Winners Report

Once again, I travelled down the leafy Kent lanes overlooking the Stockbury Valley in the North Downs, to visit the loft of Colin Fagg and his partner Linda Nicholas to report on their second National Flying Club win. The first time was in 2013 when they won 1st Open NFC Messac and on the 6th July, after a two day holdover they put up a fantastic performance against 9960b by winning 1st Open NFC from Fougéres in a fresh north west wind which made for a good testing day.

Colin Fagg & Linda Nicholas 

Colin Fagg and his partner Linda Nicholas


For the last 18 years they have lived close to “Queensdown Warrens”, an area which once fed the ancient Royal household and is now run as a nature reserve by the Kent Trust. Rare wildflowers including Spider Orchids cohabit the bank sides with many other species including Adders, which are often seen around the partners premises from which they run a very successful pigeon supplies business along with their own extensive range of racing lofts.

Fagg & Nicholas Lofts

Fagg and Nicholas Racing Lofts

In 2004 Colin visited Lier market for the first time as the designated driver of a club outing. He was not really interested in buying any pigeons, but one dark chequer cock stuck his head over the top of a basket and caught his eye. “It must have been the most expensive youngster in Lier Market” said Colin “but what a pigeon he turned out to be” and for his birthday present Linda had made contact with the breeder, Frans Laeremans to order 10 more youngsters from him. A friendly relationship developed, and his birds quickly made a positive affect on their results.

Of the ten youngsters they bought, seven made it through the young bird programme of which four had won their club including a 1st Federation. The following season more birds were ordered and so it went on for the next few years. A red cock bird bred in 2007 made his mark by winning 7st club including 1st Federation plus a 1st Combine and Colin later discovered that Frans Laeremans and Andrea Drapper regularly exchanged pigeons with the red cock being a grandson down from “Ronaldo”, a top racing bird for Drapper. He also raced a very good Laermans hen which had won the Kent Invicta Combine from Westbay and subsequently, in  they were paired together.

In 2016 they bred a chequer hen which won two channel races in the club and was awarded “Bird of the Year” in 2019 and this year she was paired early in the season to rear two youngsters which were passed on to a club mate. She would then have normally been separated to race on widowhood, but as the Covid 19 situation unfolded racing seemed very unlikely to happen, so she was left paired with her partner and as Colin and Linda were shielding for several weeks they were resigned to not racing this season at all. But as the restriction on racing was lifted and the club headquarters made every precaution possible, they decided to race but continue with the hens on natural.

The club race a week before the NFC Fougéres turned out to be a very fast velocity and their 2016 hen was second club whilst very keen to her nest with 3 day old eggs. The following week sitting 10 days on eggs she was still very tight on her nest, so she was basketed for the National and came to win although as she is a shy trapper, she took her time to come in. After verifying, Colin does not like to know how the race is going, his nerves get to him and Linda said “it’s the only thing he does not want to know” but he was delighted to hear they had once again won the biggest club in the country.

1st Open NFC Trapping


1st Open 2020 NFC Open Trapping

Frans Laeremans has now sold all his pigeons but Colin is happy with the team of birds he has built over recent years and as it was their youngest granddaughters birthday on marking day, the hen proudly shares her name “Devyn” and I would like to congratulate them once again along with a special thank you to Linda for my three large slices of Lemon Drizzle cake, to tide me over on the journey home. I ate the lot before reaching the Dartford crossing!

GB16A00054 Wing


GB16A00054 Fagg & Nicholas

As I write this report, marking for the next race from Nort-sur-Erdre is just a few days away. With the Covid affected season as it is, the NFC races are now just two weeks apart and club secretary Sid Barkel has been working very hard on the Fougéres final result with entries for the next race coming in. It is going to be a busy few weeks with Nort-sur-Erdre being just as quickly followed on by race marking for the Pau Grand National which I am happy to say is also being liberated with the Central Southern Classic and the British Barcelona Club, yet another example of large clubs collaborating with mutual benefits.


Section Winners Report

The Fougéres race final result has now been published and the section report shows a true reflection. I am always very aware that the provisional result of any race is mainly based on a first bird only, with others timed that may affect the final result so the report below is correct and up to date.

Section A

First Section A was Brian Wall with a two year old cheq cock which has been one of first birds back to loft in this seasons racing. He is bred from winning race birds retired to the stock loft. Brian would like to congratulate all the winners and commented that as usual, his birds came back in great condition considering a two day holdover.

Brian Wall 1st Section A Fougeres

Second sect was Mr R Shapland & Son who wrote “She is a yearling blue hen bred direct out of our number 1 widowhood cock "54" who himself has won countless first prizes. These lines are from our very best Simon Hughes stock of A&S Hughes and our stock acquired from our good friend who is sadly no longer with us, Alf Clout. For her preparation she was given the first few inland races with the federation and then sent to her first ever channel race being St Philbert with the BICC. The team returned in fantastic condition so we were confident to send them back on Thursday morning with the NFC and she didn't let us down. The birds returned in fantastic condition and are an absolute credit to all the hard work of the NFC team”

Mr R Shapland Son 2nd Sect A Fougeres

Mr & Mrs May & Son were third sect with a yearling cock raced on roundabout widowhood. He had been given some preparation racing along the coast in the local federations, being on the drop on multiple occasions but this was his first time across the channel. He is bred from one of their top racers “Black Panther” who is winner of: 2nd Federation 1521B (BBLM), 4th Federation 1278B (BBLM), 11th Federation 643B, 21st Federation 1580B. “Black Panther” is also a direct son of super sire “Spiderman” (Son of “Rossi” and “Spinneke”) who is (grand)sire to over 150 x 1st winners. The dam is a full sister to one of their top racers Champion “652” winner of: RPRA Southern Region Sprint Award 2017, 1st Federation 927B, 1st Amal 1783B, 2nd Federation 1985B (BBLM), 4th Federation 889B (BBLM), 22nd Federation 838B , 29th Federation 1692B. Champion “652” is also sire to winners of: 1st Federation 1272B, 1st Federation 890B, 1st Federation 844B, 2nd Federation 3553B (BBLM). Champion “652” is a grandson of super sire “Spiderman” and Danny Van Dyck’s “Kanon”.


Fourth were D & K Jones, with a cock out of “Dad’s Lad” winner of 1st Open NFC Messac 2012 and his nest sister came to win 1st Section A 20th Open Messac in 2018. Their birds are raced on the roundabout system with the hens going out between 7-8 in the morning Cocks going out between 5-6 in the evening.

Fifth sect was Simon Ferguson in Brighton with a pigeon from the lines of Danny van Dyke Kanon, Eddy Janssen Di Capio and Jan Hooymans Harry as a yearling very constant across water which I’m only interested in flying, this season he got sent to Falase BICC and come back with half its wing flights missing which I found quite upsetting as had hopes for him! kept flying him out around home when i was basketing for fougeres i looked at his wing and it looked ok so i thought to myself you got to go and really pleased i made that decision! He came back full of himself, he is going to next race and if he returns im hoping to send him with whatever else returns to Pau Grand National, I absolutely love pigeon racing and in the short time I’ve been racing have met some really nice people and made some fantastic friends

Simon Furguson 5th Sect A Fougeres

Section B

As well as collating the section B report, Bill Edwards also runs the Southampton marking station and sent me the following important updated information; “We have had very good feedback on the use of Portchester Football Club in place of Sarisbury Green for the Southampton Marking Station for the National Flying Club. With this in mind we will be using the Portchester Football Club at Wicor Recreation Ground as the marking Station for the remainder of the 2020 season, starting with the Pau race in which we will also be taking the Central Southern Classic and the British Barcelona Club. All three organisations will be jointly marking at Portchester Football Club and Members will be able to duplicate National Birds into the other clubs at a reduced fee. For the Pau Race Marking we will be starting slightly later than the previous two races starting at 12 noon through to 16:30 and we will again operate a timed marking time system that has worked so well in the first couple of races. Contact Bill Edwards on 07917886665 or email “ Well done Bill, you have had the largest number of pigeons to mark these past two races.

First and forth section from Fougéres was K & J Zerafa who said “Firstly we would like to congratulate the overall winner Fagg & Nicholas and also all of the Section winners. Also, a congratulations must go to Micky Watts, who appears to have won 2nd National two weeks on the bounce, fantastic flying! Our first pigeon to arrive is a yearling latebred cock which is raced on the roundabout system. He was lightly trained as a youngster and only raced once. This year he has been raced in the local club and was sent to his first channel race with the BICC from Falaise, when he came 592nd Open against 7,441b. He was rested for a week before being sent to the BBC Messac race last weekend, in which he was 2nd Section 11th Open against 2,266b. He was then sent straight back to Fougeres with the NFC where he’s provisionally 1st Section 3rd Open against 9,594b. His sire is a pigeon we purchased from Stuart Treharne of Nantyglo, being out of his two BICC winners from 2014 when they were paired together. The dam is bred from our old family of birds, herself being the winner of 3 x 1st Federation and dam to 13th Open BBC Fougeres in 2018, for Mark Gower of Fordingbridge. Looking at the provisional result, we have a few more that will feature with potentially 6 birds finishing in the top 1% of the entry (prov 3rd, 24th, 66th, 75th, 81st & 87th Open), so we are extremely happy with the way the birds came. We entered 28 pigeons into this race and had 24 return in good condition, which given the extra two days in the basket, was a real credit to the convoying team. Thanks to all involved in the organisation and execution of this race. Team Zerafa”


Team Zerafa 1st Sect B Fougeres



Second was Mr & Mrs D Waterhouse who are now racing from their new location, having moved house in 2019. Dave would like to congratulate the winner of the Fourgéres national race for putting up a great performance, and thank George Appleton of Manchester who has bred them 6 babies every year for the last 4 years, this is one of last years babies. The cock they timed in was one of six entries that were broken off from the old house, raced unpaired and fed on Van Robaeys no39 mixture. Timing five from six sent Dave is very happy with his national result from their national race at the new address. “I would also like to thank all involved in organising the race as all mine returned in fantastic condition. A big thank you to Bill Edwards and all the team at Southampton marking station for a safe and well organised basketing system.” Said Dave.


 Dave Waterhouse 2nd Sect B Fougeres

Third were B & L Scutt, “Firstly congratulations to the winner and the section winners, particularly fellow club mates K&J Zerafa on provisionally 1st Section B, 3rd Open, top flying. We are delighted to record provisionally 3rd Section B, 5th Open NFC. Our Pigeon is a yearling Blue Pied hen raced on Widowhood, although she is one of those hens that’s very rank and looks at other hens in the loft. Previously she had flown all but two of the young bird races last year with the Solent Fed. This year she has flown all four Solent Fed Inland races scoring one or two minor club positions without being a standout performer but has always been consistent for us. Her Sire is bred through our Louis Cooreman bloodlines which we have had for many years that have won 1st Solent Fed right out to 400 miles+ for us. Her Dam is a Vandenabeele bred from our good cock ‘89’ who has previously won 2x 1st Solent Fed plus many more top positions, again this line has also won right out to 400 miles+ for us including 1st Fed, 1st Section, 10th Open CSCFC Bergerac. So, it’s fair to say this hen is a combination of our best two all-round bloodlines. At the time of writing this we have 13/16 of our entries home. We must also say thanks as always to fellow club mates Mick Fuller and Alfie Wheatcroft who take all our National and Classic entries to the marking stations for us. Lastly well done to all those involved in delivering this race on what has been a very strange and difficult year for all.”

B L Scutt 3rd Sect B Fougeres

Wearn Bros 1 & Neilson in ransdean were 5th section.


Jim Wearn Eric Neilson 5th Sect B Fougeres

Section C

A fantastic result for Ray Dibben taking 1st, 3rd and 4th in section C but sadly no information was forthcoming.

Second to him was Chris Lake who said “Firstly l would like to congratulate the winner and the section winners. My 2nd section winner is a yearling blue chequer cock, having had two inland races and flown on widowhood, this is his first channel race. He is bred from my Janssen family of pigeons. His sire was 25th Open British Barcelona Club Fougeres last year. I would like to congratulate my club mate Ray Dibben on being 1st section C and thank him again for looking after my birds when I was away in America for a week in February.

Chris Lake 2nd Sect C Fougeres

Previous National winner Stuart Laws was fifth.


Section D

Tony Churchill won 1st Section D and Tony's first bird is a multiple performer in the NFC, as he has already won 2nd Section and 3rd section Sigogne, his sire was bought from Lier market and bred by Frans Cees, with his dam being Van Dyke cross J & D Staddon. All Tony's birds are raced on the Widowhood system.

Second were M/M P Pym & R Pym with a bird which is bred from Paul's 1st Open NFC Blue Cock 'Hannah's Boy' and 2nd Open NFC from Celtic Lass of Cornwall. Paul considers himself lucky to get 17 home from 19 sent, all in good nick and would like to say well done to Tony Churchill for winning Section D.

In third place Ken Sluman, said his bird was raced lightly as a young bird and used as a widowhood hen in 2018 before being put back on the road this year. She showed some promise on inland racing so Ken decided to send her to Fougeres with the NFC, this was her first channel race and returned in perfect condition. Her sire being a Louella Jan Aarden down from 'Invincible Spirit' lines when paired to a Tom Sherwood De-Klak.

Fourth was Richard Goodier and Richard's bird is a Vandenabeele x Jos Thone with which has several wins to its credit, she is raced on the roundabout system and is fed on Versa Laga corns.

In fifth place was Simon Cordery with a Kenny Ware x R Goodier bred bird which was 4th section YB National in 2018, she was also raced on the roundabout system.

Photo from left to right is Tony Churchill Richard Goodier and Simon Cordery. Sect D Fougeres

From left to right Tony Churchill, Richard Goodier and Simon Cordery Sect D Fougeres


Section E

First Section E was Roger Lowe with his two year old widowhood cock RED DEVIL which is one of his best racing cocks being winner of many Prizes. In the previous weeks race from Wadebridge he won 1st club 4th fed 2212b and his best performance to date is 14th open BICC national 3453birds. His sire is FAST AS LIGHTNING winner of 1st BBC national Fougéres by 25 minutes. RED DEVIL is also half brother to FAST RED winner of 1st BBC national two seasons ago. FAST AS LIGHTNING is bred from a pure Janssen x Lou Wouters blood lines. Dam of RED DEVIL is SHE A STAR winner of 1st E section 11th open NFC young bird national 3752birds 2016 being a direct daughter of MY LITTLE DIAMOND winner of 1st NFC National in her one and only race ever being a pure De Klak “I didn’t expect to do so well as the wind was totally against me so I was well pleased. Sending 38 birds mainly yearlings having their first channel race having 22 home on the day and a further 6 the next morning it turned out to be a very good race for me. Well done to all concerned for looking after the birds so well after a two day old over.”

Roger Lowe 1st Sect E Fougeres

Mark Gilbert was second and fifth and the sire of his first bird is a grandson of the World famous Harry bred by J Hooymans, when a son of Harry was paired to Southfield 139 1st National BBC Messac 2015 4th Open NFC Cholet and 10th Open NFC Messac. 139 is a Daughter of Southfield Star 2nd Open NFC Saintes 4128 birds dropped with the winner, 2nd BBO Fed 2419 birds. Dam of 944 is a Daughter of Rolex, 1st Sect 14th Open NFC Saintes and 1st Sect 1st Open NFC Saintes x Daughter of Ramos a top performance Son of Che via Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp x a Daughter of Harry.

Third section was Mr & Mrs P J Wells in Dunstable and forth was J F Haynes of Maidenhead. Very illusive is our John.

Section F

Mr & Mrs Paul Kenny & Family topped the section into Wantage as well as taking forth position too. Second and fifth was J & P Parker from Beenham with Mark & Shane Rostron taking third place

Section G

Section G was won by N J Goss in Devizes, with C & J Howse taking second and forth. Top flyer Nigel Templar was there again in third place with R & J Whiteside in fifth.

Section H

Top of section H was Danny Pullman with his hen called Ruby which was bred from War Horse, so named because of his temprement around the loft. The dam is out of a Belgian pigeon bought at Doncaster show which turned out to be a good investment as she has bred club, fed and section winners. Ruby also has Sapin X Supercrack lines blood from his friend John Haverly. Danny would like to congratulate the winners of the race and the sections including his federations chairman Mr Peter Wells, fed secretary Mr Eric and Gary and Glen Corkett for having a great day both in the NFC and the Midlands National. “I wish you and every National flying member a good season in these unprecedented times.” said Danny.

Danny Pullman 1st Sect H Fougeres


Second were Mr & Mrs Challis with a homebred Vandenabeele out of stock pigeons purchased from Mr Bryan Shipley. Lightly raced inland with a number of places within the M11 Club including 3rd from Purpeck the week before the Fougeres race. This was their first NFC race and the hens first attempt from a French liberation point.

2nd Sect H Fougeres

Third place went to Mr & Mrs I Raper. The parents of their bird were loaned to them by my good friend Geoff Hannigan of Warrington. The sire is a Walter Docx off the direct pigeons, the originals that John Kirk of Warrington aka Captain Kirk, brought in from Belgium . The first four arrivals were bred off the same pair. Geoff always said that “you won’t go wrong with these pigeons “.

Fourth were C Crick & Son with a yearling widowhood cock bred by Nigel Templar and subsequently nicknamed ‘Nigel’. He has previously won 2 club races as a young bird along with taking 1st section H, 35th open in the young bird national last year.

Fifth was N & J Callaghan with a two year old cock flown on the widowhood system and bred down from a bird that flew well from Tarbes paired to the g/daughter of a Cannon national winner. He doesn’t race in a local club but just sends his birds as trainers and then races in the NFC. He has 18 cocks which are all middle/long distance.

Section I

I was happy to see local fancier Tim Atkin topping section I with a 3 year old hen bred from a son off Propere 10 via Syndicate lofts, paired to a daughter from Minerva by Rik Hermans. This pair have bred multiple top 10 Fed positions including 10 x 1st. She has flown Channel several times but obviously this is her best performance. It was Tims 1st NFC race so he was very pleased with his results as he had a few more soon after her. He was also fourth section but less pleased with the returns, too many empty perches with up to a third missing.

TIm Atkin 1st Sect I Fougeres


Second and third was Astbury & Horton, with his first pigeon a Harry x Geeloger via Derek Rooney and his second bird is also a Harry Geeloger x Dutchmaster and Rocket lines through Jack Walker via syndicate lofts.

2nd Sect I Fougeres

Fifth was Lourens Londt who had a good race with his Geoff Kirkland pigeons.

Section J

Martin Williams was 1st Section J with a roundabout yearling hen that went to the NFC young bird race. She has flown well this year in the West of England Combine, being in his first batch every week. After having lots of blow homes, this race became a test of the fittest. Her breeding is his Roodhooft x Sablon, her sire is a son of the famous Jean, winner of 1st from 28,000 birds, for Wade Bros of Durham. Martin had two other birds taking 3rd and 7th Section.

Martin Williams 1st Section J


Second was Pete Barlow who said “Congratulations to all winners and Martin on his section success, my pigeon was purchased at Glos & Dist breeder/buyer from Graham Clift, however it didn't get to that race as it was badly hawked the week before. As a yearling she was 1st club 4th fed Messac ,97th open CSCFC Coutances, 71st open NFC old hens Coutances and she now has a 2nd section NFC to her credit. Her breeding is Gerritt, Gouden Vieugal, Southfield Dream and Perpignan 06. Many thanks to Graham for taking the birds to the marking station. Returns on the day were 12/15 all in good condition after a two day holdover”

Peter Barlow 2nd Sect J Fougeres

Fourth was K P & M Fitzpatrick of Tewkesbury with fifth going to Adams Bros from Longdon near Stoke On Trent.


Section K

Chris Gibson won section K and Chris's Sec K winner is a super yearling hen named "Darcey" having only her 5th race of her life, and this being her first middle distance race at a distance of 360 miles. This super hen is line bred to one of Chris's top hens "27" who was only raced as a young birds winning 1st Fed, 7th Fed, 9th Fed, 1st Gold Ring £800 and then going onto cause controversy in the MNFC YB Race from Carentan when she won 1st NE Sec but 20 mins later was transferred into the North Section and finished a very respectable 31st Open MNFC approx 6,000b. "27" has since gone on to be the Dam of 2x1st Fed plus other top 10 Fed positions and 2nd North Sec 7th Open NMCC Messac 396 miles. She is also G/Dam to 1st Fed winners and many, many club winners. "27" is a daughter of Chris's No1 breeding cock "Young Anton" Sire of 15x1st Federation and G/Sire and G/G/Sire to many more Fed and club winners and top 10 Fed positions.

Young Anton Chris Gibson Base Pigeon

Having always been a sprinter at heart it was in 2017 when Chris decided to progress to National racing having won all there is to be won at Federation level, his sole aim now is the NFC which suits his long shifts at work which allow very little time with the birds with the birds having to be worked with at different times of day due to the awkwardness of the shift pattern. Chris had waited three long years for his first NFC race, which turned out to be a good one, although the lack of experience in his small team of hens showed with only 9 home from 17 entered. Having said that a lot of the northern lofts had heavy losses following to two day holdover and tough conditions for the lads up north flying 360+ miles. It really is a race of it's own up there.

Chris Gibson 1st Sect K

Second were Richard Turner & John Wheatcroft with a blue hen which has been a great pigeon a previous 1st federation winner at channel and 1st Open Northern Classic and 1st Open YND Combine. She is a Widowhood hen and is from stock Richard and his good friend Jimmy Hampson own together and is out off two direct Comb J & J Kaman pigeons From Holland.


Third were C & E Lee, who had a great days racing being third section in the MNFC from Carentan too. His Fougeres NFC pigeon is bred from a Willy Thas sire being a grandson off his dad’s old De Hollinder blood lines, and the dam is Mr & Mrs Wright blood lines being a son off their good national hen.

Chris Lee 3rd Sect K Fougeres

Fourth were Mr & Mrs W Foulstone in Worksop with J.Castello & Family fifth. John tells me his pigeon was a 2014 widowhood cock which has already had 4 x 1sts to his credit and many minor prizes as well as topping the Fed. He is a Herman Ceuster x Van Den Beele which was bought by John from Chris Vasey.

Section L

Great to see Campbell Bros.& Son taking toop spot in the mighty section L with a two year old cheq cock bred from direct Chris Hebberecht Belgium which had been raced on inland program prior to sending the national.

1st Sect L Fougeres

Second was Bob & Brian Smith from Ingleholme with a blue hen having her second channel race this year after previously being 20th section 234th open from Falaise 331 miles with the BICC on the 13th of June. This 2-year-old has always been a consistent bird being a winner of 1st club 2nd fed 3rd combine Fougeres,1st club 7th fed Bath. She is bred from the best of their best stock being a granddaughter of Hughie on the sire's side and a great-granddaughter of Hughie on the dam's side with the sire of their "51" 1st open MNFC Carentan also featuring in her breeding. She was also double-banked into Eccles 2 bird club and the Lancashire Yorkshire 4 bird championship club winning the Eccles 2 bird no result for the other as yet.

R B Smith 2nd Sect L Fougeres


Third Section L is Committee member Gerry Clements with a 3 year old cheq cock sent on widowhood. He has National performances throughout with tried & tested performance breeding on all sides of generations of breeding. His sire was 20th section - 74th open NFC Fougeres, brother to 12th section / 20th open NFC Fougeres and the dam 4th section / 70th open NFC Coutances. G-son *“Saints cock” 2nd section - 144th open NFC Saintes, 10th section - 318th NFC Saintes, 100th Open BICC Falaise, 34th sec - 298th open NFC Poitiers, 61st open National Fougéres 8,932b, 8th Eccles 2bird. The saints cock is half-brother “Daniella” 1st National Picaville. G-Son “Heat Wave” Bird of the year National flying club sect L, 1st sec - 19th open NFC Saintes, 36th sec - 80th open NFC Cholet, 30th sec - 206th open NFC Messac, 11th sec - 297th open NFC Messac, 16th sec - 366th open NFC Cholet. Forth was John Winstanley with a blue yearling hen raced on the roundabout system having her first visit to France. A consistent young bird being the first bird back from Portland. Her breeding is breeding is 3/4 Curtis, Wall & Lunt, 1/4 Syndicate Lofts.

A G Clements 3rd Sect L Fougeres


Fifth was Pimlott Bros from Southport.

Section N

John & Steven Best of Stockton topped Section N and won 1st, 4th & 9th Section N. Their Section topper is a three year old hen through their Syndicate Lofts birds. Bob McKie of Blackhall Mill won 3rd & 7th Section with a three-year-old Van Hee cock raced celibate this season and was bred by Ken Buchanan SNRPC. This cock is enjoying his 3rd National spin having previously scored minor positions.

John Steven Best 1st 4th 9th Section N Fougeres


Second and fifth section was M Anderson & Sons.

Bob McKie won 3rd and 7th Section N.


Bob McKie with Nick Adshead. Bob won 3rd 7th Section N Fougeres

Bob McKie with Nick Adshead.

Section O

Taking 1st section O is the now familiar name of Kendal fancier Bruce Blamire. The other familiar thing about this win is the bird, GB14Z 93985. Just type this birds details into the search engine on the NFC results section to see that this DeWeerdt Cock has now won 4 x 1st Section O, 2 x 3rd Sect O 69th Open, 240th open and now this result flying 414 miles on an exceptionally difficult day for pigeon racing into the North West of England. Bruce has again been very poorly of late but still manages to get his birds into top class condition. All I can say is look out for the rest of 2020.

Bruce Blamire 1st Sect O Fougeres

In 2nd section was another Kendal loft of M & J Sephton who timed their 3 year old hen into Kendal after flying 419 miles and fifteen hours and forty two minutes on the wing. Jims bird was flying natural and sitting eggs due to hatch on the day of the race. She is a Karel Boeckx cross Joe Dorning Lambrecht and has previously been 1st from Caranten and 2nd from Fougeres in the Milnthorpe club. The dam of this bird was 1th section 75th open MNFC from 8903 birds and the dams sister was 1st section 178th open Fougeres from 8219 birds so the winning ways are certainly in the bloodlines.

Jim Sephton 2nd Sect O Fougeres

Mr Consistent Dave Travis once again made the result taking 3rd, 4th and 5th Section. Dave sent twenty to the race and so far has twelve back home with six birds on the result. Daves first bird was 1st section O last year from Signone being the only bird in the section in race time at 604 miles. His second and third pigeons also has previous with the second bird being 5th section from Cholet and the third bird being 3rd section Messac and 7th Section Cholet. All three birds are cocks and are Daves Cowood Southwell/Crowder/Invincible Spirit breed that has flown so well for him recently. Daves fourth and fifth pigeons were yearlings so a bit of hope there for the future for Dave.

Dave Travis 3rd 4th 5th Sect O Fougeres

Section P

Overall National winners Fagg & Nicholas would like to thank Kevin Foster for taking the trouble to verify their bird on the winning day.

GB16A00054 Fagg Nicholas

GB16A00054 Wing

GB16A00054 Eye



They were featured in the winners report and just in front of Micky Watts who took his second 2nd place in a National race in just two weekends. His hen is bred by Mark Evans of M & D. Evans and is a direct daughter from 2 x 1st National winners. Her sire is “Shadow’s Image” Bred by Mark Evans, raced by Micky Watts, winner of 1st Section 149 members/1,453 birds, 1st Open BICC National Tours 482 members. He is also father & grandfather to 1st 3,245 birds, 1st 2,122 birds, 1st 2,893 birds, 2nd 2,851 birds, 2nd 1,675 birds, 4th 1,098 birds, plus many club prizes. “Shadow’s Image” is a direct son from “Bob De Batt” - SUPER BREEDER, father to several winners including 3 x 1st National winners,. “Bob De Batt” was the last direct son from “Champion Shadow” when paired to his own granddaughter “Golden Black” Dam of Micky’s 2nd Open winner is “Lady Lucas” Bred by Mark Evans, raced by Micky Watts, winner of 1st NFC Nat. Old Hens Guernsey 2015 and then six days later won 2nd BICC Nat. Old Hens Guernsey when she dropped with the winner and was beaten on the trap. Almost winner of 2 x 1st Nat. wins in six days. She is a direct daughter from “Blue Excellence” x Mark’s No1. Breeding Hen at that time “National Carrie” She was sent sitting on 4 day old eggs and if you’ve taken time to read the breeding of this pigeon you cant help but agree that its destined to be a national winner!

Micky Watts 2nd Sect P Fougeres

In at 3rd section P and provisionally 6th Open is V Belcher & son. This is the late Vic Belcher and his son Tony, who is making a very good job of appearing in BICC and NFC leader boards in recent years. Tony timed a yearling Blue roundabout cock of Rudi de Sar x The Machine lines. Only a small pigeon but already showed some previous form when second bird from Falaise. Tony plans to send him to the next NFC race.

V Belcher Son 3rd Sect P Fougeres

At 4th section and provisionally 16th open is D Wilton & son which is Robbie and son Andrew, here’s what Andrew said “our timer is a yearling cock flown on the widowhood system it was his first Chanel race of the year. He is 50% our old Jansen line and 50% Heremans Ceusters. His sire is a son of a pigeon called Bobby Blue winner of 7x1sts 5x1st fed when racing and sire of our double London North Road Combine winner Double Up. The dam is 100% Heremans Ceusters and is a daughter of a direct son of Rossi we had at stock that was sire and grand sire of a lot of winners and top performers at club fed and combine level. Fifth were Gladwin Jarvis & Family.

4th Sect P Fougeres


Section Q

Team Luscombe & Wright had a great race in section Q winning 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th with a hen off a Son of Padfield's Invincible + Jelle Baby and her dam Stuart Wilcox bred Frans Zwol.

Lee Luscombe Sect Q Fougeres

Second was a blue cheq white flight cock being a double grandson of Padfield St.Vincent, third bird was out of a son of Padfield's Invincible and Daughter of Champion Kaysie, with the forth bird being a double granddaughter of Champion Jack.

Splitting them for third section was Mr A P Haydon from Bude.

Section W

D Jones,Woodfields of Wrexham won 1st, 2nd and 3rd Section W with Preece Bros & Son, Abertillery forth and J & P.Webber also of Abertillery in fifth place.


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