National Flying Club


Minutes of the Committee meeting held on Friday 1st December at the Hinckley Island Hotel, Hinkley, Leicesteshire.

Apologies received from Ken Hanby and Stan Dangerfield.

* The Chairman read out correspondence from Mr. D. Higgins, Secretary of the North East Region regarding Mr K. Haines and the Frome clock station. The Committee discussed the matter and it was agreed to forward all correspondence from the beginning of the case to the region Secretary.

* On the subject of transport costs, the Committee decided that a letter should be sent out to all members with the pluses and minuses of everything re the transport. Mr Long agreed to undertake this task.

* It was brought up that several members had heard rumours that J P Haulagewere quoting elsewhere for convoying at a much cheaper rate. This was proved to be wrong as the transporter firm were quoting for convoying using different lorries to our transporters.

* Ashby De-la-Zouch marking station was to be given one more year, as they could not be judged over this past year with all its difficulties.

* The meeting was informed that new-style blazer badges had been ordered and would be ready in the New Year - possibly for Blackpool.

* Costs of running marking stations - this was discussed at length and as no agreement could be reached it was left on the table to be discussed at the February meeting.

* A lengthy discussion took place regarding the condition of birds returning from the Chale race and it was unanimously agreed to limit the number of birds per basket to 24. This still means we shall be able to convoy approximately8,500 birds by using both transporters.

 * Our convoying team for 2007 will be Chief Convoyer - Mr Geoff Allen,Deputy Convoyer - Mr Paul Bakewell, Reserve Convoyer - Mr Ian Anderson. The Chairman asked for avote of thanks to Mr Colin Bates for his many years service to The National Flying Club, which was carried.

* AGM postal vote was discussed and the results are as follows: Proposition 1 For 129 Against 359; Prop. 2For 193 Against 305; Prop.3 For 10 Against 477; Prop.4 For 305 Against 161, Carried; Prop. 5 For 155 Against 273; Prop. 6 For 147 Against 284; Prop. 7 For 298 Against 190, Carried; Prop. 8 For 156 Against 325; Prop. 9 For 170 Against 314; Prop. 10 For 117 Against 340; Prop. 11 For 241 Against 208, Carried; Prop. 12 For 94 Against 375; Prop. 13 For 287 Against 169, Carried; Prop. 14 For 148 Against 269; Prop. 15 For 160 Against 251; Prop. 16 For 448 Against 27, Carried;Prop. 17 For 334 Against 113, Carried; Prop. 18 For 223 Against 196, Carried; Prop. 19 For 148 Against 288; Prop. 20 For 148 Against 266; Prop. 21 For 113 Against 298.

This closed the meeting.

AGM Saturday 2nd December

All Officers re-elected. Two additional Life Vice-Presidents: Mr J R Sutton, Mr B Long. One new Vice-President: Mr M McGrevy. Committee members for 2007 as for 2006 with the exception of Mr G G Cooper who resigned from Section G. He is replaced by Mr W Morris. Mr P Bennett now represents Section B,MrE Kellyand Mr P Gilbert represent Section F, Mr B Leadbeater represents Section I.