Liberation Report Coutances YB/OH 2019

The Coutances 2018 Young Bird & Old Hens will be liberated at 8:00 am in a light Easterly wind, of approximately 5 miles per hour, in gloriously clear & bright Normandy French sunshine.

Winds for the 2,546 Young Birds & 866 Old Hens will be variable from East to South-East, along the French leg of the racing route, with a strength of 6 to 15 miles per hour, with the latter being in the channel but otherwise, they should experience a good clean run home to Blighty.

Once on UK home shores, the 3,412 birds will experience light winds that will be South-East to South for most fanciers and around a maximum of around 10 miles per hour, with some rain on the West Coasts from 8 am.

So, in general, our weather should be race friendly, UNLIKE our local British traffic, unfortunately, as there will be 111 United Kingdom liberations by various pigeon organizations, as reported, & under the control of the RPRA, as can be seen on their website.

Best of luck and happy exciting racing to everyone in the National Flying Club for this, our last race venue for this season.

End of season thanks on behalf of myself & the Convoying Team, Trevor, Barry, Richard and Bob, I would like to thank all the Members for their valued participation and hope you were satisfied with an overall successful race season without any holdovers and allowing the birds to get down and do their best racing available to our British fanciers, in what proved to be an extreme year to deal with due to weather, communicational microwave transmissions and solar flare activities, to mention only three.

On a personal note from myself, wherever this pigeon racing story takes you, however dark and difficult the season's theme seemed to be at times, there is always some hope and redemption. Stay positive and happy to go on & breed better birds for the next season. Work hard at being a better fancier and don't give up hope of winning those National Flying Club titles. Be open to constructive criticism and keep an open mind to learn more in these modern times. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people that will help and encourage your pigeon racing to future success.

Thank you & All the best.

Paul Hill

2018 Race Controller