This news flash brings a much brighter and optimistic message from the National Flying Club regarding the 2021 Grand National. The hope is that a route to San Sabastian has been found and after many hours of negotiation there is a quiet assurance that the NFC Grand National could take place from San Sabastian on the 31st of July. Obviously, as you can tell with the tone of my writing, nothing has been set in stonebut as a Committee we think it is best to let the members know to allow them to prepare their candidates. As you all know in the current situation there are no guarantees but the move to the end of July will give us around seven weeks of preparation and if in the meantime we are allowed to go into France, the Grand Nation will revert to Pau, also on the 31stJuly. Any organisation who would wish to join in this race as a joint liberation are welcome to contact the Chairman, Mr Paul Naum.

NFC Press Officer Chris Sutton