With the brilliant news yesterday from the RPRA., the National Flying Club will revert back to its original race program in the handbook.

With the clubs first race from Fougeres being close to the opening up of racing from France, it may fall into being cancelled, if not opened in good time. Enter the first race as normal, we will know by Friday if definitely on. We will make a statement on Fri 14th May / Sat 15th May to confirm whether its on or off. If cancelled, entry payments on line and by cheque will be refunded or carried on to the next race, in compliance with each members wish.

The race program is: - Race 1 Fougeres - Sat 22nd May; Race 2 Messac - Sat 5th June; Race 3 Nort-Sur-Erdre - Sat 19th June; Race 4 Pau Grand National - Fri 2nd July; Race 5 Sigogne - Sat 24th July; Race 6 & 7 Coutances YB & OH - Sat 4th September: