In the last article I highlighted Andy Holland’s terrific ‘453’ that has flown in excess of 5000 miles with the NFC with distinction. I have since heard from a friend of his, Paul Corley, that ‘453’ remains in Andy’s race team with view to another crack at the Grand National and a Certificate of Merit. Good luck Andy, keep us posted!

I thought this next article would be a useful follow-up, so as to give full credit to all 15 pigeons that have flown in excess of 5000 miles with the NFC. Here’s the roll of honour:-

5000 milers table

Top of the shop with 6449 flown miles at an average velocity of almost 995ypm is Freelands Gem, raced by Bill and Beryl Lewis. This pigeon is an absolute legend in the truest sense, with 6 * Grand National performances where he was never worse than 88th Open, scored 2 * Section wins and was never worse than 4th Section. I think you can trawl through long distance pigeon performances all around the globe and very few will match or better this pigeon.

Freelands Gem race records

Freelands Gem

To all the listed Fanciers, if you want me to email you a report (the same format as for Freelands Gem) just let me know and I’ll send it to you (FOC of course). I’ll also speak with the NFC hierarchy and see if they’ll support a Special Diploma Award for these 5000 milers, I think they richly deserve it?

That’s all for now.

Paul O’Leary
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