Joint Announcement 

Great news, it is really happening!! The NFC, BICC, CSCFC and the BBC have agreed to join forces in a joint venture to provide our members with a great race from St Philbert  Saturday 2nd July 2022.

The race will replace the BICC’s second planned race at Poitiers and the NFC’s first planned race at Messac.  The current BICC arrangement with the BBC and CSCFC will still apply and their members wishing to race south will be able to compete, creating a truly fantastic UK wide national race.

All organisations will produce their own result and the RPRA will sponsor this race through their National Masters initiative compiling a single ALL NATIONAL result (more details to follow).

The birds will be convoyed together and race marking will be a combined effort with the NFC managing the northern marking stations and the BICC the southern marking stations with four marking stations at Sheffield, Congleton, Steventon and Southampton (BICC). 

Due to the improved economy of scale birdage will be £4:00 per bird with no additional surcharges applied for this race.

Members are reminded that to compete in this race you will need to comply fully with the new channel racing regulations and will not be permitted to enter if your loft is located within an avian influenza restriction zone.

You will need: 

1 Your Racing Pigeon Establishment Registration Form with CPH Number

2 Your signed and dated Racing Pigeon Operator Declaration 

3 Your veterinary registration confirmation 

4 Your vaccination certificates.

If you have not yet applied for your CPH number or registered with a vet, you still have time to do so.  

More details to follow in the next few days with many sponsors providing special prizes over many areas in the country and until then, have a great weekend and start your preparations.