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Sent: 15 April 2021 14:40
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Subject: Prince Philip, Duke on Edinburgh Tribute

Hi Everyone we are trying to organise a mass pigeon release from every city in the UK on Saturday at 12 noon. I am getting a lot of calls re news agency including ITV and BBC wanting to come and film at locations this Saturday as we are trying to get all city covered. After our social media posts we have only had 13 people come forward so I am asking you if you could please suggest people who would be will int to let 10 pigeons go in their area from the list below. The individual can chose where they liberate the pigeons as long as it is at 12 noon. Each lib must only contain birds from the same loft due to the restrictions of avian flu at the moment. It looks like we will have ITV and the BBC covering this at 12 so we really do need the support from our members and it will be a good opportunity to have air time and share with the world what we are facing at the moment with regards to Avian Flu & EU regulations. If you could either arrange for the city to be covered and let me know the name contact number and location, or if you could forward me the name and number of people you think would be able to help along with the city they would be suitable for then we can really get this going as its starting to spiral with the press. Thank you as always for your support and any problems please give me a call and here is the list of cities we still need covering: Aberdeen - Armagh - Bangor - Belfast - Birmingham - Bradford - Brecon - Canterbury - Cardiff - Carlisle - Chelmsford - Chester - Chichester - Clogher - Coventry - Derby - Downpatrick - Dromore - Dundee - Edinburgh - Enniskillen - Exeter - Hereford - Liverpool - London - Londonderry - Millport - Newport - Norwich City - Oban - Oxford - Peterborough - Portsmouth - Ripon - Rochester - Sheffield - Southwark - Southwell - St. Albans - St. Asaph - St. Davids - Truro - Wakefield - Wells - Winchester - Worcester - York - Richard Chambers 07922 827932