18/07/20 - 02.06 Hrs.  Dear Members,  With the racepoint changing from Nort-sur-Erdre, to Messac, we have had to copy the race distances from Messac over onto the race entries marked in for Nort-sur-Erdre. (Overwritten Nort-sur-Erdre distances with Messac distances with Nort-sur-Erdre as the race point.)

Click HERE to view the 2020 Fougeres Final Result.





11/07/20 - If you have any queries re the marking stations, their procedures etc., please contact the marking station I/c.  For and from the second race, the following changes have occurred: -


1) Mark Steventon as your marking station on your entry. Steventon is now open. The details are: -


I/c Mr. & Mrs. A. & J. Webber. Tel. 01235 201605, Mobile 07989 713465

    Venue: - Milton United F.C., Potash Lane, Milton Heights, Steventon, Abingdon OX13 6AG. (01235 821228)

            Open from: - 11.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs.

** NOT IN USE - Denham United Ladies F.C., The Den, Oxford Road, Denham, Middlesex, UB9 4DW is closed and not in use!

Former I/c Joanne Currivan.  E-mail   Tel. No. 07919 032532


2) Ash at the Lion Brewery is still closed. Mark Ash as your marking station on your entry. The new venue is: -

Perrywood Sports Club, Honeycrock Lane, Salford’s, Surrey, RH1 5JP

I/c Neil Steptoe. E-mail:   Tel. No. 07709 500316


3) Alveley is open 10.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs. (One hour earlier!)


4) KINGSTEIGNTON: - I/c Mr. P. Pym. Tel. 07710 502482 / Mr. A. Mabin. Tel. 01364 644126   Venue 01626 331234          

New Opening times from: - 12.00 hrs to 15.00 hrs. (Opens four hours earlier and closes three hours earlier!)



Attention All Members!

Once again the National Flying Club are leading the way in providing members with the GPS location of the National Flying Club Transporters leading up to Race Day.


The Race Menu options can be found here where you can see the location maps for each transporter in a variety of formats.


The GPS devices are turned off at present but will be utilised for the second race, do come back soon to get involved in the pre race action!


Best Wishes


NFC Secretary

Southampton Marking Station

Based on the latest protocols and information available this is an update for those intending to enter the NFC races and have their birds race marked at the Southampton Marking Station. 

Race dates.

4th July, Fougeres, Basket on Thursday 2nd July

18th July, Norte Sur Erde, Basket on Thursday 16th July

31st July, Pau (Friday), Basket on Tuesday 28th July

15th August, Fougeres, Basket on Thursday 13th August

5th September, Coutances YB & OH, Basket on Thursday 3rd September

At present the normal marking location at Sarisbury Green Social Club is not available due to the government restrictions. Although we are hoping that this will change in time for some National Racing, after going through several hoops and up many blind alleys we have managed to find an excellent alternative which we shall use for the first National Race from Fougeres. This will be at the Portchester Football Club, Wicor Recreation Ground.

We are making this decision now in order to give everybody intending to use the Southampton marking station plenty of notice of the new location rather than the confusion of not knowing where to go.

The NFC Marking Station for Southampton on 2nd July for the Fougeres Race will be, Portchester Football Club, Wicor Recreation Ground, Cranleigh Road, Portchester, PO16 9DP. If you use a “Sat Nav”, it is best to enter “Wicor Recreation Ground” as your destination. For some reason, using the post code gets you close but not the exact location, but getting there is in fact quite straight forward. If you are approaching on the M27, take Exit 11 for Fareham Central, keeping left if coming from the East and around to the right if travelling from the West. As you leave or cross over the Motorway, keep left and follow signs for A27 and Portchester. At the 2nd Roundabout along the A27 go around to the right into Cornerway Lane with the Seagull Pub on the corner, after quarter of a mile turn right onto Cranleigh Road and although it is a bit bendy, follow it to the end and the football club is on the right. We hope that we will get some signs made up to help guide people in.

At the time of writing these notes the RPRA Race Marking Protocol will require a few changes to our normal race procedure for safety reasons. The race markers will collect your birds from your car along with your ETS clock if used and will return it to you in your car. This will make the procedure more labour intensive and take longer. With this in mind we will start earlier and it will be necessary for people to form an orderly queue in the car park and also to arrive in sequence NOT on a first come first served bases. You will be given a time slot in which you must turn up with your birds. For this reason it is important that each entrant clearly adds a current contact number to their entry form in order to be informed of the arrival time.

This season the marking fee a minimum of £2.00 which has previously been included on the entry form has to be paid directly at the marking station. We are not sure how this will work at present but it is required to help subsidise the marking station costs.

Good luck to you all, Stay safe

Bill Edwards, I/c.


Kingsteignton Marking Station

New Marking Times are: - 13.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs.

Paul Pym, I/c.