To further clarify the situation regarding our racing from France; The RPRA who has been working hard on our behalf has had to get agreements from various Government Agencies in order for us to proceed with our 2021 race program. These include UK Government Covid Restrictions, the DEFRA Bird Flu Restrictions and the entry conditions required by the European Union to be able to reach the race point unhindered. Of the three hurdles mentioned, two have been successfully achieved with statements having been published to give instructions for Covid Restrictions at marking stations and with regards to Bird Flu, DEFRA will now allow racing from France, BUT the entry into France is policed by the French Border Force which, although we have an agreement in principle, this documentation has not yet filtered down to the French Border Control at the ports. The statement from the RPRA this morning has strongly advised against channel racing until they are fully satisfied that our pigeons can reach the intended racepoints unhindered.

The contact for the RPRA in the EU is currently working hard to link up information flow to the French Border Force and it is expected to be complete in the near future. For the time being we shall revert the first being from Messac on the 5th June, in the expectation that all will be complete by then. Our Chairman Mr Paul Naum has been working hard making arrangements, only to have to make re-arrangements with this very fluid situation and he advises that if we cannot go to Messac on the 5th June, we have everything in place to race from Guernsey as a last resort.


From: RPRA <>;
Sent: 14 May 2021 14:48
To: Secretary National Flying Club:

Following a number of enquiries we wish to clarify the position in relation to Channel Racing and the statements issued earlier today, (See below). The statements relate to two different issues, as follows; 1. Animal Health Law and entry through customs into France 2. Avian Influenza Restrictions relating to racing from the Continent Each statement addresses each issue separately. They highlight that: 1. That the customs requirements/processes in terms of transporting pigeons into France are not yet clarified. 2. The Avian Influenza restrictions have been lifted. Ian Evans CEO



From: RPRA <>;
Sent: 14 May 2021 12:31
To: Secretary National Flying Club:

As of the 15th May the restrictions relating to Avian Influenza and Channel racing are lifted. The following is taken from the DEFRA website 'All poultry and bird gatherings, including pigeon gatherings organised for races from mainland Europe, will also be permitted, provided organisers notify the Animal and Plant Health Agency at least seven days before the event takes place and that they comply with the provisions of the new General Licence'. Ian Evans CEO


From: RPRA <>;
Sent: 14 May 2021 11:13
To: Secretary National Flying Club:
Subject: CHANNEL RACING UPDATE - Animal Health Law

Within our previous update we outlined the importance that the EU position was communicated to the relevant members states and the relevant custom authorities. The current position is that there is still not an agreed process to allow the smooth entry into France. We are working with DEFRA and a contact in France, who in turn is working with the French Customs in an attempt to reach a position where all sides are aware of the required paperwork and process to facilitate entry. In the interest of the pigeons welfare; Until this process has been agreed we would advise against any organisation trying to enter France with pigeons, for the purpose of racing. There remains a real possibility that entry would be refused. We will provide an update as soon as the position is clarified. We will publish an update regarding the Avian Influenza issues on Monday 17th May Ian Evans CEO