the top of their game for many years with many national wins to their name. Further details are in John and Gill McClements section D Report. The NFC Committee wish them all the very best for the future and hope to see them again very soon, the pigeons are in the blood.      

Section A

Winning section A was D & K Jones in Havant who has had a very good season so far as well as being in the first five of the section in each NFC Guernsey race. His yearling widowhood cock was having his second race across the water and is a Heremen Ceuster bred by Homer & Williams in North Yorkshire.

a1Dec Jones 1st Sect A NFC Guernsey 2

His sire won £500 in the Premier 100 Open race and the dam is a granddaughter of his 1st National winner “Dads Lad”. Second was Mr & Mrs Brian Wall also in Havant who followed on from the last NFC Guernsey when they were 5th Open 3rd section followed on by second and fourth Guernsey 2.

a2Brian Wall 2nd & 4th Sect A NFC Guernsey 2

The first bird from a widowhood cock that is also a prize winner. The first bird was a gift bird from PJ Lofts and is from Paul's very good Jelly Jellama's. Brian said it was a hard race with the winds being easterly, but birds came as well as could be expected. Only one missing which was my £10 nom said Brian, he is safely back in the loft now though. A big shout out to my good friend Dec for winning the section. Alan Holdaway in Emsworth was third with Mullen & Son from Horley in Surry fifth.

a55th Sect A for Mullen & Son NFC Guernsey 2

They timed a yearling chequer pied hen raced on natural & sent to all prior club races, this being its third effort from Guernsey, in consecutive weeks. She is bred direct from “Scotty” which flew the channel 33 times, and the dam was bred by Chris Slight of Kingston, through Bobby Carter lines.

Section B

Bill Edwards kindly sent the following; Taking the premier position in Section B, and with arguably the outstanding performing of the race is Dave Waterhouse from Portsmouth. That is not being disrespectful to the Open winner or any of the other Section winners, but Dave’s game yearling blue cock kept his line to the loft, 200 miles to the East of the overall winner and almost entirely over open water. Dave would like to congratulate the Winner, very well done.

b1Dave Waterhouse, 1st and 5th Sect B NFC Guernsey 2

His 1st Section winner, a yearling Blue cock was also 5th Section, 8th Open two weeks earlier from Guernsey 1. He is from Dave’s old family of Jacob Poortvliet X Leo Herman, fed on Vanrobaeys super widowhood and raced on roundabout. Dave would like to thank all the organisers and the transport team. Dave also takes 5th Section B with a yearling which Dave says is also from his Jacob Poortvliet family and has been in the top 3 of his race team this year. His sire is a very good pigeon that has won 1st and 2nd sect from National and Classic races as well as 2 X 1st , 2 X 2nds in club racing. Unfortunately, I lost him trying to break him to my new house last year. Second was the partnership of, Tony Cottrell, Richmond & Rogers.

b2Tony Cottrell with  Proper Job  2nd Sect B and Scrump NFC Guernsey 2

Tony said, congratulations to the race winner, Gary Jacobs and to the Cornish boys who have had a long wait for the rub of the green and had their birds right on the day. I spoke to Gary not long after he timed and excited would be an understatement. My partner, Justin Rogers was unable to get to our loft in Wimborne so had gone to Gary’s. I had already phoned him to say that I had timed and thought that it was a reasonable bird, taking into account the NE wind. Both mine and Gary’s birds are related, having been bred by Justin at Boslevin lofts. His sire is a son of Chiefton and Blue Thunder from Ogilvie Lofts, Stirling. His Dam is the nest sister to the Sire of Gary’s National winner and is an inbred double Granddaughter of The Rossie bred by Justin. My pigeon, now named “Proper Job 57”, has been most consistant this year from the West and Guernsey, being first to the loft from BICC Sennon Cove, 4th Sect, 32nd Open, BBC Wadebridge, 15th Sect, 27th Open. In the first Guernsey with the BICC he was 2nd to the loft but he was a bit behind from the first NFC Guernsey. He is flown on a chaos system with two nest boxes in separate sections with two different hens. He was sent back to Guernsey because he was exercising so well, first bird out and last bird back in. Well done to the section winners and to Dave Waterhouse’s great pigeon on the day against the wind. Third is the consistent Father and Son partnership of Bryce and Lloyd Scutt from Portsmouth.

b33rd Sect B for Bryce and Lloyd Scutt NFC Guernsey 2

Their pigeon, Shadow 93 is a 2yo blue cock racing on widowhood. Lloyd said that he is a direct son of our No 1 Vandenabeele stock pair, making him a full brother to our top racer “89”, winner of 7 X 1sts club, 2 X 1sts Fed, 2nd Fed, 5th Fed plus many more . Previously he has scored both as a YB and yearling with many times being only beaten by loft mates for 1st place. Congratulations to the Open winner and all the section winners. Let us hope that we can get back to racing from France next season. Fourth was Jason Bowen from Havant who timed a yearling red grizzle hen, flown on natural sent sitting 4 dummy eggs to keep her over sitting.

b4Jason Bowen 4th Sect B NFC Guernsey 2

She was unraced as a youngster but has had every race with the Premier 100 club this season and was 3rd Sect 7th Open from NFC Guernsey 1 regards Bill Edwards

Section C

First in the section was Derek Vincent in Axminster who timed a two year old blue widowhood cock bred down from “The National Hen” and “The 72 Cock” via Alan Atkinson and Seven Eleven of Tumley Lofts.

c1Derek Vincent 1st Sect C NFC Guernsey 2

He was also 19th Open from 909 birds in the DCWSCFC Ramsgate Open six days earier from 190 miles. Derek would like to thank all the markers at Kingteignton marking station for making it possible to compete this season. Second was Neville & Diana Spracklen who are having a great season in Dorchester and they said ‘We would like to send our congratulations to the winner and all the section winners. We time a two year old widowhood cock which is from a son of “DE Cass” from the house of Arden x with a hen called “Rosie” who won 1st section 3rd open BBC Fourgeres. Rosie is from a son of “Southfield Pau” crossed with a Daughter of “My Little Diamond”.

c2Neville Sprecklan 2nd Sect C NFC Guernsey 2

Our red pied cock was ear marked for Barcelona this year so with a bit of luck he might get there next year”. Third was NFC Committee member Steve White from Honiton. He timed a two year old De Klak hen sent sitting for 14 days. Steve normally races on the roundabout system but has been unable to this year due to Peregrine attacks and it as had a huge effect on their nerves. She is bred off the sire and dam of 1st Irish National Talbenny Ybs 3500 birds. He added “Well done to all the west country fanciers in the result after a tough time in national racing this year, and to club member Derek Vincent on winning the section, and a big thank you to Andy Mabin and Steve Hopper and all the helpers at Kingsteignton marking station”.  Fourth was David Wilson in Yeovil with Mr & Mrs Hodges in Templecombe fifth with the same hen which was first section I the BICC from Guernsey in her last race. She was breed by Danny Langham of Poole from his John Gerard stock (Louder x Bosua). 5th was Prilly Hodges.


c5Prilly Hodges 5th Sect C NFC Guernsey 2 

Section D

I am pleased to report John McClements has recovered well from a recent operation and along with his wife Gill, is now writing for section D once again; It is with great honour mixed with a heavy heart that this will probably be my last report on the success of Underhill and Prettejohn. Mike has decided to call it a day due mainly to the decimation of his pigeons by peregrines and sparrowhawks not just training/racing, but mostly when exercising around home, along with the doubt of continued channel racing, which is their prime interest when it comes to racing. The partnership has had more than their fair share of success across the channel for this area, Mike being a very astute fancier, will not throw the birds in to a national without the odds being in his favour, and is firm believer in letting the results speak for themselves. The partnership does not have any interest in winning club/inland racing but will use the facility to get in a trainer or two to give the birds the experience of travelling overnight on the transporter and liberation, plus some private individual training tosses in preparation of the overseas races. In saying this, Mike is a very active chairman of the Plymouth & District FC, playing a big part in the acquisition of our new transporter, setting the club up for many years to come, and also convoying to trainers and the early club races before we join the Federation. Hopefully Robbie will continue to compete from his own lofts a few hundred yards up the road, but of course is having the same problems with birds of prey.

So, Guernsey 2 with the NFC was not only the partnership's first National race of the season but has turned out to be their swansong, and what a way to finish. When the website started to record the arrivals, and after we had clocked in ourselves, we (John and I) phoned Mike to say what a good bird he had, and he didn't burst our bubble then to say he had 2 in front of us, we discussed the situation and agreed that Cornwall was the only threat to his pole position, which unfortunately for Underhill and Prettejohn, but fantastic for Gary Jacobs, turned out to be the case. Well done Gary, that bird had the longest cross channel journey of the day, straight in to Penzance.

With the NFC channel races in mind both cocks were on widowhood early in the year, but when it became apparent that there would be no racing from France they were remated and sent to Guernsey on big young ones with their hens a couple of days on eggs. Their section winner is also 2nd Open and is a two year old cock his breeding is Van Loon on the Sires side and the Dam being a full sister to "Sienna” 1st GB 6th Open Algarve Golden Race winning 10,000 euros. (They took the whole Plymouth contingency who had travelled to the Algarve, out for dinner that evening).

d1Mike Underhill 1st & 2nd Sect D 2nd & 4th Open NFC Guernsey 2

Second section and 4th Open is a Yearling Cock off stock obtained from Derek Nicholls of Premier Stud he is pure De Rauw - Sablon from the Gilbert & Andrea Bak 17 Lines. Third Sect 7th Open was deservedly won by Woolley & Luscombe, of Saltash, (Cornwall, but not Section Q) Steve and Tony work tirelessly with their birds which is in itself is worth merit as neither live within 5 miles of the lofts. 

d2Gill & John McClements 2th Sect D NFC Guernsey 2

The partnership absolutely loves channel racing, competing with NFC and BICC whilst also very competitive within the Plymouth & District FC, flying with Devon South Road Fed, being one of the longest flying members. This very experienced hen is a five year old Brian Denny hen bred in their stock loft from the Tuff Nut lines off a direct daughter/grandson pairing. She has been 15 times across the channel, including twice from Tarbes. She was sent on the roundabout system and fed Versa Laga corn mixture, Gem supplements and Aviform products. Fourth Sect, 8th Open position was won by ourselves, M/M McClements. Our yearling cock is bred from a pair bought from John Fretwell of Twyford when he had a clearance sale in 2018. The sire was 12th Section, 94th Open Bordeaux in 2018, his only entry, being direct from L & K Buddle. The dam was off 'Golden Horn' 1st Open MNFC Bordeaux 2015 when paired to a Peter Virtue hen. Our entry was raced on the roundabout/chaos system and was fed on Versa Laga mixes, he went to Guernsey 1, two weeks previous but was off  the pace. When it comes to NFC it seems we are sometimes one of the bridesmaids but not yet the bride! being very close to Underhill and Prettejohn, winning 3rd Open from Messac when they were 1st & 2nd Open in 2019, and 3rd Section.

d5R Goodier 5th Sect D NFC Guernsey 2

, 6th Open from the same racepoint to Terry Luscombe in 2018 (same hen). One day it may be our turn, but I can't see it being from the North. Fifth Sect, 10th Open was taken by R Goodier & Sons of Marsh Green. Richard is a formidable fancier with consistent results both in National and Federation competition. This is a Van Den Bulck x Heremans  Roundabout hen, she has plenty of previous form in the Devon SR Federation and is sister/half sister to over 19 x 1st federation winners, Sire is a Heremans cock "Iron Man" who is responsible for many Fed & NFC performance pigeons to include "Deadshot" 8 x 1st clubs , 6 x 1st Federations.Her Dam is "Young Nova" direct from P & D Studs "Nova Sagan" she is already responsible for 6 x 1st Federation winners. Richard's 6th Section D, 11th Open is also from "Ironman" and her Dam is "Special Sprint Cools" who in turn is a G/Daughter of "Broere Goede Roede", "Mr Specialised" & "Kittel Ettix" the best P & D Stud Van den Bulck lines. 7th Section D , 12th Open is a full brother to the 11th open hen "Ironman" x "Special sprint Cools" This turned out an excellent race for Richard with 29 out of 30 birds home with and a further 3 birds in the top 30 Open. All the birds are raced on roundabout and for this race where left to run together from Wednesday night after exercise until basketing on Thursday afternoon. The birds are fed on Versa Laga feeds to suit the up and coming race. Richard would like to thank all the hard workers at Kingsteignton marking station.

Section E

Once again Mark Gilbert topped his section along with third and fourth positions.  His first two were cocks and are both grandchildren of “Kittel” and the second pigeon won the section with NFC from Sennen Cove. Mark is very pleased to win the section from all four NFC old bird races. Hot on his heels winning second and fifth section was J F Haynes in Maidenhead.

e1Mark Gilbert 1st Sect E NFC Guernsey 2


Section F

Winning the top spot in section F were the Cowley Bros in Cirencester.

F1Cowley Bros 1st Sect F NFC Guernsey 2

They would like to congratulate Gary Jacobs with an excellent pigeon down in Penzance. They timed a blue chequer pied cock sitting 10 days on eggs which had five inland races as a young bird with the Wiltshire Fed and was always in good time. This season he started at Chichester with the West of England Combine and had a further five inland races split between the Wiltshire Fed and the Severn Valley Fed in which he didn't put a foot wrong and this was his first time over the channel. He is bred from a cock bought from friend and clubmate at Charlton Kings, Graham Clift of Tirley from his Mark Gilbert lines when paired to a hen bought from Eric Higginbottom at a sale in Barnsley of Etienne Meirlaen lines. Second was F J Quinn in Devizes who would also like to congratulate the winners and the whole team at the NFC.  

f2Frank Quinn 2nd Sect F NFC Guernsey 2

Frank was shocked his team of long distance birds were out there with the leaders with a yearling chequer pied cock bred from his number one long distance pair. Racing in the club each week his bird has been the most consistent to the loft except the BICC Guernsey race when he was last home. J Draper was third with a three year old Lambrecht cock bred from stock obtained from friend Clive Elliott of Wantage.

f3John Draper 3rd Sect F NFC Guernsey 2

He was previously 29th section 458th open the Sennen Cove I National and 9th section 20th Open CSCFC Wadebridge 2020. Fourth was J & P Parker in Reading with Kieron Marcham from Newbury fifth. He had 3 widowhood cocks drop together but the first over the pad was a two year old cock which had been bred from Hereman cuester stock and had been raced North this season until the talk of channel racing came around, to which Kieron switched him back south. He had previously won 1st club Leicester and 27th open CSCFC before turning him south again. 

Section G

Ray English won the section in Clevedon, North Somerset.

g1Ray English 1st Sect G NFC Guernsey 2

He timed a blue Frans Zwolls cock from Borderlofts stock flown on roundabout all season. He has always been consistent bird flying with the Bristol fed so was purposely prepared for the race having gone to the first NFC Guernsey when he was Rays second bird home. He was well rested, in good shape and believed ready for the race. Returns were good for Ray who congratulates all the winners. Second was T & G Dye from Highbridge in Bridgwater with third and fourth places going to D & B Rayner also of Bridgwater. Roy Fursland came fifth and kindly sent me the following; “After a loft tragedy this 2018 bird was a gift from my good friends Mel Fairfax and Liam Meaden, a good all round  bird with very good club positions. Well done to Gary Jacobs the Open winner, congrats to Ray English our section winner.”

Section H

Hubert Walker wins section H once again with the the same hen which won from Sennen Cove which is now called “Rocket Lady”.

h1Hubert Walker 1st Sect H NFC Guernsey 2

She is bred from 'Lucious' a son of 'Magic', who is from a full brother to 'Mucking Fagic' paired to a sister of 'Big Smithy'. The mother of 'Lucious' is a 'Pros Roosen' pigeon paired to a 'Machine' hen. 'Lucious' was paired to a hen from good friend Jack Walker of Cannock, from a brother to 'Pink Eyes' paired to Jack's good 'Rocket' hen. Second and fifth was Nicolae Babes in Ely with T.Bennett third with a bird bred by PJ lofts from his Hugo Morris stock loft flown on the natural system and sent sitting on 14 day old eggs. Great to see Barry Baker at the marking station for the first time this season and he duly won third place in the section with a yearling Cock called ‘Dudley’.

h3T Bennett 3rd Sect H NFC Guernsey 2

On black Saturday in a race north from Brayford, his pigeon went into a loft in Dudley and the kind fancier fed and watered him before releasing him the next day and he came home. He was bred by John Norris, coincidentally from one of Barry’s own European Bull / Jan Polder stock that he had bred for him in 2018. Late news from the first Guernsey race has come in from C Crick & Son who were 4th section with a yearling Van De Bulk blue w/f cock bred by Bob Fenech. Raced on widowhood which had won at club level as a young bird but this was his best performance this season. 

h4Barry Baker 4th Sect H NFC Guernsey 2

Section I

Clive Yates racing as M Yates & Son, in Tamworth won the section with the same hen that was 4th section in the first NFC Guernsey race.

I1Clive Yates 1st Sect ! NFC Guernsey 2

She is from 9 generations of winners that Clive has bred which all can be traced back to his number one stock cock from 1982. She is the same colour as he was even with the tick eye. including in her breeding are 4 x open winners in the MNFC & many more top winners. FVW. Her sire is bred by Syndicate lofts from a direct son off “Mona Lisa”, Mike Ganus best ever stock hen. On the same day a two year old cock off the same sire won his inland race and Clive had 100% returned, all back in great condition well done to all concerned. Second and fifth was Paul Postings in Hednesford with a two year old slatey cock bred by J & B Oakley, which was raced on roundabout, and is a consistent bird having previously been 8th Open MCC Fougeres as a yearling .

i22nd Sect I for Paul Postings NFC Guernsey 2

On his system the cocks are exercised at home and go racing every week and this was his second race back with the NFC after a 10 year break so was very pleased with the result. Another very consistent loft is Leon Prince racing to Cheadle in Staffordshire. Never far off the pace he was third and fourth with his first bird being a hen sitting fourteen day old eggs which has had many prizes including 9th open MNFC Carentan and 8th section I from Sennen cove 2.

i33rd Sect I NFC Guernsey 2

Her breeding is Rene Nauwelaert x Lambrecht. Taking fourth is a yearling De Meyer red hen sitting ten day old eggs which has had three fed positions this season and also topped the fed has a young bird.

Section J

Once again Mr & Mrs Pete Shaw are tops.

j1Pete Shaw 1st & 4th Sect J NFC Guernsey 2

What a season they are having in the NFC and this time they take the fourth position too with the section winner from the previous NFC Guernsey with both birds being Mandalartz/Andre/Zyta partnership breeding. Second was Martin Williams in Hereford who would like to congratulate the winner Gary Jacobs, and Pete Shaw. 

j2Martin Williams 2nd Sect J NFC Guernsey 2

His roundabout hen has been very consistent in the local clubs having been raced on the East and West routes and was 1st section, 87th Open in the NFC Fougeres race last year. Her breeding is Martins old family of Roodhooft x Sablon and he had a good race with two more birds arriving three minutes after the first, followed by regular arrivals thereafter, having 19/20 on the day and the last one the next morning. Third was Jonathan Hamplett with a three year old hen which has performed consistently and raced on the roundabout system with her bloodlines being Galaxy Lofts and Darren Peters. Fifth was R Stokes & Son from Cleobury Mortimer.

Section K

Winning section K were Juan Castello & Family & Leach who would like to congratulate all the worthy prize winners on a hot tough flying day. 

k1J.Castello & Family & Leach 1st Sect K NFC Guernsey 2

Their first bird over the timing pads was a real nice apple bodied chequer hen flown on the roundabout system. She is a previous 1st prize winner and also won 2nd breeder/buyer and is bred out of a son of Adrian’s top breeder “The 51 Hen” the mother to the sect winner is a direct Belgium hen bought on a trip to Belgium.

k11st Sect K NFC Guernsey 2

This pair of pigeons are proving to be consistent breeders as this is the third first prize winner that they have bred to date. Second was Richard and Joan Hardy with a three year old Busscheart x Soontjen roundabout cock which is one of Richards team and the hen's in the section raced by Joan in another club. He had been fancied in the 1st Guernsey but was well beaten by the hen's on that occasion, but they kept faith and he proved them right. “Congratulations to fellow club mate Juan Castello on his 1st Sect K win and to other club members Barry Roebuck and Barry Reid who have also had great section K results this year. Many thanks to those at the NFC who have worked hard to provide a race program this year in trying circumstances”. Third were J & J Greenfield with a super pigeon which has already been 3rd Section from Sennen Cove. This three year old Denis Sapin Soontjen is a half-sister to 1st Section K, 4th Open NFC Messac and has won from a young bird and is a very consistent pigeon. Peter Hagland was forth with a half brother to his fourth sect in the first Guernsey race. A very consistent pigeon he is Houben x Herman Beverdam. In fifth place was Lee Cutts of Penistone who timed a Staf Van Reet cock bred by the late John Oldfield of Derbyshire which was having his first channel race this year, flown natural and sent sitting two day old eggs.

Section L

First and second section L were A & S Hughes in Rochdale who timed two cocks in 20 seconds.

l11st Sect L NFC Guernsey 2

Both were sent to the last NFC race and left together with their hens and sent sitting 6 day old eggs. The first to arrive was their good four year old Dark Van Loon cock bred from a pair purchased from the Liverpool Ace Steve Goulding. Steve said he would do OK with them and he was correct. To date they have bred Combine, Amal and Fed winners, also NW Region award winners, the sister to this cock had won 4x1st before being retired to stock at the end of last season and she will now be joined by her brother. This cock has always been consistent, has two first to his name already and could have been a few more it is wasn’t for his loft mates. He too will be going in the stock loft now as he’s also producing winners for others such as Shapland Brother and Bobby Brandon, so time to get some for themselves and new partner Glyn Buckley. The first bird had only just gone through the Bob wires when another yearling blue cock hit the board, this cock was part of a group of eggs given by my good friend John Crehan from his stock loft and is a grandson of “Harry”. They have had eggs from john for three years now and would recommend these to anyone. “So big thanks to Steve & Barbra Goulding and huge thanks to John Crehan for the opportunity to race birds directly out of his stock birds”. J & S Ward from Oldham were third with a three year old cock which has sired a 1st fed winner out of 1500 birds, he's sire is a direct Ad Schaerlaeckens, sire of many winners for themselves and others.

l33rd Sect L for J & S Ward NFC Guernsey 2

His dam is one of their best racing hens which has scored 13 times in top 10 of Border Amal up to 2500 birds and two of her sisters have won North West Region Awards. Fourth was Lee Davison & Sons who timed an August 2020 late bred hen bred by Steve Radcliffe.

l4Lee Davidson 4th Sect L NFC Guernsey 2

The sire was bred for stock out of the “The good Pair” from the very best of Peter Fox Syndicate lofts. This pair have been responsible for many winners for Steve and also Fred Hall & daughters at club, Amal, Combine, National and One Loft level. The dam was bred by Lee and is a half brother to half sister pairing from his number one stock hen “Max 79”, which was gifted to Steve for stock and is a direct daughter of his good Bordeaux hen “Nifty Fifty”, which was a superb little hen when racing herself with the heart of a lion and never gave up whatever the weather conditions. She put up some cracking performances in her short time racing including 1st west section 26th Open Bordeaux 600 miles MNFC 2015 as a late bred yearling, also 4th section L NFC Ancensis 426 miles 2015. The mother of Nifty Fifty is Max 79 which is a direct daughter of “Max” the only bird to win the MNFC twice. This hen has turned out to be a goldmine hen breeding many winners including 5 different section winners with 5 different cocks, just 2 weeks ago she was grandmother to Fred Halls 1st open Guernsey national winner. The little blue hen has now been named “Mabel” after Lees first grandchild. Fifth was K Burke in Northwich.

Section N

M Anderson & Sons won first and second section N and grateful thanks go to Colin Surtees for helping to obtain these bloodlines.

n1M Anderson & Sons 1st & 2nd Sect N NFC Guernsey 2

It was a tough race in the conditions, especially when they saw where the leading open positions were being recorded and those that made it into section N did well. Congratulations to all those who timed. John & Steven Best followed up their 1st & 2nd NFC Section N from the Guernsey 1 race with a very impressive 3rd & 4th Section two weeks later. S

n3Steven Best & nephew Luke Sect N NFC Guernsey 2

teven races roundabout and their winners are 'bred in the pink’. Their first bird is bred from a son of “Starlight” x daughter “Farmer George” and their second bird was from a son of “Starlight” x with their own superstar “Pure Gem”. Bob McKie of Blackhall Mill won fifth position with a son of “Dark 63” best of Dave Impett bloodlines.

N5Bob McKie of Blackhall Mill pictured with Peter Virtue Sect N NFC Guernsey 2

Dam is a direct daughter of “The Driver”. 5th Open NFC Fougeres and now producing quality National birds. 21928 was 11th Section N at Guernsey(1). Second bird GB19N 21925 is a direct son of Chequer Cock Timba his most consistent national racer. Never missed the prize list and has topped Section N (Denney x Virtue) bloodlines. His Dam is from the Barry and Peter Winter Little Gem family.

Section O

Bruce Blamire from Kendal once again takes 1st Section O.

o1Bruce Blamire 1st & 2nd Sect O NFC Guernsey 2

Bruce has been out of action again this year after falling and breaking his hip back at the start of the season. This injury meant that his good lady and Nephew, David, have had to take on most of the day to day chores with the birds. This is the first NFC race that Bruce has entered this year sending six channel first timers for experience. From the six birds entered Bruce timed two hens in twelve minutes after covering the 328 miles into Kendal. Both hens are Deweerdt breeding both three years old and sent racing on the natural system. Let’s hope this win helps Bruce in his recovery.

Section P

A Good test for the pigeons coming into Section P on a warm day where velocities were never going to match the west side but offered a good insight into the potential of many of the birds on sub 40mph race, unlike any of the much quicker previous south road races. An excellent section winner to John Cowlin - carrying on from his record breaking 2020 season when he took the first 8 positions in the NFC and won back-to-back national races.  

p1John Cowlin 1st Sect P

This time with the wind totally against him he had to make do with a 1st section. However, this cracking Frans Zwols cock is proving to be quite a good pigeon having won 109th open BICC and 174th open NFC as a Young bird, this year as a yearling he has already won 9th section 57th open BICC, Guernsey and 1st section NFC. he also won 1st Hullbridge club and 6th open Thames from Holmsley 2,062 birds this season. He is certainly bred for the job, his sire was bred for stock being from the “Amal Cock” and “Guernsey Princess”, both big winners themselves and already responsible for 2 x 1st national winners and 2nd national beat by a loft mate, dam of the section winner is “Burnham Queen”, who herself won 1st open BICC National for Lee Bastone . She in turn is a granddaughter of the “Dream Pair” (Prince of Rekkem and Dreamy) The Dream pair are responsible for 5x1st open national winners, 2nd open national 2x3rd open national etc etc. Well done John , brave enough to take on the pre race weather forecast of a NE wind and come up with a really good section winner. Second is F Brunt & Son of Chatham, Paul clocked a two year old Belgian Leir Market special, after experiencing a little difficulty with the manual clock and losing a couple of minutes. Unraced as a young bird and yearling but extensively trained it has come good this year being at the front in all its races. Paul uses these races as a prep for the longer races but in the absence of any 500 mile races from France has had to be patient and think longer term. Definitely one for the future. Third is Kevin Foster from Longfield Hill with a yearling widower hen, her sire is via Cosmic Talas from a direct son of “Remy” 15th and 19th NFC national from Saintes and Signone when paired to an Arjan Beens hen.

p3Kevin Foster 3rd Sect P NFC Guernsey 2

The mother of the 3rd section is a daughter of my good blue hen 24th Nat Tarbes and 24th Nat Agen two of the hardest races in recent years.  The Hens team have been in good form this year with this being the sixth consecutive National race where they have made the top 10. Three with the 3 BICC and 3 with NFC. Fourth and fifth section is another ever present in the section honours Bruce McAllister who said “My first pigeon was a four year old widowhood cock which has been a very consistent pigeon scoring regularly. He was sired by “Dynamite Wittkop” a Coorman from Bob Fenech and the dam is from Roger Lowe from “Main Man” x “Lucky”.

p4Bruce McAllister 4th & 5th Sect P NFC Guernsey 2

He has the same sire as my second section two weeks previous which was my second pigeon in this race, being fifth. A tough race with a couple still missing with five home the next morning. Well done to my mate Mike Underhill for 2nd and 4th Open, shame he is packing up I believe this will be his last race due to peregrine attacks, a real loss to the sport.” Sixth were Fagg & Nicholas from sittingbourne. Colins first bird is a hen bred from a granddaughter of New Laureate x with a Menne & daughter cock. She has been a consistent hen winning 3rd open NFC Old hens last year and she won the Fed this year being also 2nd section BICC National. She was sent with two youngsters in the nest which are her first of the year and the birds came back in great condition many thanks to the NFC team.

Section Q

Thanks to Chris Boyce who has taken over from Perry Liddle and he wrote “What a difference a wind makes! The 14 Cornish flyers sent 109 birds and the winning velocities of the Cornish birds in the Guernsey II race were twice the speed of Guernsey I. Penzance Club having a particularly successful race, it appears the Guernsey to Penzance express pulled out of Guernsey at 0730 and then called at Madron (Gary Jacobs 1st Sec, 1st open), St Buryan (Duncan Harvey 2nd Sec 3rd open and 3rd Sec 5rd open), Sancreed (Angwin family 4th Sec, 6th open) and Alverton (Darren Hosking 6th Sec,37th open). An excellent overall club performance.

q1Sect Q Winners NFC Guernsey 2

They didn’t have it all their own way with Keith Frost of St Austell also managing fifth section. Those lead birds must have flown a very direct line from Guernsey with many of the later birds taking a the more conventional route of crossing to the south coast and working their way back down into Cornwall. Gary Jacob’s bird was a Leo Herman bred by Bosliven lofts and is the subject of a full article by Chris Sutton,

q1Gary Jacobs 1st Sect Q 1st Open NFC Guernsey 2

so I will go into further details on the supporting cast. Duncan Harvey the Old Master of Cornish distance flying had 2 well prepared hens, sent on pipping eggs, both out of a BCQ cock obtained from Doug Gatland out of Eric cannon and Darren Mc Fadden lines. The Dam of second section came from Albert Padfield stock and was 31st open Messac. The Dam of the 3rd Sec bird was also from Albert Padfield stock this 6yr old bird’s Dam was responsible for 4 firsts over the channel at club level all the way through to Tarbes. This 6 yr old bird was also his 2nd bird home from Guernsey I. The 4th Sec bird was a BCQ cock a direct son of New Young Kittel this bird has been very consistent for the Angwin Family, at club and combine level and now over the channel. Fifth was Keith Frost’s 3yr old Blue Bar this Herman Cuester was also 2nd sec in the Guernsey I race. We had a total of 7 different fanciers in the Section top 10 well done guys and good luck in the last Guernsey race of the National season. Photo shows left to right: Darren Hosking, John Angwin, Gary Jacobs, Duncan Harvey, far right Dan Mitchell of Camborne after some tips!”

Section W

With winning the first four positions in section W from Guernsey 2, Derrick Jones has now won a total of 40 first sections in National racing and most of them were with his own family based on Vandenabeele and Flor Engels, both of which he has had for many years and are very suited to each other. Pairing best to best, they have won the NFC from Saintes, the MNFC from Tours and the Welsh National from Littlehampton. His first bird was also 4th section in the previous NFC Guernsey race and his second bird home from the MNFC Guernsey race. His full brother has topped the federation from Weymouth and was 11th Open MNFC from Guernsey. The second, third and fourth birds have also been very consistent with the fourth bird winning from Guernsey as a young bird. Derrick was one of the first fanciers to get the Vandenabeele obtaining brothers and sisters to his National winners with which he has founded his own family based on racing results. Fifth were D.Wright & Son in Rhos, Wrexham with a three year old Vandenabeele hen originating from M & D Evans which was fifth section from the first NFC Guernsey race. At that time, she was raced on roundabout but on this occasion, she had been left to pair up and was sent sitting eggs. Her previous results are 1st section 64th open Welsh South Rd National Eastbourne, 1st Wrexham 2 bird specialist club Carentan, 3rd club 12th fed Eastbourne, 3rd club 14th fed Eastbourne., 4th club 29th fed Eastbourne.

Please remember to send in your details if you are in the top five of your section and mark clearly which section and race you are referring to. News and views to me Chris Sutton on 01530 242548 or 07792 356330 email

The second race of the season was also from Sennen Cove for the National Flying Club held on the 19th of June.

Section A

Leading the way in section A was Mick Skidmore from Havant and once again Darren May kindly assisted me in compiling the report.  

AMick Skidmore 1st Sect A NFC Sennen Cove 2                        

Micks pigeon is from his own Busschaert family which have been winning at the top level in National and Classic Races for 40 years. Flown on the widowhood system the section winner has also been 25th Open NFC Messac in 2020 season. His sire was 1st section 10th Open NFC Cholet and the dam was also 1st section 35th Open NFC Fougeres. Second and fifth section was M Sallis & Son from Brighton with a Van Loon x Koopman whose parents were brought from Crammand & Langstaff’s entire clearance sale, and had previously been 2nd, 23rd & 26th Fed.

AKelsie Sallis with 2nd Sect A NFC Sennen Cove 2

He would like to say thanks to his four daughters who are always helping with the birds feeding and getting them in. Third was Brian May who would like to congratulate Mickey Skidmore on winning the section on a very hard day. So hard in fact it is now known as Black Saturday. His 3rd section bird is out of Stock loft and is of Gem lines. He is a very consistent bird and is a previous winner, his next race will be the long awaited channel race from Guernsey. R Broome & Grandson from Havant were fourth with D Matthews & Culverhouse from Bordon fifth.

Section B

Bill Edwards has kindly put together this report for section B with first place being won by K & C Cleife of Portsmouth with a Gaby Vandenabeele hen purchased from Roel Gossen in the Netherlands.

BKenny Cliefe with his Granddaughter Jessica 1st Sect B NFC Sennen Cove 2

She flew well as a young bird and was 2nd Honiton earlier this year with the Premier 100 club. She went to the first NFC race and took a couple of days to come home but recovered well and came up trumps this time. In second place and no stranger to the prize list is the loft of Mr & Mrs Mark Gower from Fordingbridge in the New Forrest.

BMark Gower 2nd Sect B NFC Sennen Cove 2

Mark timed a hen flown on roundabout, from a son of “Man-o-Chester” (Premier Stud) when paired to a granddaughter of Jan Hooyman’s “James Bond” via John Crehan. She has always been a consistent racer and as a young bird came to win the club twice but was beaten on the trap. She has had two races from the West this year and a two week rest before Sennen Cove although one of those was forced because she nighted out after a Gosshawk attack. “Congratulations to Daniel Hocking and all the Section winners. What a terrible day for racing, I was lucky enough to get 8 from my 10 on the night, with my best hen reported in Devon and the last one home a few days later, flown out.” Third was the partnership of Tony Cottrell, Richmond & Rogers from Bournemouth.

BBA Cottrell 3rd Sect B NFC Sennen Cove 2

Tony timed a Blue cock named “Zeb” that came into him as a youngster which had been entered into the Pottery’s OLR by Slim Timmis. Tony did suggest that that Slim had him back because he was a cracking youngster but as all the boxes were taken being after the young bird season, Slim told Tony to keep him. “Zeb” has been a consistent racer for Tony being high up in the CSCFC, BBC and NFC, winning over £500, before this 3rd Section Sennon Cove. Tony showed him a little kindness and he has repaid him well, he hopes that after the disastrous racing experienced this weekend by fanciers all over the country that the lost birds will also be shown a little kindness because they are not all rubbish, like he did to “Zeb”. He is bred from a line bred stock cock off “Sky Way Jet” and “Sky Way Express”, both Midland National winners, and a Dutch hen bought for stock. Zeb was sent calling two hens with both making a fuss of him. Tony says half his cock’s team are missing but a yearling cock that was his first timer from BBC Truro has just returned. Tony sends congratulations to all the section winners and hopes that with 11 out of 19, we all get some more home or it is back to the drawing board. Fourth and Fifth is the ever consistent Jason Ross of Portsmouth. 

BJason Ross 4th & 5th Sect B NFC Sennen Cove 2

Jason would like to congratulate all the winners on what turned out to be a hard day and said, “I decided to send a large team of 30 to this race, which is the most I have ever sent to a National. This turned out to be a big mistake as I am still 13 missing. My 4th section is the same Vandenabeele hen which was 3rd Section from the first Sennon Cove and raced on roundabout and the 5th section is also a Vandenabeele roundabout hen”

Section C

In Section C Mr & Mrs.Hodges from Templecombe were first and third with a cheq cock bred from stock on loan to them by good friend John Gerard.

CPrilly Hodges and granddaughter Frankie 1st & 3rd Sect C NFC Sennen Cove 2

At the start of the season all pigeons where trained and raced on the East route and of the ten yearling cocks they started with, they had lost three and had seven hawked around the loft so after several weeks rest they decided to switch to the west route, sent six to the race and got all home. They would like to congratulate Daniel Hocking and all the section winners. Second and fifth section was Neville and Diana Spracklen who help me with the section report every race.

CNeville Spracklen 2nd Sect C NFC Sennen Cove 2

They clocked a two year old blue cock raced on widowhood which is Mark Gilbert x Roger Lowe and has been a steady pigeon having also won 1st Club 5th fed from Truro. They had 22 on the day from what was a very tough days flying and would like to congratulate Daniel Hocking on winning the National and all the other winners. Rounding up the report, the ever consistent Mike Staddon in Crewkerne was forth section.   

Section D

First in section D was Wayne Wright from Honiton, Devon who timed a Frans Zwols bred by his good friends Mark and Sarah Beavis from Kingsteignton. 

DWayne Wright 1st Sect D NFC Sennen Cove 2

His hen was not raced as a youngster and at the previous Sennen Cove National race, she did not drop in until 7.50p.m that evening, so she had learned a lot from that first race. His returns for this race were good and I had 3 out of the 4 pigeons home and his pigeons are flown on the roundabout system with which he obtains better results from the hens by working this way. He said “Although I was aware this was a tough race, I was more than happy to see my blue hen drop in and I would like to thank all the NFC workers and race controllers for all their hard work.” Second and third were Smith & Percival in Barnstable with another good section result having been fifth in the previous race. Fourth was Mr & Mrs M.P. Sherborne who timed a yearling hen raced on roundabout which is predominately based on their Spangle family and was having her first race of the season after a few 30 mile training tosses from this new direction.

DMr + Mrs M.P. Sherborne 4th Sect D NFC Sennen Cove 2

In fifth position was Marcus Blackmore who would like to thank everyone at the NFC for the work they do. 

DMarcus Blackmore 5th Sect D NFC Sennen Cove 2

He would also like to say a big thank you to Wayne Wright from Exeter and Adrian Leech from Hebdon Bridge for giving him the parents of his yearling and also for the kind advice they have given me since he re-entered the sport 3 years ago. His returns were not too bad as he had one of the two sent to Sennen Cove.

Section E

Having another brilliant race in section E was Mark Gilbert who was first, second, third and fifth.

His first pigeon was a cock sired by a son of Olimpic Hans of Leo Hermans with his mother being a daughter of Kittle, 1st ace pigeon of Belgium. The second is from Nigel Langstaff bred from a son of Spartacus, 1st NFC Messac and the mother is a daughter of Rolex 1st and 14th NFC Saines. The third is a grizzle hen bred from a grizzle cock via Vermeerbergen Invisible Wonder 2nd Nat Ace Pigeon of Belgium and her mother is a grandchild of Kittle. The fourth pigeon is a hen from a grandson of Pitbull and the mother a granddaughter of Kittel. Splitting him for the first five again was the Chitty Brothers in Kings Langley they timed a blue cock bred by themselves from their remaining Koopman pair which had won over the water as a yearling and had a few Combine positions. Raced on widowhood this five year old has always been in their early arrivals.

Section F

Winning section F and having his second ever NFC race after beginning in the sport in 2017 is JJ Schoeman in Andover.

FJJ Schoeman 1st Sect F NFC Sennen Cove 2

In his first race he was second and third section which he has followed up with first, third and fourth from Sennen Cove 2. JJ said that firstly he would like to congratulate the NFC winner on a magnificent fast pigeon on a very difficult day and all the section winners. His first bird a Heremans Cuester bred from his own stock loft which houses 14 top quality pairs and his third adn fourth birds are both from their J.A.V syndicate Co breeding blood Hereman Cuesters x Mix from Vincent McConnell and Anton Ashore.

FJJ Schoeman & Family 1st Sect F NFC Sennen Cove 2

He would like to thank Chris Balson for the tips and guidance over this season which has resulted in three 1st club and a 2nd club plus  two 1st Fed and never being out of the top five. Second section was Mr & Mrs Webber & Son in Abingdon. They timed a three year old hen flown on roundabout which has been a consistent racer for them having won in the club and taken decent federation positions. She was bred by Roger Lowe of Caversham from which they have had birds from since 2009, with this being the latest to do well for them. She is bred down from My Little Diamond who appears three times in her pedigree, and Southfield Supreme who features twice. They plan to send her to Guernsey with the NFC for her next race. In fifth position was P Gilbert from Chilton in Oxfordshire.

Section G

Winning first Open NFC, first and fifth sect G was Daniel Hocking in Bridgwater.

GDaniel Hocking Wing

The winner being bred from his 2016 2nd Open NFC Messac hen when paired to her own sire from Derek flowers “Giessen lines” and the dam being bred from premier stud is out of a full sister to better than bolt. His yearling hen “Westerly Queen” was raced on the jealousy system as was his second bird which is a cock nicknamed “lurch” as he’s a monster of a bird and a real handfull. He is bred for the job being a half brother to 2nd Open NFC Messac 2016. from a cock purchased from Derek flowers from his “Giessen lines” crossed with a granddaughter of Sagan . He was paired up to two hens at the start of the season having been allowed to rear a chick from his first hen. Second section was Steven Dickinson & Phil Newton from Locking, Weston Super Mare.

GSteve Dickinson & Phil Newton 2nd Open & Sect G NFC Sennen Cove 2

They would like to congratulate Dan on his win, “well done”. Their bird is a lambrechts which has had four races this year all from the south west route and was sent to this race flying only to the perch as he has never been paired. Third was Stuart Wilcox from Bristol who clocked his good pigeon “Buck Rogers” bred by Dutch friends Martin and Buck De Kruijf from Woerden in Holland.

GStuart Wilcox 3rd Open 3rd Sect G NFC Sennen Cove 2

This cock bird is having a top season being 5th Open NFC Sennon Cove two weeks ago and two weeks previous to that he won 1st Club 1st Bristol Fed Truro 1820b. He contains a mix of Martijn and Bucks Leo Heremans, Steve Smits and Karel Leanen lines and is flown on standard Widowhood. Up to now it has been the widowhood hens setting the pace but on this occasion the cocks showed very good form. Stuart would like to add that a few years ago he was fortunate to be asked to conduct some auctions for Peter Fox who has since become a good friend and pigeon confidant. Peter introduced Stuart to Rik and Jan Hermans and the Team at De Duif which has really helped him in so many ways, from great lines of pigeons to systems and techniques. Stuart’s current family of pigeons are based on these friends of De Duif and include Koen Minderhoud, Albert Derwa, Rik Hermans, Willem De Bruijn, Bas Verkerk, Peter Fox and Martijn and Buck De Kruijf. These new lines have been blended with the original Frans Zwols to very good effect. Stuart also timed five more within two minutes of Buck Rogers who will feature in the top 13 of the Open, these are from a blend of the fantastic fanciers named above. One other fancier Stuart would like to thank is Dick De Leeuw who he met at the Golden Duif and works for Beyers and has been of great assistance with feeding and supplements. All corns and supplements are supplied by Country Wide. “Congratulations to Daniel, Steve and Phil.” Fourth was Chris Templar also in Bristol who also had a good race being fourth, sixth and thirteenth Open.

G5th Sect G for Daniel Hocking NFC Sennen Cove 2

Section H

Hubert Walker continued his great form in Section H by winning first, second, third and fifth with birds all based around Ian Stafford's, Marshall bred birds.

HHubert Walker (right) & Friend Paul Coulby 1st Sect H NFC Sennen Cove 2

These have now produced four NFC section winners, an NRCC first section Perth and a second section NRCC Lerwick winner. All of his team are currently raced on the 'roundabout' system and Hubert would like to thank his friend Paul Coulby, himself a former pigeon fancier, for supporting them on every race day during every race season. In fourth place was G Pugsley of Spalding who timed a three year old dark chequer hen of Southwell Breeding. She was previously 6th sect BICC Bordeaux 546mls last year and her sire is a direct son of Jimmy Shepherds " Noble Lad". A sister has flown Tarbes 661 miles four times and her Dam is a direct daughter of John Halsteads "Cassius" so her breeding is full of stayers. He enjoys NFC racing but finds it very difficult when there is a fresh North East wind as they get very little help over his side of the country. Following up in sixth section was Ron & Angie Auker who timed a two year old cock with the sire being bred by L&K Buddle and the dam was from Padfields stock via a hen given to Padfields by Wim Muller.

HRon & Angie Auker 6th Sect H NFC Sennen Cove 2

He had flown two channel races in 2020 but had only flown one club race of 180 miles this season and was sent sitting just over 1 week after having a training toss of 30 miles 2 days before basketing. Their pigeons have an open loft all day, only being in the loft whilst the youngsters are out and are fed Top Flight mixtures with added beans.

Section I

Mark Williamson is having a great season with the NFC in Section I, having his second win of the year with a four year old Cheq hen, which has been a very good racer over the years, with several good federation turns and a 2nd Section MNFC.

IMArk Williamson 1st Sect I NFC Sennen Cove 2

She is the same way bred as the Sennen Cove 1 section winner, being again from “The Butlers Son” and “Chequer Vivian”. In second place was Leon Prince with a yearling hen raced on roundabout and had a few prizes this season. Her father was bred by R & B Smith and the mother is granddaughter of his pied Rene Nauwelaert cock. Third was Gavin Duggan in Chipping Campden with Guy Barrett in Shipston on Stour fourth who was having his first “crack” at NFC racing.

IG Barrett 4th Sect I NFC Sennen Cove 2

His bird is bred from gifts via a Daniel Arrans cock from John Hambridge and a hen from Rob Glover. In fifth place was John Hambidge in Chipping Norton with a blue cock from birds bred by Robert Rome, raced on the roundabout system with its mother being 5th sect in 2019 from Fougeres.

Section J

Winning first and fourth in section J was the new Committee Member of the NFC Aurel Voiculescu racing as Team Aurel, they timed a three year old hen called “Bo”  which is named after the child of his best friend which was born 10 weeks prematurely.

J1st Sect J NFC Sennen Cove 2

Bo has been performing excellent this season having already been 2nd Shropshire Federation from Frome. A very keen and consistent hen, bred from his old bloodlines and raced on the roundabout system. His friend’s child, little Bo, is still in hospital and developing well being double in weight since our federation race from Frome. “We just want him to come home very soon to Mummy and Daddy.” The fourth section bird is a beautiful hen “Isabella” which had completed all last year races with Shropshire Federation and she has been to all inland races this year.

JIsabella 4th Sect J Sennen Cove 2

No special performances, but hopefully she will be in the mix for the longer races. Second was Mr & Mrs Nigel Shaw from Crewe with a blue cock bred by Shaun Mc Donough.

JMr & Mrs N Shaw 2nd Sect J NFC Sennen Cove 2

He has been very consistent having recently won the club against 243b. In this race they only entered two and timed them both. In third place was Craig Gough from Betton Strange in Shrewsbury. He timed a two year old roundabout cock which was his second bird home from the first Sennen Cove race. He had seven of his twelve home on the day and would like to congratulate Team Aurel and all the other section winners.

Section K

Kevin Heeley kindly compiled the report for section K with R & M Roebusk in first place with a yearling cheq pied hen which was raced on the natural system and been out to 300 miles as a young bird.

KMr & Mrs Barry & Mary Roebuck, along with our granddaughter Isla (20 months old)& Nero the dog 1st Sect K NFC Sennen Cove 2

She came to win prizes as a young bird but she is a character pigeon and just does what she wants, entering the loft when she wants. She is bred from a pair of pigeons which Son (Steven) bought as a present for his Dad from Mr Frank Sheader of Scarborough. The cock is a Louis Thijs and the hen is a Flor van Lock which have bred numerous good pigeons, but mainly hens. This year for the first time they put six pairs on the roundabout system, including this hen which lasted three weeks as the fancier could not adhere to the system, so they were paired up. The chequer paid hen proved to be barren so pot eggs had to be used which did not improve her trapping so they gave her the name "The Monkey".  The week before Sennen Cove she went to the Fed race from Eastbourne (210 miles) and came to win a good position but did her usual trick of not going in, so Sennen Cove she was bound, after being given a day-old chick on the Tuesday before the race. There was no monkeying about from Sennen Cove, she went straight in! “Many thanks to all the Officials for marking the best possible racing with the situation. The excellent marking Officials at Sheffield and all the people who contacted us with congratulations.” Second was Dave Hubery with a cock which had won second section as a yearling and was 25th sect in the first Sennen Cove. He is the son of a good hen that has won two firsts and many prizes, a Van Coppen bred by Wayne Ellis out of Alwyn Paddy stock. The sire won prizes at Club and is a Busschaert. In third palce was J & J Greenfield with a three year old Denis Sapin Soontjen which is half sister to 1st Sect K 4th Open Messac. As a young bird, she was 5th Carentan and since then she has been 1st Carentan, 1st Kettering, 2nd Newbury, 2nd Buckingham, plus other cards and has been a very consistent pigeon for John. In fourth place was Castello, Family & Leach with a fine-looking blue cock raced on the roundabout system. The sire is bred from theirvery consistent Gyselbrecht family and these bloodlines have won many prizes over the years and have always excelled when the going gets a bit sticky. The dam was bred by their partner, Adrian Leach, and she is a direct daughter of his best breeders "The Syndicate Cock" when he was paired to "Blue Magic" a direct daughter of Wall, Lunt and Green's "Miss Magic". The best of Johns paired to the best of Adrian's. In fifth place was Hall & Hibbert with a blue hen is bred out of an Eric Higginbottom Euro Diamond line and the dam is a Billy Foulstone Malinda line.

Section L

In section L Campbell Bros & Son from Meling Park Liverpool won first and second with two yearling hens which arrived together and wasted no time in trapping.

LCampbell Bros

They were both raced on widowhood having been shown the cocks before basketing. They sent six to the race adn clocked five on the day with the first oneeinning the Eccles 2 Bird Nomination Club. Her sire is direct Xavier Verstraete (Belgium) Son “Big Star” and being a inbred Double grandson of “Topstar” he has bred winners including 2nd section National  x “Krommen Hen” she is Dam of Combine winners, Bird of years and Gold ring winners and was bred by Gerry Clements.  The dam is “Hercules Hen” a Willy Thas x Marcel  Aelbrecht also bred by Gerry Clements and has bred 3 x individual Amal winners all against approx. 4000 birds when paired with different cocks she’s also Dam of Liverpool Amal bird of year and bred a lot of other winners. Their second bird is direct Chris Hebberecht  “Blue Hebberecht” lines of Ike, Jempy, Pancho Jelle, Gentlemen all bred by Chris in 2014 with the dam a direct Xavier Verstaete being a daughter of “Toppi” son of “Topstar”. Third was Derek Hogg from Preston and forth J Wood & Son in Oldham with a two year old blue cock bred from a gifted bird from J & S Ward paired to a pigeon bought from Chris Gordon’s sale at Blackpool, so would like to thank these two for the birds, it feels good to have 3 birds in the top 10 of the section on an hard race. The second bird is a three year old Jos Thone pigeon and the third bird was two year old cock bred from a bird called the 80 hen which was bird of the year in the Lancashire Combine 2017. They would like to thank everyone for the messages and comments it means a lot. 

LJohn Wood 4th Sect L NFC Sennen Cove 2

Fifth was A. Jones & Son, from Hesketh Bank in Preston. 

Section N

In Section N Kevin McFarlane of Boldon Colliery won 1st & 2nd Section N from Sennen Cove with a yearling cock flown on roundabout.

NKevin McFarlane 1st & 2nd Section N NFC Sennen Cove 2

It’s sire was from Dave Stone’s Gus Janssen family, it’s dam is through Louella Engels family full of distance prize winners.Kevin’s 2nd bird is from a Louella Engels cock & a Tommy Laskie hen also flown on roundabout. 3rd section N was the well established loft of Dave McSween & Jim Sexton of Sunderland.

NDave McSween & Jim Sexton 3rd Secti N NFC Sennen Cove 2 pictured with Nick Adshead

Their 2yo roundabout cock is from their No1 stock cock of their old Bourges family x with a Nick Adshead hen, sister of Patience & is half brother to their 2020 1st section N youngbird winner. Tony Lyons of Eston, Middlesbrough continued his winning ways winning 4th & 5th Section with a 2yo Vandenabeele cock which was 6th section two weeks earlier from the first NFC race from Sennen Cove.

NTony Lyons & granddaughter Elsie 4th & 5th Sect N NFC Sennen Cove 2

His 2nd bird won 3rd section again from Sennen Cove 1 & is of Denney lines, a gift bird bred back from a hen Tony gave Lawie & Ransome of Dormanstown.

Section P

First Section P was Andrew Cousins from Bishops Stortford who had three birds in the section top ten on what proved a tricky race in to this part of the country.

P1st Sect P NFC Sennen Cove 2

This was very much in line with losses incurred all over the country from just about every organisation racing on that day. By coincidence Kevin Foster reported a pigeon on the Sunday and it was Andrew who answered the phone  explaining it was one from the NFC race. So, initiating this report was made easy by getting the necessary details and here’s what Andy had to say about the race. “My first pigeon is a two year old Dk Cheq hen which won in 2020 6th Sect 44th Open NFC Fourgeres 9,500b, 13th Sect 138th Open NFC Nort-Sur-Erdre 5,600b and in 2021, 689th Open 38th Sect NFC Senan Cove (1) 5,600b, 

1st Sect 315th Open NFC Senan Cove (2) 3,400b. Her sire is a Kees Bosua from the clearance sale of Crammond and Langstaff old stock cock Planchetta Cock which has bred Fed open section winners for Nigel and Ian and the dam is also Kees Boshua Via Crammond and Langstaff. The fifth section is a chequer white flight cock bred by old friend John Smale of Abergavenny who I would like to thank for breeding the parents. He is also a grandson of Johns “Freddy” when paired to a daughter of the Etterback cock who won 4th international St Vincent for John 14 1/2 hrs on the wing against 10,000 plus birds. In 2021 he has won 5th Thames North Yeovil 2,781b, 493rd Open 40th ES BICC Truro 5,345b, 436th Open 24th sect NFC Senan Cove (1), 5th sect 633rd Open NFC Senan Cove (2). His sire is a grandson of De Cas and the dam is a granddaughter of the Etterback cock“. Colin Fagg and Linda Nicholas from Sittingbourne were second section which follows on from their first section win in the previous race. They have shown consistent form at the highest level being second sect BICC in the last four weeks. Their hen was a Lindelauf, purchased by son Adam on a visit just before lockdown 2020. She was their first bird in the BICC last week and was also the first bird in the Reeds Gold Ring race from Yelverton last year so hopefully if we get channel racing again she might be a decent candidate. Jim & Pat Connelly timed a black cock for third section which was bred from a Station sire paired to a Gilbert/Legend hen which was raced on their own roundabout system. Their second bird in fourth place was a yearling hen of Batenburg lines with their third bird bred by Andy Gibson.

P5th Sect P NFC Sennen Cove 2

Section Q

Unfortunately Section Q did not compete from Sennen Cove again but as Guernsey becomes available, they will be able to enjoy their NFC racing once again.

Section W

In section W J. I & C Milward took the top spot in Buckley, Flintshire. Charlie said they were extremely pleased with their result on a difficult day and only their third attempt at NFC racing. 

WJ.I & C. Millward 1st Sect W NFC Sennen Coe 2

After having much success racing with the Wrexham federation, being Premier Prize winners every year since 2016, they decided to buy some new pigeons and try to race the nationals. It has taken a lot of patience along with a lot of losses, that is for sure. Their red hen arrived from the West at 11:24:02. She was definitely the fancy pigeon out of the eight sent. He was looking at the provisional results and thought it would be around 11:40 to 12pm when they would start to turn up. She looked very well as she always does. Previously this hen has been 8th federation Messac, 373 miles and 17th Section NFC Messac in 2020, along with other prizes on the inland and top 100 section results in the MNFC. The sire is a red cock, "GB13X08917", bred by Pete & Terri Rodgers. He is a son of "White Lightning", who is grandson of Red Barcelona and Full Try, breeding many prize winners. The dam is "NEHU12TR0284", a hen purchased from Mark Webster. She is a Jan Aarden/Van Geel bred by Davies & Son. GGsire is Champion "Beatrix", 1st National St Vincent 55,377 pigeons, 2nd national Dax. They would like to congratulate the winner of the National, Mr Hocking. Second was Stuart Treharne of G Treharne & Son in Nantyglo, Gwent. He timed a hen which is a granddaughter of Gareths Surprise 1st Open BICC Falaise an dof Alans Lad, 1st National Saintes. His second bird, also a hen, is a granddaughter of Alan’s lad and of their number one Van Loon cock “son of Kain”, both hens were raced on the roundabout system , a big congratulations to Dan Hocking on winning the race. Third and fourth section was Mark Sparey in Abertillery. 

On then to Guernsey and finally a water race where all sections of the National Flying Club can compete against the whole nation. In an ever changing and difficult situation a lot of valuable free time has been given without question by those who take on the responsibilities of running our club, it is not an easy task, and all of the team should feel proud of their continued efforts to get us racing from the continent as soon as possible.

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