NFC convoy were liberated at Tarbes at 16:00 hours under broken cloud and blue skies. Weather through France almost clear blue skies all the way to the northern French coastline. Winds at the race point and across France light N/W averaging 7 mph. Visibility very good. Temperatures on route averaging 25C
The forecast for Sunday morning at 06:00 hours. Weather generally broken cloud and sunshine over the channel with visibility about 11 miles. Winds S/W averaging 15 mph. A weather front will affect the Midlands and some central regions carrying some light showery activity. Temperatures inland averaging 20C to 24C by mid morning. Thanks to Steve Appleby our weather consultant. Wishing everyone a good race. Steve White Race Advisor, Phil Leech Chief Convoyer.



 Sat 23/7 @ 15.02 hrs. Our Chief Convoyer, Phil Leech, reports the site is still in cloud cover and he is not happy with the sky. We will give it as late as possible before making a decision.

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WhatsApp Image 2022 07 23 at 3.03.05 PM



WhatsApp Image 2022 07 23 at 7.17.37 AM


Sat 23/7 @ 06.02 hrs.  Tarbes is still in full cloud cover, there will be no early liberation. We have looked at various satellite forecast and hopefully we will see this lifting early this afternoon. We will update this information again later today. Steve White Race Advisor.

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Fri 22/7 @ 14.27 hrs. Unfortunately the birds at Tarbes have been held over. The racepoint is in a full cloud cover spanning northwards around 100 miles coming in from the Bay Of Biscay. We will review again tomorrow morning. Steve White Race Advisor, Phil Leech Chief Convoyer.


WhatsApp Image 2022 07 22 at 3.35.04 PM WhatsApp Image 2022 07 22 at 3.35.16 PMWhatsApp Image 2022 07 22 at 3.35.28 PMWhatsApp Image 2022 07 22 at 3.35.40 PM



Fri 22/7 @ 13.01 hrs: We have full cloud cover at the racepoint. We will continue to monitor this in the next few hours. Steve White, Race Advisor.

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Fri 22/7: There will be no liberation from Tarbes this morning due to a wide band of thunderery rain moving in westerly through central France and Brittany this afternoon and this evening. We will review again this afternoon.
Steve White Race Advisor, Phil Leech Chief Convoyer.


Birds at Tarbes liberation point, relaxing.


Birds being fed and watered at Caen, Bordeaux services and Tarbes.



Thurs 21/7 @ 12:07 hrs.  When our convoy arrived at Pau early this morning, the liberation spot was under construction / being dug up and our transporter could not get onto the liberation site.

After contacting the site agent and the RPRA and after getting permission / a new permit etc, the convoy is currently moving / moved to the closest liberation site available which is Tarbes.

Tarbes race distances have been got and will be copied onto the Pau Int race this afternoon.  We wish you/those competing, the best of luck in the Grand National now from Tarbes.