It is with deep regret that we must inform the membership that the leading pigeon on the provisional result for the NFC Tarbes Grand National has been disqualified under Racing Rule 26

“All members competing in the National Flying Club races must verify the time of clocking their first bird via the online verification system on the official club website, or by ringing the official telephone number within 60 minutes up to and including the second day from liberation, and when timed in from the third day of liberation within 12 hours with the full ring number of the bird, clocking time and NFC code number.” This rule carries underneath in red text a Management Committee statement of intent- “Failure to comply with this rule will be disqualification of the members birds from the race” This rule is a clear instruction known to all and apart from the added race security it implies, we have a duty of care towards our birds upon the return from a race. Members using Electronic Timing Systems must be aware that their birds can record their arrival if the traps are left open and make provisions accordingly.