Before I begin my section report for the National Flying Club first race from Sennen Cove, I would like to say that although most members are lamenting the lack of channel racing this season, the real casualties in this terrible situation are in Section Q. Those members in Cornwall have not entered their birds to race in the National Flying Club from Sennen Cove due to the short distances involved. They have paid their membership fees just the same as everyone else and I respect them tremendously for accepting the democratic decision to race from their back door, in order for the rest of us to take part in a National race. The Committee appreciate it has not been ideal and truly hope that we can see their names on the race results from Guernsey in the near future, with the hope that our Channel racing can resume as soon as possible, for the enjoyment of all our members.

Section A

Four of the first five positions in the section went to the winning loft of Darren & Josh May

A1st Sect A NFC Sennen Cove


ADarren & Josh May 1st Sect A Sennen Cove

with Fred Hall in Worthing splitting them in second place with a two year old widowhood cock of Jackson & Andrew x Syndicate lofts breeding, which is a previous a winner of 1st Coutances Premier 100 club and a consistent pigeon scoring in the Brighton & Worthing 5-bird club.

AFred Hall 2nd Sect A Sennen Cove

I had asked Darren to send me a full and detailed report which he did as follows; “Firstly, we would like to say a big well done to all of the winners. We race under Mr & Mrs May & Son, also know as May Pigeons Racing and Breeding Centre. We are the partnership of Darren, Sarah and Josh May. We had an absolutely fantastic race with great returns and a fantastic team performance. All of our team were raced on roundabout widowhood and were only given 1 race prior to this race. Our 1st Section A winner, now named “Speed Demon” is a direct son of “Broer Gebroken” x “Maisie”. “Speed Demon” is winner of 1st Section A NFC, 6th Federation 1362 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap) and 20th Open NFC.

“Broer Gebroken” is a grandson of the famous “Pitbull”. “Broer Gebroken” is winner of 4th Federation 878 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap) and is sire to 1st Section A NFC, 20th Open NFC, 4thFederation 1816 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 6th Federation 1362 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 11th Federation 1362 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap).

“Maisie” is a granddaughter of May Pigeons super breeder “Last Pitbull”, who is a son of the famous “Pitbull”. “Maisie” is winner of 3rd Federation 558 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 3rd SE Section CSCFC, 4th Section A NFC, 12thFederation 1300 birds, 40th Open NFC. "Maisie” is dam to 1st Section A NFC, 20th Open NFC, 4th Federation 1816 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 6th Federation 1362 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 11thFederation 1362 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap). Our 3rd Section A winner is a direct daughter of “Olympic Sarah’s Jul” x a daughter of super breeders “Last Pitbull” x “Lady Tornado” This hen is now winner of 3rd Section A NFC, 10th Combine 2020, 10th Federation 1577 birds and 39th Open NFC. “Olympic Sarah’s Jul” is winner of: 2nd Olympiad UK 2018/19, 1st Federation 1360 birds, 1stFederation 747 birds, 1st Federation 562 birds, 1st Federation 650 birds, 3rd Federation 1212 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 6thFederation 844 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 8th Federation 897 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap). “Olympic Sarah’s Jul” is sire to winners of: 1stFederation 632 birds, 1st Federation 318 birds, 2nd Federation 1955 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 3rd Section A NFC, 3rd Federation 1955 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 4thFederation 1783 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 4th Federation 314 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 4th Federation 602 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 39th Open NFC. Our 4th Section A winner is “Maisie” who is the dam to our 1st Section A winner “Speed Demon” in this same race. She is bred by our partnership loft, Yves De Wit of Mechelen, Belgium. “Maisie” is a granddaughter of May Pigeons super breeder “Last Pitbull”, who is a son of the famous “Pitbull”. “Maisie” is winner of 3rd Federation 558 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 3rd SE Section CSCFC, 4th Section A NFC, 12thFederation 1300 birds, 40th Open NFC. "Maisie” is dam to 1st Section A NFC, 20th Open NFC, 4th Federation 1816 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 6th Federation 1362 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap), 11thFederation 1362 birds (Beaten by loft mates on the trap). Our 5th Section A winner is bred by our partnership loft, Yves De Wit of Mechelen, Belgium. She is a direct daughter of “Kleine Witte” x “Het Super”, “Kleine Witte” is an inbred grandson of the world famous “Pitbull”.

“Het Super” is a direct daughter of “Kleine 454” who is fenomenal breeder and seen in many winning sprint lines all over the world. “Het Super” is responsible for many winners for Yves De Wit, ourselves and others.

Section B

Bill Edwards kindly sent me the following report: Taking premier position in Section B is a new name to many, Steve Hale from Havant.

B1st Sect B NFC Sennen Cove

Steve has been around pigeons for several years but only started back racing on his own last year with youngsters off local fanciers and good friends, Nigel Easton and Jason Bowen.

BSteve HAle 1st Sect B NFC Sennen Cove


The Ch cock that has won the section is a Nigel Easton yearling. Nigel told Steve that they are fast pigeons that he brought in directly from Belgium a few years ago but Nigel has no interest in flying South. He re-kindled Steve’s interest after a 20 year break and he set out to prove to him that his birds can also win on the South route and he just hopes that we can get back to racing from across the water soon. Steve has named his pigeon, “Joanne’s Lad” after he lost his sister to Cancer a few years ago at a young age and this win is dedicated to her, God Bless

Second section is the ever consistent Mark Drackett also from Havant, who would like to congratulate all the winners.

B2nd Sect B Mark Drackett NFC Sennen Cove

Mark’s prize winner is a very consistent two year old widowhood cock that is always there or there about and is bred down from his old family of Jansen’s which he purchased from Brian Keegan of Hollywood lofts many years ago. Third was Jason Ross who is no stranger to the prizes and he said; Firstly I would like to congratulate all the winners, especially fellow club member Steve Hale on winning section B only sending 4 birds.

BJason Ross 3rd Sect B NFC Sennen Cove

Also well done to the NFC team on finding a window to liberate which turned out to be a good decision. My 3rd section B winner is a Vandenabeele from my original family purchased at Tony Carter’s clearance sale. She was raced on roundabout. On writing this I have 23/25 and one reported in Cumbria. Fourth is the very successful Father and Son partnership of Kevin and John Zarafa who have enjoyed a brilliant start to the 2021 season, being in the top of the results in most of the big races. They would like to congratulate the overall winner and all the section winners. Their first bird, a two year old widowhood hen is a result of some joint breeding, the Sire being Steve Harris’s BICC Falaise winner and her Dam is Kev and John’s “Eastern Angel”, 1st Open NFC Fougeres winner 2017. Bred for the Job. Fifth place is Colin “Scrubbs” Harvey with a two year old roundabout hen bred by lifelong friend and former NFC President, Bill Harris of Elton.

B5th Sect B Mr & Mrs Harvey NFC Sennen Cove

The hen raced from across the channel last year and has had every race in the Premier 100 club this season. Her sire was from Richard Herron & Son of Sunderland and the Dam, from Paul Dalton of Liverpool.   

Section C

Winning section C Marg & Lawrence Cowley clocked one of Marg’s roundabout hens, a two year old  bred by Paul Dolan in St. Helens from his Top Dog family.

CMr & Mrs Cowley 1st Sect C NFC Sennen Cove

 She has always been a consistent hen, being second back in her two other West Country races.  She is a half sister to one of Marg’s other hens ’86 who is the dam of two fed winners and the fed gold ring winner, who was also 10th Section, 10th open on phone times in the BICC from Truro, 5400 birds.  All birds are fed Countrywide corn.  They are flying a team of 10 in all the West Country races, with the rest flying North. Lawrence said that without Marg’s help, they we would not be able to do what they do. “Thank you Marg”. In second and third place was Paul Stoodley with a three year old Lindeluf bred by himself followed by a Roland Janssen cock bird Yearling also bred by Paul out of his Massarella lines. 

CPaul Stoodley 2nd & 3rd Sect C NFC Sennen Cove

Mike Staddon in Crewkerne was fourth section with John Halstead in fifth place with a 2 year old Blue Kees Bosua widowhood cock having his third race.

CJohn Halstead 5th Sect C NFC Sennen Cove

This bird has really stepped up this season on his 2020 performances of 3rd club 13th Fed Yelverton 1156 birds and 2nd club Truro beaten by a loft mate. From Wadebridge  with the BBC in his first race of 2021 he was 13th Open from 1585 birds then a fortnight later was 333rd Open BICC Truro from 5345 birds. His Grandsire, who is responsible for several club, fed and section winners was provided by John Gerard and is from Sierra & Figo Star, whilst the Dam’s line is through the Crammond & Langstaff number one Kees Bosua pair.

Section D

Taking first and third in section D was Bob Brown in Efford who asked for another 500 miles to be added to his distance of 73 miles for Sennon Cove as he is locally renowned for his table top antics, when winning from the likes of Pau and Tarbes, so sorry Bob, the truth is out, you are a sprinter now.

DBob Brown 1st & 3rd Sect D NFC Sennen Cove

Bob has a small back yard set up and when Gill & John McClements visited him on one of the hottest days of the year so far, the loft was in full shade, birds were out flitting around, enjoying a typical relaxed Sunday morning. His 1st bird was a two year old hen bred by local fancier, Karl Page when Bob bought some YBs from Karl to inject a bit of speed into his team. She had flown a couple of inland races with Devon South Road Fed prior to Sennen Cove and flew the channel as far as Messac last year. His two year old hen taking third section is off a Stichelbaut from Nick Harvey's 2nd Open Palamos winner when  crossed with one of Bob's best breeding hens from Massarella. She had two NFC channel races last year and both hens were sent on the natural system, sitting eggs. The stock is paired up in February and racers in March, Bob does not race young birds at all but trains them up in twos from about 60 miles. Mr Brown plays an active role in the club, part of the transport committee, usually transports to the first race and rallies members round to help clean the crates, he is a real character in the club. Andrew Mabin was second section with his 2019 NFC Ace Pigeon which has been a really consistent bird with many top 10 section positions in the NFC from Sennen cove to Tarbes! Fourth was Mr H Franks in Tiverton with a Lambrecht grizzle hen bread by Tony Osborne in Birmingham. She has been a very good racer in the club and also from Messac and Nort-sur-Erdre 225 miles with NFC last year. Well done to Bobby brown for winning 1st section D. Fifth was Smith & Percival from Barnstaple and Neil Smith said he is grandson of  “The Gypsy” a Soontjen bred by Paul Stobbs. His dam is also a Soontjen again bred by Nigel Laycock which has bred him three club winners this year with one being a full sister to his fifth section winner.

Section E

Mark Gilbert in Windsor had an outstanding day taking the first six in the section and he said that For the second week running his section winner in national races was bred by his good friend Les Green.

EMark Gilbert & Nigel Langstaff first six Sect E NFC Sennen Cove

Les bred him 34 youngsters in 2019 and they have raced exceptionally well for him. In second and third position where some middle distance birds brought in for a racing with the fourth, fifth and sixth being from his own sprint family. Mark would like to say a big thank you to Les Green for the birds and his methods.  

Section F

First section F Sennen Cove 1 was Kieron Marcham with a threeyear old widowhood cock bred by Mr and Mrs D Beasley and L Oglesby out of stock they purchased from Brian Murray. The sire of this cock is of Jansen/ Koopmen lines and is grandson of Brian’s “Combine Cock and the dam is a Jansen based hen bred from one of Brian’s best breeding cocks “Bold Bertie”both parents have bred multiple national and open winners. This partnership breedsKieron roughly 10 youngsters a year to test alongside my own team of birds and they only send out the best,so it is a privilege for him to be able to race them on their behalf. Kieron has previously won 7th Open National Flying club from Messac with a pigeon bred by them aswell, so he has his fingers crossed for a 1st Open win in years to come. Well done Kieron.

Kieron Marcham 1st Sect F NFC Sennen Cove 1


Second and third was J. J. Schoeman from Andover. Fourth place went to David Clark in Reading and fifth was Steve Hughes from Swindon.

FSteve Hughes 5th Sect F NFC Sennen Cove

Section G

The Bristol lads in section G really had a great day taking the first 19 in the open result and 34 in the top 50. First section and the overall winner was Steve Moseley who was reported in in the winner’s article.

GB20N55575 Moseley

Second place was Mr & Mrs G & M Wile & S Lias who are another famous set of fanciers who fly out of the Hartcliffe in Bristol.

GGarth Wile and Steve Lias 2nd Sect G NFC Sennen Cove

Garth and son in law Steve are committed National and Classic fanciers and always tough to beat on fast races. There first pigeon they timed has a proper bit of Bristol Fashion about it. The sire is a son of Brian Milkins “Teds Lad” who won 1st Open NFC Cholet, Brian was a member of the Towers and inspired are club to compete the way we do. The dam was bred by Nigel Templar, top class national flyer and our landlord from his Gerrit Lahuis. Steve and Gareth enjoyed a fantastic race timing 4 early pigeons on 1463, 1451, 1441 and 1432. Their second pigeon on the clock was bred from a daughter of Stuart Wilcox “Specail K” a direct son of Koen Minderhoud’s Geeloger and Beau a daughter of the King of Rekkem from Frans Zwols. The sire was one of Brian Milkins favourite old stock cocks from Pearson & Dransfield. Their other two early timers were both Van Dyck based from Brian Milkins x Nigel Templar’s Gerrit Lahuis lines and Teds Lad blood.  It is great to see local Bristol fanciers do so well in National races with local Bristol bred pigeons. Richard Whiteside was third section with Scott Whittle in fourth place.

GScott Whittle 4th Sect G NFC Sennen Cove

Scott would like to say well done to my club mate Steve Moseley on winning the race. The bird he clocked first is from their Syndicate Lofts lines. On its Sire side it is made up of Amulet Hannibal lines and Rick Hermans Beautfly. The dam Leon of Johan Donkers and Anabelle of Leo Hermans . This pair has already bread two winners and have also won the Bristol fed. Fifth and seventh was NFC Committee rep for the section Stuart Wilcox from Bristol.

GStuart Wilcox 5th Sect G NFC Sennen Cove

First in the clock was a two year old cheq cock who was bred by Dutch friends Martin and Buck De Kruijf from Woerden in Holland, this cock bird has always given his all and won 1st Club 1st Bristol Fed Truro 1820 birds two weeks previous, he contains a mix of Martin and Bucks Leo Heremans, Steve Smits and Karel Leanen lines. His second bird is a two year cock that has been consistent and has recently started to get his act together. His sire is “771” which has won 3 x 1st plus 4th, 20th and 25th Open WoESRC and is a direct son of Albi, a son of Albert Derwa’s De Zoon 11 x 1st and Beau, bred by Frans Zwols, a direct dtr of the King of Rekkem. The dam is a direct daughter Special K a son of Koen Minderhoud’s Geeloger 3 x 1st NPO when paired to Beauty Chipo, dam of Glider 19th and 30th Open NFC direct from Chips and the Golden Hen. The cocks and hens are flown on a separate widowhood systems and fed on Beyers and Country Wide Corns. Stuart would just like to add that it has been a special couple of weeks for all the fanciers who fly out of the Hartcliffe Inn and who have stuck with the south road. We are proud of what our clubs stand for and the competition we have amongst the fanciers of South Bristol. I’m sure I echo the feeling of all of the Towers & Harctcliffe members when I thank sectaries Martin Yandel and Nigel Templar, also Nicky Templar our land-lady who provides the clubs with outstanding facilities. A massive well done to Steve (Mosseralla), Steve and Garth, Scot and Wally, Alan and Joe Palmer, a great bunch of friends and fanciers alike. Only saddened as our old mentor Brian Milkins isn’t around to enjoy it but so fitting that so much of his blood is still doing the business in his memory.

Section H

Winning section H is Hubert Walker from Newark once again with a yearling hen, bred from an Ian Stafford/Marshall stock cock which was paired to a Rocket hen from our good friend Jack Walker.

HHubert Walker 1st Sect H NFC Sennen Cove

She is also closely related to one of their other section winners. Second was Ron and Angie Auker in Brandon, Suffolk.

HRon & Angie Auker 2nd Sect H NFC Sennen Cove

They timed a two year old blue cock bred from a pair purchased at Blackpool Charity auction in 2018. The Cock coming from John Halstead out of his best long distance stock and the Hen from Brian Holland Flying Dutchman lofts bred from GW & P Macaloney and Mark Bulled. Their bird was sent sitting 14 days and has had two races this season with one being BICC Truro 288 miles. He is flown natural and as a yearling he flew MNFC Vire and BICC Falaise. Third was Des Owens in Newport Pagnell with a two year old cock that was flown celibate before being paired and sent sitting eight days at basketing. His sire is a son of 2nd open Tarbes CSCFC for Andy Parsons of Salisbury and his dam is a daughter of a section winner from SNFC Falaise from his former partner John Clark of Airdrie. Des timed four birds from six in what he thought was a stiff race for birds on the east side of the country. Graham Pugsley in Spalding was forth with a four year old hen that has flown consistently and been to Le Mans three times. Her breeding is of the old Joe Shore, Northwich blood that consistently flew Lerwick for him for 20 years crossed with birds from Mr & Mrs George Bates of Gravesend. He did not see her coming but just saw her drop out of the north east. Fifth was Mr G Perkins in Rushton.

Section I

Mark Williamson won first and third section I in Ashbourne Derbyshire.

IMark Williamson 1st adn 3rd Sect I NFC Sennen Cove

He clocked a three-year-old cheq pied hen and daughter of his very good stock pair “The Butlers Son” bred by Gaby Vandenabeele and “Chequer Vivian” bred by H & EJ Eijerkamp. This pair have now bred section winners in both the MNFC and NFC, plus several 2nd and 3rd sections, plus two federation winners. His second bird clocked for third section is a four year old sister from the same pair and who has previously been 2nd section in the MNFC and has won several good federation prizes. In second place was Lourens Londt in Cannock with a cock bred on one side out of his own family of birds.

I2nd Sect I NFC Sennen Cove

His mother had previously won the NFC section in 2014 and the sire is on loan to him by Arthur Jones in section J. Fourth was Leon Prince in Cheadle with a yearling cheq hen . Her breeding is R&B Smith crossed with his old Rene Nauwelaert based family and she has a few minor prizes. Fifth was Steve Walton in Solihull with a two year old dark chequer hen of Vink bloodlines flown on the roundabout system.

ISteve Walton 5th Sect I NFC Sennen Cove

Section J

Martin Williams of Tarrington had a great race taking first, second and fifth positions.

In third was  Graham Clift in Tirley who would like to congratulate club mate Martin plus all the other section winners.

JGraham Clift 3rd Sect J NFC Sennen Cove

His yearling cock is the son of his 26th Open NFC Sigogne in 2019 and his grandsire is a brother to Southfield Junior, 1st BICC Pau for Mark Gilbert. His dam is a two year old hen in the race team from children of Champion Starlight when paired to a son of Tuff Nut and daughter of Melissa. Graham races his birds on the chaos system and he usually breeds from them prior to racing and retain a few. They are then separated and raced right through to 600+ miles and he does not repair them until after racing is finished. In fourth place was K P & M Fitzpatrick in Tewkesbury.

Section K

“Lesleys Lady” won section K for Paul Mantle of Mantle Bros & Sons in Buxton.

KPaul Mantle 1st Sect K NFC Sennen Cove

He is pictured with his son Spencer and two nephews Kyle and Jayden. You can see how much they enjoyed the race and their hen, bred by M Steele in Gateshead has now won 1st sect K, 1st Fed, 1st section Marlborough, 1st Club Blandford and 1st club Marlborough this season alone.

K1st Sect K NFC Sennen Cove

Her sire is a Van Den Bulk x Houben and her dam is also a Van Den Bulk bred by Bob Fenech.1st Sect K NFC Sennen Cove. Second to them was Jepson Bennett & Leach in Bolsover with a hen which was a late bred in September 2018 from a good hen they had gifted to them from Pete Caterwood of Chesterfield from his Northern Bound pigeon via Nigel Laycock. They bought the sire from Doncaster show which is a Gabby. Their hen was flown on total widowhood this season and been a consistent hen up too press. Barry Reid in Brighouse was third and said that his birds came home in great condition and a credit to the Convoyers.

K3rd Sect K NFC Sennen Cove

He timed a blue hen which wen t straight to her mate and began performing. She was set up for this race with a 35 mile toss the day before basketing and is a home-bred, very reliable hen, raced on the roundabout and always there.  Her best performance to date was 7th Section K 53rd open Sigogne 551 miles, NFC. Her sire is from a Des Coulter Cock when paired to a direct daughter of Willy Van Berendonck’s Belgian National winner and her Dam is out of a cock bred by O’Hara & Woodward, out of their race team which won the NFC Section L averages a few years back when paired to a R & B Smith hen.  These Smith pigeons have turned out some outstanding birds for me and for several other fanciers winning club, Feds and National, merit and regional awards.  On the night he had five from ten entered with four coming the next morning and his Dad had four from four. 

They’re all going back so let’s see how that race pans out. Phil Rawson and Bruce Towers were fourth section

KPhil Rawson & Bruce Towers 4th Sect K NFC Sennen Cove

with Kevin Heeley, Dave Allen & M Lambert in fifth. They timed a  yearling hen which flew as a young bird in the NFC Coutances and as their other birds she is bred out of pigeons that have flown the NFC.  Her dam has flown well for them and has also scored in the NFC. They would like to thank Chairman Paul Naum as it's not easy being in the chair in these times. 

Section L

Roger Sutton of Astbury Lofts in Congleton was first and fifth section L and said "Sennen proved quite a stiff test for section L members.  The birds came along the S.W peninsular towards Bristol then up country. My straight line distance of 260 miles would take them out across the Irish sea, then through the Welsh hills, so they actually fly 300 miles plus into Cheshire, Lancashire, Liverpool and Manchester. Returns were generally good with plenty of day birds, some next morning and not many missing. My 1st section is a two year old widowhood cock sired by my own National Family paired to an exchange hen bred by the Wilson/Iddon partnership. This year he has flown all club inland races and the Midland National Holmsey the week prior, being 1st back to my loft." Ged Unsworth & Son from Widnes in Cheshire were second section with a blue pied cock that came against the odds and bred from a pigeon on loan (sire) from a good friend Robbie Thomas from the Wirral.

LG Unsworth & Son 2nd Sect L NFC Sennen Cove

It's dam is again from the same family of Leo Herman's this time with another of Terry Kirmans pigeon, Gayboy . The dam of this cock also bred a cock for Stuart Knowles placing with 5 firsts and topping the combine. Wolfenden & Pollastretti from Wythenshaw were third with Dean Knox in Oldham fourth.

LDean Knox 4th Sect L NFC Sennen Cove

DeanI started racing in 2016 with a small team of 20 young birds. His first young bird race was from Stafford and he won 1st club 1st fed 1st amal but his goal was to always compete in the NFC so in 2019 he became a member flying a team of yearlings, and has since built his family of distance pigeons over the last four years. The first NFC race from Sennen Cove turned out to be a tough race with his first pigeon being a yearling hen bred from the stock loft. This family of pigeons have also bred 1st Lancashire Nantes 2 bird plus fed and amal positions and the last bird of the day came at 9.45pm. He said it was amazing to see them coming so late at night in a tough race with a good team performance.

Section N

Jeff Walton kindly sent me the following write up on a fantastic performance by Tony Lyons flying 364 miles from Sennen Cove. “He clocked five birds, from his ten entries on the evening of the first day to win 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 6th Section N.

N1st Sect N NFC Senen Cove

His section winner, is a two year old Red Cock flying 9 hours 21 minutes 30 seconds on the wing. Ten minutes later a three year old hen was clocked to take 2nd section. One hour later, just after 9:30pm Tony clocked two birds within a minute and so had the first four. He clocked his fifth bird at 10:14pm, 25 minutes after the clocks closed to secure 6th Section.

NTony Lyons first four & 6th Sect N NFC Senen Cove

His family of birds are a blend of Brian Denney/Marrten Vinkenbork stock and are raced celebrate. In fifth section Jeff & Matthew Walton of Coxhoe timed their seven year old hen, “722” at 10:08pm, flying 366 miles. She was their single entry to the race sent sitting 12 days on eggs and is from their Jos Thone’ stock with a touch of Ron Strong’s of Hexham. She has several section positions in the first ten, including 2nd Fougeres. Jeff Walton was 5th section.

NJeff Walton 5th Sect N NFC Sennen Cove

Section O

Another great performance by one of the longer flyers was Dave Travis taking first, second, fourth and fifth section O.

ODave Travis 1st 2nd 4th 5th & 7th Sect O NFC Senen Cove

This race was a uplift after losing most of his racers in the winter due to paratyphoid and he would like to thank Ian Parsons for his help in stopping the infection. The Section winner has been a consistent bird and on arrival she had obviously been through rain. She was sent sitting twelve days and was bred by Roy & Christine Nicholson who were top flyers but now just keep them for their own enjoyment. She is out of John Crowders Vandevelde bloodlines x their own family.  The 2nd 4th 5th 7th sect birds have all flown channel races with the NFC up to 600 miles and are all Nigel Corwoods Southwell bloodlines which will fly the distance and will never give up. Dave only has a team of ten old birds and to time five of his six entries was very satisfying. My thanks to the NFC officials for getting everyone racing again. FA Wilson in Kendal was third section.

Section P

Many thanks once again to Kevin Foster for collating all the section P report. Colin Fagg and Linda Nicholas nr Sittingbourne lead in section P and also fourth & fifth.

PColin Fagg & Linda Nicholas 1st Sect P NFC Senen Cove

They are on a rich vein of form having topped the Kent Premier fed two weeks prior to this race and came close to winning the section in the BICC Truro race but made no mistake in this one. This is a twice NFC winning partnership also topped the Hens national race in the BICC last September. Colin said his two year old cock timed first is bred from a pair of direct Wim De Troy birds that his youngest son Adam purchased in 2015. They have bred them winners in the past, especially when the going gets a bit tough. They ended up with 22 from 30 with 16 on the day , the late ones appear to have struggled but after a bit of TLC are looking a lot brighter the following evening. Well done to all the winners and thanks to all the effort behind the scenes to get us up and running with national racing.

Second and third was P Jackson and son from Bromley, another previous national winning loft which is always in and around the leading pigeons in most races.

PLee Jackson 2nd & 3rd Sect P NFC Senen Cove

Lee timed a cheq pied hen raced on the jealousy system having her third race of the season. She is bred down from the same sire who is Grandson of his 1st NFC Fougeres and makes her a half sister  on the sires side to his 2020 Thames North East Counties futurity winner, winning £4000 on a very hard day from Guernsey. Her dam is a daughter of 4th NFC Guernsey 22nd NFC St Malo, 12th NFC Fougeres. A pedigree steeped in performance at National level. His second pigeon is also a two year old cheq pied hen who is a granddaughter to his ace performer Black Jack. On the dams side she is closely related to the first pigeon through 1st NFC Fougeres. Both pigeons were suited by a good working day. Lee clocked 10 out of 20 on a very difficult day, and sent 3 yearlings including last year’s futurity winner who arrived on Tuesday he felt blessed to get her back Sixth is John Cowlin from Hullbridge following up on the blitz in the yb national races last year by timing a 2yo  cock which has scored before in the Thames.

PJohn Cowlin 6th Sect P NFC Senen Cove.

He is a Formula 1 lofts Frans Zwols, being direct from Mr Consistent and as his name suggests, he was a top racer for Frans since becoming a brilliant breeder of many top winners right out to national level. Mr consistent is direct from Amor and inbred Micky Boy 716. The dam of Johns pigeon is N63, she was a very good racer for Gladwin & Jarvis winning 5 x 1sts before going to stock where she is responsible for 2x1st section winners and 2x2nd open national. In turn N63 is direct from Tip top 076. Gladwin, Jarvis & family of Leigh on sea are 7th section timing a four year old Frans Zwols hen which has been a very good hen for the partnership winning many positions inland and channel. She is full of all the best Frans Zwols bloodlines. Finally Kevin Foster in 8th section with a three year old widow hen bred from his Dark Misty stock cock from Robert Rome. A previous scorer in BICC and BBC in middle distance channel races. Her dam is the 189 also from Robert, who was already a top stock hen before he acquired her.

Section W

Last but certainly not least in section W there was yet another outstanding team performance. Taking the first five positions was G Treharne & Son in Nantyglo, South Wales. Stuart sent 24 to Sennen cove and had 22 home all in good condition and health. He had two birds dropped together with the first to clock being a four year old grandson of top star of Verstraete and of Rocco of Rutz , the second to clock was an Eijerkamp Van Loon cock. He is a son of his number one Van Loon cock, the son of Kain, when he was paired to a direct Eijerkamp hen granddaughter of the brothers Don Leo and Fabio. This cock was also his first bird the previous week at Truro with the BICC. The third bird is also an Eijerkamp Van Loon being a granddaughter of Jana the Bourges national winner and Keira a direct daughter of Kain and the mother of Jana, so being inbred to Kain. This hen was 8th open Welsh South Road National Bordeaux in 2020. It was always going to be a difficult day for the Welsh birds, but they worked in well with the conveyers doing their normal great job of making sure the birds were well looked after helped enormously .Congratulations to the winners on a tricky day