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COVOD-19 Announcement 11th May 2020

Considering the uncertainty of when the restrictions preventing us from racing our pigeons will be lifted, the Committee of the National Flying Club have decided that we will hold our first National race one month after the Royal Pigeon Racing Association allowed us to train and race our pigeons. Our thinking is that we envisage most federations will begin their race programme one or two weeks after the all clear has been given to allow for a period of road training, which will ensure fitness in our birds before the competitive season begins, and after one or two of these federation races our birds should be ready to compete in a National. As we all know, his is a far from ideal situation but careful consideration has been given to allow us to decide to either join the existing race program from the second race or a decision will be made along those lines as the situation unfolds.

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Dear Members,

The positions of your Secretaries have been closed temporarily due to Corona Virus restrictions, (placed on furlough).  The length of this furlough is, until matters are lifted re Corona Virus. (A furlough is a short term temporary leave of abscence.) 

The office of the National Flying Club is now closed.  Should any member have a query, please contact your local committee member whose contact details are within your membership handbook.

If you require rings, please order direct from the RPRA, the webshop ring purchase options have been disabled. Those members whom haven't paid their subscriptions yet, being in breach of general rule 4, can still do so via the webshop.

We wish you all, to keep safe and well.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. S. & Mrs. K. Barkel, Secretaries 

Cancellations due to Corona Virus

Due to the legiuslation from our Government, the NHS and the RPRA,

1) The management committee meeting due to be held on the 8th April, has been cancelled.

2) The first race scheduled to be liberated from Fougeres on the 23rd May, has been cancelled.

The health and safety of our members is our top priority. During this challenging time, we will take all neccessary precautions to ensure this. We will monitor the situation and will update this site when further news becomes available.

Corona Virus Info 3

RPRA STATEMENT: - "The following content has been agreed by members of the Confederation including RPRA, NEHU, SHU, WHU but excluding the IHU. As of 23rd March the UK government brought in further restrictions to limit the spread and impact of the coronavirus. As a direct result pigeon racing will be suspended until at least 23rd May 2020 The RPRA and other Unions will continue to monitor the situation.Updates will be published when available. Furthermore, the following applies to all members: Training of pigeons is classed as non-essential travel and is therefore strictly prohibited. Ian Evans CEO.

Corona Virus Info 2

RPRA Statement - Advice for all members: - "As of 23rd March the government brought in further restrictions to limit the spread and impact of the coronavirus pandemic. We understand that many members will be very worried about how to care for their pigeons especially if you keep them at a location away from home. Some key points to consider: Attending to the basic needs of your pigeons should be considered as ‘essential’, such travel is allowed – but you still need to comply with all of the latest government guidance. Further advice: Be prepared. Planning ahead is essential and you should have alternative arrangements ready in case you are unable to attend to your pigeons for any reason. The most important scenario to plan for is how your pigeons will be cared for if you become ill – ensure you have arrangements with your friends, family or fellow fanciers to be able to look after your pigeons in your absence. Q&A: I am self-isolating, but I feel OK. Can I go to my pigeons as normal? If you develop any kind of symptoms such as a raised temperature or persistent cough, current government guidance is that you should self-isolate for a minimum of seven days. Any pigeons kept away from home will have to be looked after by someone else for your period of self-isolation. Try to ensure that you always have enough food to last a fortnight at the loft. I have been diagnosed with Covid-19. What should I do ? If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19, the government guidance is that you must not leave your house, unless you are being moved to a hospital. So, someone else will need to look after your pigeons until you have recovered. You must not be tempted to continue looking after your pigeons until after you have recovered. Ian Evans CEO"

2020 Season Auction Sale

National Flying Club auction sale as per page 52 of the 2020 season membership handbook is live. Check it out via the following link: -

Corona Virus Info

Corona Virus (Covid 19) Infection - Latest Information

The government has changed its advice on self-isolation moving from a travel based to symptom based rational. 

All members should be aware of the new Stay at Home Guidance which can be found here.

Direct address link: -

The government has moved to the delay phase of their action plane. Overall current guidance from the government can be found here: -

At this moment, the National Flying Club are monitoring the situation.

RPRA Statement: - Since the Governments latest announcement and guidance released yesterday afternoon there have been conversations ongoing in relation to a proposed delay to the start of Racing. You will be aware that the Governments guidance included avoiding pubs, clubs and other community gatherings. Race marking etc are classed as a community gathering. I can now confirm that the decision has been taken to suspend all racing until 25th April 2020. While no one wants to see racing postponed I am sure everyone will realise and accept that this decision has been taken in the interest of all our members and the wider community. All liberations booked prior to the 25th April 2020 will be cancelled and the liberation sites informed of this decision. We hope that racing will commence on 25th April. However, this is very much dependent on developments, advice and guidance available at the time. In addition clubs and organisations should consider cancelling meetings, sales and any other gathering. Where possible all racing organisations will be informed of the above steps via email and also given further information in relation to the requirements to submit updated amended race programmes. Ian Evans CEO

We appreciate that these are unprecedented times for us all. We will endeavour to continue to share relevant and appropiate information and guidance as soon as practicle. Please stay safe and healthy.


2020 Season Race Distance Upload

The general memberships race distances have now, for the 2020 season, been uploaded to this site. Ensure you have logged in to check out your distances especially for the clubs new race points, Pau (Int) and Nort-sur-Erdre! Click on, 'Members Area', then, 'My Race Distances'.

Transporters / Trailers Servicing for the 2020 season

The National Flying Club trailers have been sent back to the manufactures for a full service.  They have been

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Next Management Committee Meeting

The next management committee meeting is scheduled to be held on 

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Current 2020 race program and future race dates

Current Race Programme and Race Dates

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Booth & Roper 2019 Average Winners Article

Read the latest article on the 2019 Average winners Booth & Roper

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2019 Champion of Champions article

Read the article on R. Stokes & Sons, winners of the 2019 Champion of Champions competition: - 

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2020 Race Program

After the 2020 Handbooks had been printed and sent out, the NFC were notified that the 3rd race scheduled to be liberated from Tours wasn't available.  After the management committee were notified and have had a vote, it has been decided that the National Flying Club 3rd race will be liberated from Nort-sur-Erdre

Champion of Champions Result 2019

Take a look at this year's Champion of Champions Result. Please note this has changed since the original announcement as a result of an error in the original calculation. 

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Champion of Champions Result 2019

Take a look at this year's Champion of Champions Result. Please note this has changed since the original announcement as a result of an error in the original calculation. 

NFC Code Name Town  Score  Qual Races
S377J R Stokes & Son Cleobury Mortimer    52.82994 4
B408J Booth & Roper Tewkesbury    67.72721 5
S327L J R Sutton Congleton    67.73242 4
W470J M Williams Hereford    77.23378 4
W748G Stuart Wilcox Bristol    81.10065 5
T292G Chris Templar Bristol    82.47243 4
H808J M Hughes Market Drayton    98.62992 4
J194J A Jones Stourbridge  109.03134 4
B955E Gary Bentley Leighton Buzzard  120.97384 4
G271B Mr & Mrs M S Gower Nr Fordingbridge  127.45323 5
K006F Mr & Mrs P Kenny & Family Wantage  132.58359 4
S863W Mark Sparey Abertillery  133.69403 5
H824G Daniel Hocking Bridgwater  139.84200 4
O105J J & B.Oakley Whitchurch  154.44767 4
H699C Mr & Mrs.Hodges Templecombe  177.12607 4
W755I S. Walton Solihull  178.70649 4
W750K J R Woods Barnsley  183.35119 4
F269K Mr & Mrs W Foulstone Worksop  186.87832 4
G144J C Gough Shrewsbury  188.15694 4
M626A D & D McFadden Cranleigh  205.45602 4
D120I T J Durows Birmingham  205.64443 4
B478B C Bartlett Salisbury  207.15621 4
W006E Mr & Mrs P J Wells Dunstable  214.35201 5
G415K L & S. Gash Mansfield  214.49665 4
S033L R & B Smith Warrington  216.15646 4
S701B Barrie Smith Winchester  222.39334 4
C172J G Clift Tirley  223.02177 5
S867G D & J Staddon Ditcheat  237.68176 5
S627J Mr & Mrs A Shore Crewe  241.31525 4
B944E Steven Buckle Northwood  244.63879 5
O104K G.Oliver & Son Leeds  244.68799 5
M078P B McAllister Nr Buntingford  253.12604 4
N007G C M Nelmes Bristol  268.51814 4
L733W K Lloyd & S Bagnall Nr Wrexham  284.05825 4
H298K A Holland Shipley  284.91175 4
L249J Mr & Mrs Gwyn Lloyd Hereford  290.57568 4
M200G S Moseley Bristol  294.31908 4
M597J Chambers Family Cannock  296.47903 4
P395F J & P Parker Reading  298.33248 4
I022E G Inkley Uxbridge  306.14640 4
S040C M R Staddon Crewkerne  313.11789 4
P469K Pearson & Dransfield Barnsley  315.09443 4
M124L Mellor Brothers Crewe  315.88091 4
K168G Mr & Mrs R Kerr Gloucester  317.98191 5
M266B E Mellis Portsmouth  319.02433 5
S869G B.Simmons Paulton   321.53667 4
P478I R.J.Perrott & Son Birmingham  325.95100 4
S679C Neville & Diana Spracklen Dorchester  331.77060 5
L364B K & S.Legg & Sons Portsmouth  336.52569 4
H201C Mr J P Halstead Nr Gillingham  346.57880 4
L276L B P Lee Congleton  351.17135 5
S533F Ven Segesdy Didcot  353.08111 4
Q006F F J Quinn Devizes  354.07005 5
H410G C & J Howse Devizes  360.33301 4
G064K C Gordon Pontefract  374.34853 4
F161L Mr & Mrs B Fisher & Son Todmorden  382.96673 4
B156L G Bowyer Congleton  387.83138 4
B923H John Black Hitchin  397.20065 4
W719A Mr & Mrs Brian Wall Havant  407.93592 4
H793A Alan Holdaway Emsworth  420.43250 5
B077D G Buck Plymouth  423.62717 4
L076I T R Lowndes Fenny Bentley  433.21220 4
C425C Mr & Mrs L Cowley Dorchester  435.72063 4
G019E M Gilbert Winkfield  440.90008 4
Z006B K & J Zerafa Portsmouth  447.75663 5
P032B P Priddle Southampton  454.14075 5
D368E Mr & Mrs M Dickinson & Sons Hemel Hempstead  457.66315 4
M015D Mr & Mrs A Mabin Totnes  465.18896 4
P480L Mr K.C.Powell Crewe  465.62386 4
F266K J Finlay Leeds  473.17754 4
D366B J & M. Drain Fareham  475.59302 5
H810D A W Harwood Sidmouth  476.05566 4
H060G G D Hancock Devizes  476.73269 4
C715G Miroslaw Chwedoruk Martock  479.08137 4
S755P M.Sontag & Son Harlow  507.08561 5
H768K S Harrison & Son Bradford  510.42691 4
B911B Mr Elvin Booth Gosport  521.06196 4
G121D R Goodier & Sons Marsh Green  534.79818 4
L160D T Luscombe Plymouth  548.89175 4
R498B Guy Reed Shanklin…..  556.63159 4
O046C G Owers Wareham  568.13884 4
S724D K Smith Exeter  572.10972 4
W792P Trevor & Adrian Wilson Manuden  572.87890 4
H273E R Hammond Guildford  573.21354 4
M414E A G Muir Dorking  580.90042 4
M623N Robert McKie Newcastle upon Tyne  591.98180 4
S658H T E & J Stygall Norwich  593.27827 4
M126A M P Morter Midhurst  597.33171 4
H274E Mr & Mrs K Hine Hayes  601.51177 4
D128K B Denney York  643.21304 4
H794B A J Hounsell Portsmouth  656.43704 4
K153C M A & S C King Blandford Forum  663.30712 4
E141B Colin Edwards Romsey  669.89242 4
L406Q Lee Luscombe & Mr & Mrs.S.Wright St.Austell  674.81457 4
G395F P Gilbert Chilton  690.89619 4
C676D Simon Cordery Sidmouth  692.54749 4
R170D E Reilly, Parr & Son Barnstaple  702.00021 4
A150B T & L Austin Portsmouth  742.14267 4
W749D C Williams Plymouth  757.00138 4
W753Q A.J.Waldock St.Austell  770.75449 4
F276Q Keith Frost St. Austell  771.77081 4
B907N B Blackett & Son Bishop Auckland  851.31871 4
L217D Lee & Dyer Plymouth  890.71435 4