The National Flying Club had a very successful first race from Guernsey on the 21st of May with the Chief Convoyer Phil Leech liberation the birds at 10.00 am into broken cloud and sunshine with a 7mph WSW wind. Good team performances were recorded by many members with the weather conditions being very good right up the country and 2288 birds on the result.

In section A Darren May and his son Josh had a super day by timing the first five in the section. “Firstly congratulations to the winners. We are very happy with our team performance and that the birds returned in great condition. All of our birds were raced on roundabout widowhood and were raced in the CSCFC from Guernsey two weeks before, where they also had an excellent performance.” 1st Section, 13th Open is a direct daughter of their elite breeders Nieuwe Jul x Pretty Pitbull. Nieuwe Jul is responsible for many winners including Speed Titaness 2nd National Ace RPRA YB 2021, 3rd National Ace Titan Games YB 2021.

A Darren Josh May First 5 Sect A NFC Guernsey 1

Pretty Pitbull is responsible for over 45 x 1stFederation/Combine winners including Olympic Sarah’s Jul 2nd Olympiad UK 2018/19, 4 x 1st Federation, 3 x beaten by loft mates on the trap for federation and now responsible for over 10 x 1st Federation/Combine winners across the UK. This hen also won 9th Open CSCFC Guernsey two weeks ago. 2nd Section, 15th Open is bred from a grandson of Spiderman. She is previously winner of 2nd Federation 1559 birds (BBLM), 3rdFederation 747 birds (BBLM), 6th Federation 1272 birds (BBLM), 10th Open CSCFC Guernsey. She is also dam and granddam to winners for them and others across the UK. 3rd Section, 16th Open is a direct daughter of elite breeder Pitbull Superke x sister Champion 652 RPRA southern region sprint 2017. Pitbull Superke is top breeding son of the famous Pitbull and is responsible for many winners across the UK and Belgium. This hen is previously winner of 3rdPremier 100 Specialist Club 400 birds (BBLM), 7th Premier 100 Specialist Club 1137 birds (BBLM), 12th Open CSCFC Guernsey, 18th Federation 752 birds (BBLM), 19th Combine 1605 birds (BBLM). 4th Section, 17th Open is a direct Yves De Wit hen. She is previously winner of 4th Federation 1923 birds, 5th Federation 1013 birds, 6th Federation 1440 birds, 7th Federation 1536 birds, 10th Federation 1115 birds. 5th Section, 33rd Open is “Speed Titaness”. She is winner of 2nd National Ace RPRA Youngsters 2021, 3rd National Ace Titan Games Youngsters 2021. She is a direct daughter of Elite Breeders Nieuwe Jul x Champion Pure Speed.

In section B Bill Edwards put together the following report; Topping the Section is the ever consistant loft of Dave and Lisa Waterhouse, of Havant, with another fantastic loft performance, 1st and 4th Section and 2nd   and 20th Open.

B Dave Waterhouse 1st Sect B NFC Guernsey 1

Dave would like to congratulate the winner and all the Section winners. Their Section winner, a yearling hen, was bred by David Parker of Clitheroe and also won the Premier 100 club, being duplicated into their race. She is now named “ Gaynor “after David’s late better half. The Sire is a direct Patrick Boeckx X Jos Cools. She was very consistent as a youngster and was raced on Roundabout, fed on Versalager Super Star until Mid-week and then widowhood depending on the wind forecast. Dave’s 2nd arrival for 4th Section, 22nd Open, is a cock from a son of Sagon also raced on Roundabout. Dave said his birds came back in in fantastic condition with 32 of his 34 entries home and all but 2 on the day, so thank you to the NFC and everyone involved. 2nd Section B and 9th Open is Kenny Cleife, from Portsmouth with a yearling Blue cock, purchased as a young bird from friend, Richie Thomas flown Natural and sent sitting eggs. He flew consistently as a young bird and Kenny is over the moon with this performance.

B Kenny Cleife 2nd Sect B NFC Guernsey 1

3rd Section B and 10th Open and no strangers to the National prizes is the Ramsdean partnership of Jimmy Wearn and Eric Neilson with a two year old blue cheq hen from a son of Nigel Langstaff’s Spartacus that had been flown on the North and 4th Solent Fed just 2 weeks earlier. Eric has been in hospital recently, so let us hope that this result helps him to a speedy recovery. 5th Section B and 60th open is Jason Ross from Portsmouth, with a three year old Vandenabeele hen flown Natural. Jason is spending more of his time in Spain and just racing his remaining birds out. He says that they have only been out of the loft a couple of times in the weeks leading up to the National, something to be said about rest over exercise.

Section C was won by Mr & Mrs Hodges in Templecombe who also took the fourth spot.  They timed a dark cheq cock raced on the chaos system which was sent to Guernsey three weeks previously being late home on the day having lost a lot of condition, which took two weeks plus to get back. Prilly  was in two minds whether to send him or not but was glad they did.

C Prilly Hodges 1st Sect C NFC Guernsey 1

They also lost his original hen but on basketing day he took another hen which must have done the trick.The cock is breed from a pair of pigeon from are good friend John Gerard and this pair have produced pigeons to win 4 first west of England combines plus three sec winners and many top positions.To finish they would like to congratulate the winner and all the section winners.

Second section was Mr & Mrs L Cowley. Marg & Lawrence timed a 2019 Widowhood cock fwhich is one of 6 old cocks kept to fly Guernsey – the rest are going North. He was bred by Paul Dalton of St. Helens, from his Stijn Van Laere birds. He is the main source of this family in England and most of their birds have this blood in them and he sends them some down most years to try. “Thank you Paul and Thank you to Di & Nev for taking the birds to the marking station”. Third section was Danny Lanahan and John Gerard with a good pigeon for them so far this year, also winning 3rd section 55th open CSCFC Guernsey.

C Danny Lanahan John gerard 3rd Sect C NFC Guernsey 1

The pigeon on one side is a grandson of Dark flo 1st open CSCFC Coutances and the other side a grandson of Zwarte Louders 1st national Saint Vincent 16340 pigeons. Fifth section C was Terry Vincent in Dorchester.

In Section D John & Gill McClements help out with the report and sent the following from Michael Derrick 1st and 4th Sect D. “I moved to Somerset Dec 2017 and I had not owned racing pigeons for 20 years. Although I still liked to follow the hobby, I joined a pigeon facebook group in 2018, where I entered a bonus ball competition and won 6 young birds so I had to buy a garden shed to home them and from here the bug had started again. I then started to buy my stock birds from the best I could at the time. I converting my garden shed and expanding my pigeons into loft. In 2019, I joined Devon and Cornwall West Somerset CFC. I also joined BICC National and the NFC national. Also competing in various one loft races with great success. Somerset Queen's father was bred by Andri Giedra out of his flor Engels pigeon, her mother was bred by R & D Hunt, Dirk Van Den Bulck pigeon. Somerset Queen went to the BICC Guernsey National, taking 600 Open 64 section two weeks ago.

D Michael Derrick 1st Sect D NFC Guernsey 1

When she returned home she was telling me I want to go back so I put her into NFC Guernsey National. She came home taking 916th open and 1st section D. and she is telling me to send her again. So she has gone to the BICC Guernsey again this week.

D Somerset Queen 1st Sect D NFC Guernsey 1

I'd like to thank Andri, Ray and Darren for breeding and allowing me to have exceptional pigeons from their stock. Fourth place in the section was bred by Andri Giedra from is Flor Engles from his no 1 stock pigeons winners 5 x 1st, 6 x 2nd and 4th 5th 7th and 8th Fed, Sire is the winner of 12 x 1st crossed with the daughter of Engles 52, no 1 stock cock and hen. I lost the pair of youngsters but came back in winter both of them looking like oil paintings so put her into her first national and she has won 4th section D over the moon with my results.” Second section was A J Weymouth with a pigeon bred by Ringo Parkhouse the last year he raced before packing the sport in 2020.

D 2nd Sect D NFC Guernsey 1

“This was one of the youngsters he gave me, no pedigree but I believe most of his racing birds were from Andy Cridland who got them from Stuart Treharne from Nantyglo. It’s now a 2 year old, only raced in the club as far as Ramsgate last year. Usually in the second or third batch of bird’s home, never been in the clock before. Due to having short races this year with the longest being Ramsgate, which is 205 miles, I’m trying widowhood for the first time. Some cock birds have taken to it, others haven’t. This bird has been to two club races, no more than 70 miles each and put into the NFC. Can I say well done to Mr and Mrs J Buckfield for winning and Michael Derrick for winning the section D.” Mark and Sarah Beavis came in third section with a cheq hen having her second trip to Guernsey this year, she was previously raced on widowhood with the Devon South Road fed & BICC but paired recently sitting 14days.

D Mr Mrs Beavis 3rd Sect D NFC Guernsey 1

Her breeding on the sires side is Bob Brown of Plymouth Palamos hen. On the Dams side is a pigeon brought from the house of Aarden called Iron Maiden down from Iron Lady, this pigeon has now been named after Sarah’s Dad, George, George’s girl who is seriously ill in the near by hospice it certainly put a smile on his face. Fifth section was John Smallridge with a yearling cock bred from a cock from Henry Franks paired to a hen from Brian Reene. He was raced as afar as Littlehampton as a young bird and was sent to Guernsey as a spare cock although John did a few motivation tricks with him which seems to have paid off. Alan Horwood in Sidmouth was sixth and really appreciated the members of Honiton SRFC for clapping as he walked in to the club , it meant a lot. “My first bird is a Vandenabeele cock feeding a big youngster . I have not split my birds this year so have been flown on the natural system , most of my birds are Vandenabeeles from M & D Evens and Brian Shipley , these lines have done me proud over the years and are good honest pigeons. I do worry where the sport is heading at present with all the Red tape which is creeping in, it seems to be getting harder to race our pigeons which after all is just a hobby.”

First Section E 3rd Open was won by previous National Flying Club winner Paul Arnold of Sutton.

E Paul Arnold 1st sect E NFC Guernsey 1

“Please extend my congratulations to the winners Mr & Mrs Buckfield, I bet you haven't come down from cloud nine yet. I know the feeling as it wasn't too long ago i had the honour of winning the greatest club in the country and after two years it's still an amazing feeling. My section winner was a blue hen raced on the double widowhood system, the sire. is a double grandson of Gaby Vandenabeele's famous stock cock Rudy. This cock I call King Rudy, as every one of his offspring I have raced has either won the club or fed. Her dam is a van der Wouwer hen purchased from Derek Nicholls of premier stud. I have altered my system this year from traditional widowhood with 16 cocks too 12 pairs raced on double widowhood as it was the first time in a while that I had a few good young hens. I must admit I love this hen as not only is she a very good racer but more the fact that she is so aggressive and is definitely the boss in the section and so easy to motivate. She scored as a baby and a yearling and has been in good form this season winning 3rd fed Honiton beaten by loft mates when having nine drop together and the previous week. I sent my hens to Guernsey with the BICC with an eye on this race to gain a bit of experience as none of my current team have been across the channel before. She was just over a minute behind my first two arrivals last week, who were 37th/38th open provisionally and i knew they would be better this week, so the plan paid off as my 2nd arrival in the NFC a few minutes later is 7th section E 25th open provisionally. I was expecting a good race because as I said my birds have been really well all season arriving in batches every race winning club and fed, but I really enjoyed this week as it's my first race back with the NFC since I won the Messac race in 2020! So, very proud to win the section, to say the least. Second section was Mark Gilbert with a two-year-old hen Van den bulk from the Kittle lines, she has topped the Federation inland this year and scored many times. Mark would like to thank everyone who arranged the race, the marking station for all their hard work and the race controller for providing an excellent race. Third was last years Midland National winning loft of Mr & Mrs E Corkett & Sons with a 2 year old Belgium Hen bred by Patrick De Meutter obtained through Mr Mark Darby. 

Corketts 1st MNFC Guernsey

The week before the National Race this hen was sent to Exeter in the UBI Combine. She was 5th Club and 12th UBI Combine. “We had a good National race and had three more drop together 3 1/2 minutes after this hen. We had all of our 10 entries home within the hour of clocking the first hen. We would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate all the other section winners and the overall winner.” Fourth section was Robert Rome with a Late youngster from last year. “Parents are from my friend Wilfried Vandemaele, Kortrijk, Belgium.

E Robert Rome 4th Sect E NFC Guernsey 1

 A small loft cultivated by Wilfried using only the best winning lines in Belgium since the 1980's but these are pigeons that can win 1st prizes from 5,000 + birds from the first race to last race.

E 4th Sect E NFC Guernsey 1

 Wilfried’s pigeons are also used as base breeding pigeons by Gino Clicque, Joel Verschoot, Kurt Platteeuw and Cyril Harchies (who had the best long distance pigeon of Belgium in 2021 with an even better set of results than the previous record holder, Armando). Father of the winning pigeon from Guernsey is bred from a son of Wilfried's excellent racer and breeder Tommy, a winner of many first prizes and a string of top National results, the best one being 17th Nat Bourges 20,589 birds.  Tommy has been a goldmine at stock - he was quickly sire of 1st Provincial Brive and g-sire of 1st Provincial Bourges and responsible for the amazing racing machine, Hazard, which was  raced by Gino Clicque. Mother of the winning pigeon is bred from Wilfried's latest super breeding pair. They have bred many Ace Pigeons including his 1st Ace Pipa Long Distance Yearling 2020 and winners from 200 to 500 miles.  She is bred from a Son of Joel Verschoot's Contador, winner of 5th, 8th, 15th, 19th National when paired with a hen from Chris Hebberecht.  The Hebberecht hen comes from a super breeder Koopman cock (Son Champion x daughter Harry Hooymans) when paired with a fantastic racing hen (Vandenabeele x Benny Steveninck).

First Section F 74th Open was the Rostrons who are having an excellent season once again.

F The Rostrons 1st Sect F NFC Guernsey 1

This is their second NFC section win in two years and their hen “Spirit” was named after Shanes late Grandfather who had swallow tattoos and had recently passed away. At the cremation service a swallow paid a visit and one also made an appearance on race day, trying to go under the eaves of the loft, so when the hen came to win she earned the name “Spirit”.

F 1st Sect F NFC Guernsey 1

This was her third top performance from Guernsey this season having also won 29th Sect 41st Open BBC Guernsy 2156b and 9th Sect 72nd Open CSCFC Guernsey 2683b. Second section was Steve Thorpe with a cock which was first federation in 2021 and second club the week before the National Race.

F Steve Thorpe 2nd Sect F NFC Guernsey 1

 He was bred from pigeons bought from Premier Stud. Third was J & P Parker in Reading and fourth was Kieran Marcham with a pigeon is of Lambrecht bloodlines bred from stock obtained from friend Clive Elliott of Wantage, he was previously 29th section 458th open the Sennen Cove 1 National and 9th section 20th Open CSCFC Wadebridge 2020.

F Kieran MArcham 4th Sect F NFC Guernsey 1

Mr & Mrs Paul Kenny was fifth.

Sect G was won by Wojeciech Blachut in Towbridge who also took the fourth spot

G Wojtek Blachut

and in second and third place was C & J Howse in Devizes. Fifth was Luff and Walker Bros.

Taking the first four positions in Section H was C Crick & Son from Stotfold.

H C Crick Son 1st Four Sect H NFC Guernsey 1

Colin and Adam timed a three year old blue white flight cock raced on widowhood which had won at club level as a yearling but was generally inconsistent before this season where he has showed good form, this was his first national race. His sire was a very good cock bird winning at club and federation level. Breeding goes back to Cooreman lines purchased from Bob Fenech. Their second pigeon is a two year old chequer hen raced on widowhood, and bred by Garry Inkley of Uxbridge. She has won three races at club level most recently a tricky race from Honiton 2 weeks before the national. Their thanks again to Garry for gifting this cracking little hen. The third pigeon is a yearling blue white flight hen raced on widowhood. having her best performance to date. Sire is a Nigel Templar pigeon that has won at club and federation level and Dam is a Mark Gilbert hen purchased in 2019, which is a daughter of Southfield Darkie. Their fourth pigeon is a three year old blue Cooreman widowhood cock that has showed good form this season and had won a club race from Guernsey last season. All the birds have had 4 or 5 club races between 100-150 miles leading up to the race. Steve Bartholomew in Bedford was fifth section.

H Steve Bartholomew 5th Sect H NFC Guernsey 1

Section I was won by Tim Atkin in Rugby.

60099776 4DC7 4A2B AE23 3A25789065EA

This is his third ever NFC race and he has now won two 1st sections and come 2nd in the fhird. His section winner is a Grand Daughter of New Harry and Friendship. He owns a direct son off New Harry purchased direct from Jan Hooymans and several off the Rik Hermans hen Friendship ( 1st Nat Chateauroux 25,710b) Friendship is also a G/daughter of Harry. This was the hens 6th race. His second bird was 6th section from his great pair off son of Propere 10 paired to a dgt of Minerva. They have bred 1st Section NFC and multiple 1st Federation winners. Second section was Summers Bros & daughter in Leicester with a hen which had scored twice in the top ten of the Leicester South Road Federation this season, and her full brother was 3rd section NFC in 2021. Dam.won1st section, 9th open M.N.F.C.8,000+Birds.3rd sec,22nd Open MNFC 8,000+Birds.7th sec 24th open 9,000 birds M.NFC 7th sect 189th open 9,000+ birds MNFC 2ND ACE pigeon SC Sect in 2015. Her sire has won 3 times 1st club and 7 times top 10 Leicester South Road Fed. They were also 8th and 10th section with two sisters, Dam direct daughter off “Big Steve” L.K. Buddle and sire from Lol Turner stock in Coventry. Third and fourth was Mark Williamson, the first bird being a three year old blue cock, always a very consistent pigeon and a half brother to his MNFC Bordeaux winner, the father is a grandson of Jan Hooymans “Harry” and the mother is bred down from Jos & Jules Engels pigeons.

I Mark Williamson Grandkids 3rd 4th Sect I NFC Guernsey 1

The second pigeon is also a three year old blue cock and a full brother to a MNFC section winner, and being a grandson of his Leo Heremans base breeder “Justus” whilst the mother is bred by Jo & Florin Hendricks, again being a granddaughter of Jan Hooymans “Harry”.

Fifth section was H Winstanley & Son from Sutton Coalfield with a three year old widowhood cock who was 20th Tamworth Federation as a yearling from Carentan. His Parents were both gift birds, sire was a Koopman off John Preece from Telford and the dam was bred by Cliff Sanders from Hurley and is through the legacy lines.

I H Winstanley Sons 5th Sect I NFC Guernsey 1jpg

In section J Bolton & Harvey took the top spot in Worcester and their winner Our is a dark 2 year old widowhood cock which had topped the fed two weeks before the national.  His breeding on the sire side is a son of their no 1 stock cock a winner of three 1st feds, and his dam is through a dark Vandenbrande hen called “Martina” a winner of two 1st feds plus second open MCC. Second was Dean Cartmell in Worcester who won the MNFC in 2019.

J Dean Cartmell 2nd Sect J NFC Guernsey 1

His 2nd section is a cock from the best of the Syndicate Lofts bloodline and from the same sire as his MNFC winner. A breeder of class birds he is bred from Amulet x sister Sphinx and the dam is also from Syndicate Lofts stock a breeder of federation winners, she’s from Propere Rik x Perfect Lady. The pigeon in question is a previous fed winner 2000b 4th fed 6th fed and this year he’s had a 9th fed 1700 b so a very consistent bird. Well done to the open and all section winners, let’s try and go one better. Third section was Mr & Mrs P Shaw who have also recently won the MNFC.

J Pete Shaw 3rd Sect J NFC Guernsey 1

Fourth was the consistent national loft of G M Smart in Wolverhampton

J G M Smart 4th Sect J NFC Guernsey 1

and fifth was another recent MNFC winner Jonathan Hamplett in Stafford.

J Jonathan Hamplett 5th Sect J NFC Guernsey 1

Graham Clift and G Harding came in sixth and as the loft is predominately middle to long distance pigeons, Graham purchased a few sprint birds from the top loft of Gordon Bros Northern Ireland to be more competitive in the shorter races and this year he now flys in partnership with life long friend George Harding from the Tirley loft. Of the four remaining they have all won cards the cock from Guernsey in the NFC in the last three weeks has been 20th Severn Valley Fed Kingsdown 961b, 3rd Section 40th Open BBC Guernsey 2,156b and now provisionally 5th Section NFC Guernsey 810 birds unfortunately he did not receive any pedigrees when they were purchased but very pleased with their performances so far.

Section K top spot went to M Greenwood in Selby and second was H A Rawson, Son & Towers in Mansfield.

K Phil Rawson Bruce Towers 2nd Sect K NFC Guernsey 1

J & J Greenfield was third in Barnsley with R & N Dennett in Meden Vale fourth. Fifth was J R Woods also in Barnsley.

K J R Woods 5th Sect K NFC Guernsey 1


Section L was won by G J Hallam in Dukinfield with a pigeon bred by George Appleton from  Denton.  The sire is a Hardy Kruger and the dam Hereman Cuester which both came from Premier Stud stock.

L Hallam

It has been a good racer for him winning the club nom umpteen times. Hughes and Buckley from Rochdale won second place who timed a two year old blue hen raced on roundabout.

L Hughes Buckley

She is turning out to be a bit of a superstar in their loft having topped the Lancs Combine last year out of Yelverton in an east wind. As a youngster she won 1st 1st Fed 3rd Amal Yeovil and 1st Fed 3 Lancs Combine in a North wind. She is bred from a son of “Man O Chester” from Derick Nichols and a granddaughter of Kittel purchased at the Les Green sale in Blackpool. They would like to thank Paul at PJ Lofts for the supply of suppliments this season. Third and fifth was V Barker also in Rochdale and fourth was Jamie Robert Langrish in Chorley with the sire being bred from one of his father Robert’s birds, being a son of “Brad” from Rudi De Sars “Rainman”when paired to a granddaughter of “Rudy” via Herman Beverdam. The dam is from Jamies yearling National winner when paired to the “P5” cock, best of the Gabby lines, Bliksem Shadow. This pairing has bred winners for different lofts right up to section level.

Section N was sent in by Jeff Walton who wrote “Kevin & Tracy Kelly of North Shields won 1st & 2nd Section N. Their first pigeon is Ronnie, a 4yo Grizzle Cock. He is a grandson of Champagne Charlie from Marshall, Marshall and Smith on the sires side. On the dam side he is Nouwen-Paesen, the famous Barcelona flyers. his nest position was natural he was sitting 4 eggs for 7 days. He has won in 2020 1st club 5th fed 9th section 62nd UNC Gien flying 538 mile he was in 2021 4th Sportsman FC 4th Section Guernsey. Their second bird, a yearling Grizzle Hen. On her sires side is the P & D stud Pit Bull lines and on the dam side is the Alfie Hawthorn pigeons. She was sent as a round about hen. Dean Ward of Staithes won 3rd Section N with a Blue Pied 3 year old hen, flown on widowhood.

N Dean Ward 3rd Sect N NFc Guernsey 1

It’s her second time with the NFC after coming from Guernsey last year. Her preparation for this race was the Up North Combine program down to Chelmsford then a weeks rest and into Guernsey. She’s bred from pigeons bought from Basley and Roberts of Horden Hope, Adams & Webbor Family of Sunderland were 4th Section N with a 4yo widowhood hen. Her dam was from Kevin Lawson’s Chequer Cock, winner of 3rd NRCC Lerwick 500mile, 16hours on the day, as well as 4x1st Feds on. Sire of their winner was from R.Evans, Gibbon and Smith & a son of Silver, 2nd Up North Combine Bourges 569miles 1st Section 4 on the day 15hrs.19mins. John Richardson of Saltburn-by-the-Sea won 5th Section N with a 2yo natural hen sent sitting eggs. She was a gift bird from my good friend Andrew Lander from Helmsley.

Richard Hodgson kindly sent the following for Section O “1st section O is 82 year old Arthur Wilson from Kendal with his 2 year old cheq cock.

O Arthur Wilson 1st Sect O NFC Guernsey 1

This pigeon is a Van den Brande and Hardy Kruger cross who was sitting pot eggs on around the twenty days mark and was having his first trip over water. He was clocked after completing the 335 mile distance in 7 hours and 50 minutes. Arthur sent 4 birds to the race but unfortunately only managed to get this one. Arthur now only has 9 old birds to continue the season with as he had a rat problem last year resulting in him losing over 30 of his old bird team. Arthur has decided to look at this as an opportunity and has brought in a nice team of young birds for the future. Arthur would like to congratulate Dave Travis on his performance. In 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place was Arthurs near neighbour Dave Travis. Dave actually clocked before Arthur but flies two miles less so Arthur just pipped him. Dave sent 20 pigeons to the race and clocked 15 on the day of which 7 were yearlings, so a good day. Daves first bird is five year old dark cock of Southwell origin. This pigeon has been a very consistent bird over the years recording 3rd Section 559th Open Messac, 5th Section Sennon Cove, 5th Section Fougeres and 7th Section Cholet. Daves second bird is another consistent pigeon. She is also of Southwell origin and was clocked pretty soon after the first. She has previously been 2nd Section Sennon Cove and 6th Section Fougeres. The third bird into the clock was one of the yearlings which was bred through birds from Bruce Blamire and is Southwell x De Weerdt. He is a grandson of Bruces top racing cock that won many times from across the channel, so hopefully one for the future. All Daves birds were recently paired together and were sitting around five days. They will all be going back again next week. Dave would like to congratulate Arthur for his section win and wish him well for the rest of the season. Great flying right up in the top end of the NFC guys, you will get your day.

Section P is the home of the Open winner Mr & Mrs Buckfield in Rawreth and Kevin Foster, who also had a great race, put together this report on his section “A very good turnout from section P with over 500 birds making for a competitive race and as it turned out some of the leading pigeons in the open, none more so than the winners Mr & Mrs John Buckfield from Rawreth in Essex. The report on them has been covered by Chris so nothing more to add other than very well done on a good win.

P John Pat Buckfield 1st Sect P NFC Guernsey 1


P 1st Sect P NFC Guernsey 1

At 2nd and 3rd section 5th and 6th Open National is Kevin Foster from Longfield Hill in Kent “I timed timed two pigeons within a few seconds, the first a three year old Widower cock which had won the club previously this year and flown well as yearling before a quiet two year old season last year. Bred by Tim Rodwell, this Koopman cock is closely related through his dam to the lofts previous 1st and 3rd National Le Mans.

P Kevin Foster 2nd 3rd Sect P NFC Guernsey 1

Just behind was a two year old widower hen which had previously been 3rd section from Guernsey last year with the NFC, bred from a Cosmin Talas cock from Remy a multiple National performer. Her dam is a daughter of my Lerwick cock 29th National Lerwick last year in his first and only ever north road race. Well done to all the section and open winners and to the conveyors for the condition of the birds on arrival” Fourth section is D Wilton and son from Grays in Essex, here’s what Andrew told me about their race “Our timer from Guernsey is a yearling cock flown on widowhood, he’s been flying well for us he has already won 1st club 4th Thames North against 1,623 birds and as a young bird he won 4th BICC Guernsey young bird National.

P Wilton Son 4th Section P NFC Guernsey 1

His sire was bred for us by Mark Bulled from his champion Rocky and his dam was bred from co breeding between our top racer and breeder Altior and Bob and Ant Besant’s BICC Cholet national winner Gaby so was well bred for the job” Fifth section is the South Benfleet in Essex partnership of R & P Thomas, like the previous lofts the form seems to have carried over into this race, here’s what Paul told me “Firstly, I would like to congratulate my club mates Mr and Mrs Buckfield for winning the race. The pigeon we timed was a yearling blue hen flown on total widowhood she was my second pigeon from the BICC Guernsey race the week before.

P R P Thomas 5th Sect P NFC Guernsey 1

Her sire is a Franz Zwolls bred from the very best formula one lines containing Amor and Tip Top blood , her mother is one of our own family that has been blended together over the years from all the local top fanciers she has scored well in the past including 8th section Pottiers  2nd section 5th open Bordeaux  and she won the section in my last Guernsey race with the BICC.” well done to you both , a top hen in form. Sixth section is another Buckfield, this is Tony Buckfield of Hockley, the son of the National winning partnership and another top loft from an area in Essex that has a production line of National winners in recent years. This is what Tony had to say “This was her third race of 2022 her 1st race was a club race not positioned, 2nd race BBC Guernsey 11th sec, 273 open then this lucky one, Soontjen hen a sister to 84210 who had 5 first Thames and was there on two occasions with loft mates taking 1,2,3 Thames. Stopped at the end of her yearling race program. 699 is now on ferry for her 5th race with the BICC and I am expecting her to be my first home. Please congratulations to my mum and dad for a fantastic win and let them know I’m giving them no more secret’s. Well done to all who competed in this race. And to race advisers and convoy crew.” Let’s hope we get another good turnout for the next National race and good luck to all those who are sending. Thanks Kevin and just to point out that all the above birds mentioned are in the top twelve of the open result, with John Cowlin in at 18th Open well done to all.

Section Q was put together by Committee man Chris Boyce who wrote “On Saturday 21st May section Q had 13 members flying 75 birds from Guernsey. The weather was perfect for racing with clear skies and a light WS Westerly breeze. Despite a slight head wind on the Section’s birds the first bird home was recorded by Terry Luscombe, who only moved down to Looe in Cornwall from Plymouth last year. Terry flies with Plymouth but is located within the Section Q boundary for NFC racing. This bird is showing remarkable consistency having been 15th open NFC Guernsey in 2021 and 14th open in the first BICC Guernsey race this year.

Q Terry Luscombe 1st Sect Q NFC Guernsey 1

Terry sent 5 birds to fly the 103 miles and was rewarded with 1st Section in a time 2hrs 21mins and a velocity of 1293ypm. The bird is a blue bar 2020 cock bred off a son of his NFC Fougeres National winner crossed with a hen gifted to him by fellow club members Lee & Dyer she was bred off stock birds from D&J Staddon and full of their famous miracle hen. She has obviously been broken in well to her new home, congratulations Terry a very well-deserved win, you have set the bar high for the section this year. The second bird home in the Section belongs to me Chris Boyce of Truro club, I don’t know which of us was more surprised when she touched down on the roof after flying the 129 miles to the Perranporth on the North Cornwall coast in a time of 3 hrs 28 mins, (1097 ypm). I currently have an imbalance of cocks and hens amongst my yearlings, so I choose 2 hens that had been flying in the combine and regularly appearing in my top 5. Unfortunately, only one made it back but what a cracker she is, her parents are a Jos Thone cock and a Sablon hen gifted to me as stock birds by my friend Paul Pym of Exeter, a great way to start the Channel season, now I have got to keep it up.

Q Chris Boyce 2nd Sect Q NFC Guernsey 1

The third bird home belongs to Keith Frost of St Austell, Keith managed an excellent 5 out of 6 birds home from Guernsey. His first bird home a Blue Bar cock flew the 115 miles to his loft in 3hrs 10 mins (1092ypm). The cock is a Franz Zwols that he obtained from Stewart Wilcox of Bristol.

Q Keith Frost 3rd Sect Q NFC Guernsey 1

Our fourth bird home was one of 5 sent by Phil Neville of St Austell, Phil’s bird covered the 117 miles to his loft in 3hrs 27 mins (994 ypm) Bird number five was also from St Austell club this time it was Jake Waldock who sent 15 birds and has had over half of them back so far. Jake’s first bird home completed the 116miles to his loft in 4hrs 8mins. Jake’s Blue bar hen was a Southwell yearling on her first Channel race. Her sire was a Jack Randell Southwell from a son of Lady Jane paired to a half sister of Lady Janes. Lady Jane herself came 6 times from Barcelona and Palamas, 20th, 109th, 6th,25th 67th open Barcelona and 13th open Palamas with the BBC. Her dam also from a son of Lady jane when paired to a direct Jimmy Sheppard Southwell bred down from Owen 4th Barcelona and Posh Spice 4th Marseilles. Some serious distance blood there Jake. A great first race for section Q with 8 different fliers in the top 10, fingers crossed for more close racing ahead this season.

Section W was won by Phil Bates & Son Neil as well as fifth place flying to a small village called Bagillt close to the River Dee in North Wales. “We are known as “The Chip Shop Boys” having run a successful Fish and Chip Shop until we were forced to close when my late wife Gwenda took ill. Up until 2012 when my wife took ill we had won collectively between Welsh South Road National and Welsh South east National eight National wins and fifty section wins. After this nursing my sick wife was our priority. As in previous Nationals, once again our section winner is bred from two direct from Peter Fox of Syndicate Lofts. We have named the cock “Mam’s Chocolate Soldier” after the nickname my wife called Neil.

W Phil Neil Bates 1st Sect W NFC Guernsey 1

The sire of the cock is from Mona Lisa bloodlines when mated to the Bonny Hen. Our second bird was also from Peter and was from Tefelo and Jennifer Lopez, a daughter of Prospere Rik and Sunday Girl. We race our bird widowhood cocks and widowhood hens with their partners not raced but at home to greet them. Derick Jone in Wrexham was second with a two year old hen which had “carded” last season and also sixth section. Third was J I & C Milward in Buckley and Charlie sent the following “Our first pigeon from Guernsey was a three year old cheq Geveart Hen. In the past she had positioned in the top few of the Wrexham Federation.

W 3rd Sect W NFC Guernsey 1


Her father is the principal breeder the "Wan Cock", bred by P&T Rodgers. He is responsible for pigeons such as the "11 hen", who topped the Wrexham Fed 6 times; the "36 hen" who topped the Wrexham Fed 3 times; the "44 hen" who won 8 x 1st clubs and 3 x 1st Wrexham Feds; and another hen who topped the Wrexham Fed twice. He has also bred numerous pigeons which have been in the top 5 of the Wrexham Fed, and a cock who won 33rd open MNFC Holmsley last year. She was sent paired to another hen and they are both sitting eggs. Her partner won from Weymouth on the same day in the club. Big congratulations to Phil and Neil on a very good Section win.” Fourth section was P & T Reece also in Buckley with a two year old roundabout hen which is ¾ Gary Inkley bloodlines. Seventh section was S K Davenport in Wrexham with a yearling hen whose sire is  from premier stud of Derick Nichols “Man of Chester” lines dam is Marsh/Smith Ian Stafford both good friends of Stuart's. He would also like to congratulate the whole NFC team for a fantastic race he sent 10, all home in just over one hour all looking good on returning home.

Thank you to all those who contributed to this article, it is truly appreciated. Just one quick note to say that there are videos available on the NFC website to assist anyone who may be having difficulties entering their birds online or verifying their pigeons on race day. Just go to and click on the “Help” tab and you will find them there. Any feedback for further assistance videos would be gratefully received.

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