Section A

First section A was Mr & Mrs Brain Wall in Havant who was also third and fourth “We had a very good National race in this area with some great performances, The winning birds performances were fantastic and a big well done to Jason who is always around on these races. My first section bird was a hen bred by Brian Crennan of Whitby, she had not raced since she was a young bird so to time her in was a pleasure. First time this year racing hens and it came up trumps. I race a kind of roundabout system and am enjoying seeing the hens flying around the loft and returning from races. Better than being locked away as widow hens, it's a win win situation and this performance coming two weeks after we won the Classic made it all the more special.” Second was previous NFC winner D & K Jones on Havant with Dave Maththews and Culverhouse in Bardon won fifth place.

Section B

Bill Edwards compiled his report “Section B of the NFC provided both the winner and a couple of superb loft performances at either end of the section. Leading the way, in the East of the section and 1st, 2nd and 8th Open is the Purbrook, near Portsmouth loft of Jason Bowen who also had a third of his ten entries close behind.

J Bowen 1st Sect P NFC Guernsey 2

Jason’s first bird over the pad was a 2yo blue hen bred by friend, Nigel Easton of Bedhampton, from his excellent sprint family. “Don’s Girl”, as she is now named, after Jason’s Dad, was having her 3rd race from Guernsey this year. She has been steady this year after being hit by a BOP around the loft earlier in the season, but was given a North Road race from Leicester, which seems to have reinvigorated her. She is raced on widowhood, with both cocks and hens going most weeks. Jason’s 2nd bird over the pad, just two seconds later, for 2nd Section, 2nd Open was a smokey Blue, home bred Demeyer hen, from bloodlines obtained from Lee Painter and also raced on widowhood. She is a previous club winner from Leicester with the Solent Fed, and has also scored in the ultra-competitive Premier 100 club this year from Yelverton. This was her 5th trip from Guernsey. All the birds are fed on a combination of Versa Laga and Bamfords which are mixed according to conditions. Jason would like to congratulate all the Section winners and give credit to the convoyers on the condition of the birds after the holdover. In 3rd and 4th Section B, 5th and 7th Open with another 3 early birds not far behind, we cross to the West side of the Section and the Salsbury lofts of Johnny (East Wind) Attrill. Johnny would like to congratulate all the winners and all involved in marking etc. 

B Jonny Attrill 3rd 4th Sect B NFC Guernsey 2

His returns were excellent with 28 out of 30 although it would appear to have been a bit tougher further up country. His first bird is a Kees Bosua cock, the sire being from a son of Nightmare X Siso, and the Dam a Daughter of 760 X daughter of Nightmare. 760, was on loan from his good friend John Gerard. He did visit Kees Bosua with John Gerard when he wanted 760 back because he had sired birds to win 1st from 18000 and 21000 birds but he had bred 7 from him before he was returned.  Johnny races his birds on a type of roundabout and feeds Versa Laga Black Label Superstar with Versa Laga respi drops in the water. Johnny’s second arrival, for 4th section, 7th open is Belgium rung but without the pedigree to hand. Johnny would like to extend congratulations to Jason Bowen, on two good birds and good luck to everyone with hopes that we can all get the CPH number organised.  Fifth was Jason Bowen’s third bird to also take 8th Open and 6th section, 13th open is the Father and Son partnership from Romsey of Ian and Scott Smith.

B Ian Scott and Linda Smith 5th Sect B NFC Guernsey 2

Ian would like to congratulate all the winners and says that his first bird is an inbred, shadow vandenabeele hen, flown natural and from birds Ian and Dad Barry bought in from M & D Evans and B Shipley. Due to the holdover Ian had to rely on his better half, Linda to do the honours of clocking and verifying. This hen obviously likes Guernsey, as she was 6th section, 76th open two weeks earlier and was their first arrival from BICC Guernsey the week before.

Section C

Mel & Sue King won section C with a two year old Vandenabelle widowhood cock which was bred from the race team out of two Federation winners.

C Mel Sue King 1st Sect C NFC Guernsey 2

His line goes back to their original M & D Evans which they have been cultivating for 23 years now. The both extend their congratulations to the winner Jason Bowden and all the other section winners. Second was Dan Lanahan & John Gerard who are having a great season, having come third section in the first Guernsey race.

C Lanahan Gerard 2nd Sect C NFC Guernsey 2

Being second this time and 4th open their bird was from their Benny Steveninck “Chipo” lines when crossed with a dark hen which was given to them by Nev Charlton. He had also scored 3rd section from Wakefield the week before. Third section was Neville & Diana Spracklen who would like to congratulate Jason bowen on winning the national very well deserved. 

C Neville Diana Spracklen 3rd Sect C NFC Guernsey 2

Their pigeon is a yearling bred for the long distance so they were surprised to see it doing the velocity he did. He is from a son of Mark Gilbert's “Sebastian” x with a granddaughter of “Southfield Supreme”. He has been very consistent and could have won the fed as a young bird after arriving with the winner. They would like to thank Andy Mabin and the team at Kingsteignton marking station for doing a great job in getting the birds through quickly.  4th and 5th section was John Halstead

C John Halstead 4th 5ht Sect C NFC Guernsey 2


Section D

Josh Goodier in Marsh Green was first section D and Josh was over the moon with his section win, his winning bird being a Pied cock raced on the roundabout system and was bred by his dad, Richard Goodier.

D Josh Goodier Paul Harredence 1st 2nd Sect D NFC Guernsey 2


His Sire is a Herman Ceusters which has been a top stock cock producing many winners to include 10th Open Gran Canaria OLR. His Dam is a Van Den Bulck hen from P & D Stud carrying the "Expensive Kittel" lines. His full brother was 1st Section B for Richard, BBC Guernsey last week. Second was Paul Harredence from Ottley St Mary having his first old bird season and this his first ever NFC race.  Paul was chuffed to have won 2nd section with a bird bred by Richard Goodier and is from his Vandenabeele x Thone channel team. Beingn raced natural his cock was driving his hen for this race which certainly motivated him. He is fed on Versa Laga corns to suit up coming race. Third was hard working NFC Chairman Mr Paul Naum in Watchet who said “Our bird is a 4 year old Ko Nipius cock bird, a line still going strong in our lofts, originating from  our good friend George Hilson of Bury, Lancashire who is one of the best  distance men in the country and now retired from the sport. Basket trained as a young bird, this pigeon's racing career did not begin until he was 3 years of age, with four races entered with the DCWSCFS in 2021.

D Paul Naum 3rd Sect D NFC Guernsey with the new loft guard


Preparation for this current season offered no training, due to prolific hawk attacks. His first club race 74 miles in distance, was followed by his first NFC race from Guernsey resulting in a 22nd Section position. He was then sent back to Guernsey 2 NFC flying on the Natural system and racing to sitting eggs, he romped home to finish 3rd Section with a good Open position. Congratulation to: Jason Bowen of Waterlooville, winner of the Guernsey National, all Section winners and our splendid convoying team; it's great to be back racing. Fourth was Tony Churchill in Sidmouth who timed a Jos Thone widowhood cock.

D Tony Churchill left with clubmates Richard Goodier Simon Cordery NFC Guernsey 2

His lines are from Richard Goodier which have done well over the channel for Tony. He mainly races widowhood cocks but is trying a few hens for this year. “Well done to all winners and the birds where in excellent condition seeing as they were in the basket for 4 days.” Fifth place went to John and Sandy Westacott in Newton Abbott with a two year old chequer pied hen.

D Mr Mrs Westacott 5th Sect D NFC Guiernsey 2

She is a great granddaughter on the sire's side of 'Sybil' their 1st Open NFC winner from Saintes in 2008 which was bred in 2005 is still in the loft today. The dam is Robert Cormac X Delbar. Having no training this year she was jumped into first club race with the Devon South Road Fed and has been a consistent racer, this time sent sitting 3 days at the time of basketing. She was sent to Guernsey as a trainer for the longer channel races…hopefully.

Section E

Topping section E was Roger Lowe who would like to congratulate the winner on two good birds and to all the other section winners. “Sending 19 birds getting 17 home on the day it turned out ok considering the weather which was overcast most of the day my first bird now named “Blue 46” has been one of my most consistent birds having scored in the classic and national before.

E Roger Lowe 1st Sect E NFC Guernsey 2

He is bred from my 1st NFC Sigogne winner “Main Son” who is bred from the “Main Man” who finished 2nd and 3rd open Saintes in the NFC. He in turn is bred from my best breeding hen ever “My Little Diamond” also a 1st NFC winner in her one and only race plus breeder of “Nemesis” 1st NFC plus many more top national and classic positions. The dam of “Blue 46” is a gift pigeon from a good friend Stephen Eggleton who has moved back to Australia. She is a full sister to “Return Joe Flo” bred by Pieter Veenstra and granddaughter to many of his top birds including “Davince” “Special Blue”. I would also like to thank the many friends who phone to congratulate me”  John Haynes in Maidenhead was second section with Mr & Mrs J Froude third in Reading. Fourth was A G Muir in Dorking with Roger Lowe taking fifth and sixth. Robert Rome was seventh with a 2 year old and very consistent performer in any conditions, bred by good friend Drew Callan. Sire is a direct Patrick & Dimitri Houfflijn an inbred son of their ace racer “200” a multiple National performer including 18th National Brive 16,007 birds etc.

E Robert Rome 7th Sect E NFC Guernsey 2

He in turn comes from two excellent racers for the Houfflijn’s - the cock being 6th National and 15th Internat Pau. The bloodlines are Willequet , a strain which excels in the difficult races, and which have been cultivated by Patrick and Dimitri since the 1980’s. Dam is a Krauth hen bred by Drew Callan from his fathers old lines. “The Houfflijn birds are an important breeding pillar for me. When I raced in Cheltenham 2012 to 2015, they helped me win, with the NFC 3 x 1st, 6 x 2nd, 3 x 3rd, 1 x 4th, 4 x 5th and 3 x 6th Section prizes. Plus my Fabia was bred from a Houfflijn cock. She won from the first race 60 miles to 606 miles (Tarbes). She scored at NFC Tarbes 4 years on the trot winning 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th Section and was the NFC Car winner in 2015. On the race day, it was a year since my father passed away and I wanted a good result to dedicate this race to him.”

Section F

Nigel Rigani in Salisbury was first section F “Firstly I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to Jason Bowen and all the section winners. Fresh from his 2nd SE section win with the Classic from Guernsey last week, 06 was shown his hen on Wednesday the day before the NFC marking and has now taken 1st section F and 9th Open NFC Guernsey. The parents were gifted to me from Sam Wilson of “Amber Star” fame 1st Open CSCFC Pau.

F Nigel Rigiani 1st Sect F NFC Guernsey 2

Both of these birds were Dutch rung but with no paperwork so no proof of parentage but like my late father always said "paper never refuses ink" so some pedigrees mean nothing. As an ex Convoyer myself I have to say after such a long hold over, all my birds came in excellent condition, my thanks to the chief convoyer and his assistances plus a big thank you to Mark Gower for taking my birds to the marking station. Having a great race was J J Schoeman who won 2nd 3rd 4th & 5th section. “I want to start congratulating all the winners and competitors on what clearly was a very tough day for most northerly lofts as some had very bad returns on the day, but credit to NFC transport team as my birds were in prestige condition on arrival. I was just lucky on the day and in the 4 and half years racing never experienced a holdover past 4 days, so the birds just wanted to get home. I had two yearling hens home first, both not trained as young birds just loft flying due to the hawk attacks so I tried a different method to try give them a chance in life. First bird to win second section and 10th open was a daughter from “Son Dazzler” bred by Anton Ashore my JAV Syndicate OLR Partner and also where most of the stock birds are housed. My second bird home 3rd section 12th open was a Gabby Vandenabeele bred by the top club, fed, section and open flyer Mr Mark Gower, who in my short career has gifted me birds to score in club and fed and good section results, was on both sides.

Section G

Following on from his section win in the first Guernsey race to take the top spot once again was Wojciech Blachut in Trowbridge who also took the third place. “I would like to thank the National Flying Club that I could join this year and I would also like to congratulate the winner and all the section winners. My first and third pigeon were from a bloodline of pigeons which belonged to my best friend Brian Sheppard who sadly passed away in 2019.  I really appreciate what’s he did for me and for those pigeons he passed down to me, which I paired up with pigeons from my very good friends Robert and Patryk Sulkowski from Poland, who for more than 10 years have been top flyers in Poland.

G Wojciech Blachut with Robert Sulkowski 1st Sect G NFC Guernsey 2

I would not have expected to win the section again and I'm happy that my pigeons got through all of it and made me proud yet again. Many thanks to all my friends for the help. Second section was Paul Weems  who said “Firstly would like to congratulate Jason Bowen on winning 1st open and congratulations to Wojciech Blachut on winning the section and to all other section winners. I was very pleased on the condition of the pigeons on arrival considering the long hold over well done to the convoying team. My first bird was a G and C. Cooper lines flown on the roundabout system and has been consistent to the loft but always being few minutes behind, until now.

G Paul Weems 2nd Sect G NFC Guernsey 2


G 2nd Sect G NFC Guernsey 2 for Paul Weems

Fourth was Paul Lee with a two year old hen also flown on the roundabout system. The sire is a Lambrecht and dam was purchased from Gary Summers of Nailsea. She flew well as a yearling winning first club from Truro and other minor prizes, she has also won first club this season from Exeter and was 17th Bristol Fed.

G Paul Lee 4th Sect G NFC Guernsey 2

Section H

First section H was Phil Lane in Bedford

H Phil Lane 1st Sect H NFC Guernsey 2

with David Paine in St Neots second. David timed a two year old widowhood cock which has been fairly consistent with this being his best position so far. He was bred by good friend Steve Profitt out of his Pieter Veenstra birds. Third was John Searle from Great Abington Cambridge who timed a four year old blue chequer hen.

H John Searle 3rd Sect H NFC Guernsey 2

She has been a very consistent race hen bred from his Leo Van Rijn x Heeres & Son stock birds. She is related to John’s two year old cock bird that has won 1st and 2nd Section from Guernsey in the B.I.C.C. in the last two races. Ron and Angie Auler in Brandon timed another good bird to take fourth section which had raced from Guernsey in two previous races this season with the BICC.

H Ron Angie Auker 4th Sect H NFC Guernsey 2

His sire is their good chequer cock which has won two 1st sections in the MNFC being the only day bird in the section in both races. His Dam is a hen purchased from the Blackpool charity auction bred by John Halstead. He was sent to the race with a 10 day old youngster in the nest, he was raced 90 miles the previous week and had a 30 mile training chuck prior to the race. Fifth was C Crick & Son from Stotfold.

Section I

Winning first section I was H Winstanley & Sons in Sutton Coalfield with a three year old hen which is a Cueleman cross Van den Brande gifted by good friend Anthony Arnold from one of his top stock pairs.

I Howard Winstanley 1st Sect I NFC Guernsey 2

She was flown natural and sent sitting eggs just chipping. She is a very consistent hen which had won 1st club, 6th Tamworth Fed from Newton Abbot last season. Following on from his first section win in the first Guernsey race by taking second place was Tim Atkin in Rugby.

I Tim Atkin 1st Sect I Guernsey 1 and 2nd Sect I NFC Guernsey 2

His first bird is from a son of “Friendship” when paired to a daughter of “Foxy Lady”. This pair have bred top 10 section winners in the NFC and several Federation winners. His second bird is from a son of “Propere 10” when paired to a daughter of “Minerva”. This pair have now bred 1st Section NFC, two top 10 section NFC and over 10 x 1st Federation winners. Third section was Gavin Duggan in Chipping Campden with a five year old pied cock which was also timed from Guernsey 1 NFC and is down from Gavin’s Jan Aarden lines.

I 3rd Sect I for G Duggan NFC Guernsey 2

In fourth place was Mr & Mrs J Passey & Family from Norton Juxta Twycross.

I John Passey G Son Jaxson 4th Sect I NFC Guernsey 2

John writes “Firstly may I say that the birds arrived back in first class condition and none the worse for four days in the basket, although one or two were a bit tired. Our returns were ok with 16 out of 20 home. The 4th section winner is a two year old blue Flor Engels widowhood hen bred from stock via our great friends Geoff and Barbara Kirkland. She is named “Olivia” after our latest granddaughter and has been a really consistent hen. She has been to Guernsey four times now and along with this 4th section she has won 12th and 26th section with the NFC and 7th section with the MNFC. In fifth place was Leon Prince with a yearling hen raced on the widowhood system. She has had a few prizes as a young bird and her breeding is Rene Nauwelaert x Van de Rhee 

Section J

First section J was Lionel Brewer in Worcester with Mike Smart from Wolverhampton second.

J Mick Smart 2nd Sect J NFC Guernsey 2

Mike said “Congratulations to Mr Brewer, a very good bird winning the section on what turned out to be a difficult race further in land. My 2nd Section pigeon is a Blue Heremans Ceusters widowhood cock, which has now got the nickname of the “Disappointer”, not for his performance as I am proud of that. It's just that he has brought home to me how much I would miss National channel racing if I can't get my head around this channel racing issue. What a coincidence Dave Rayner from Bridgwater reported one of my pigeons injured from this race. I say coincidence as I met Dave at the National Flying Club presentation last year, we sat next to each other, even had a photo taken with him holding one of two Chris Sutton photos for his performance pigeons and it was a good night. In conversation I asked him if he had sent to the National Flying Club he replied he had not participated this time which is a shame. I do hope we can rally round for the future of this sport, what with increased fuel and feed prices coupled with red tape politics, the burden grows. I personally can't see how you can control the movement of liberated pigeons; we all know that some go anywhere and everywhere. One depressed G.M.Smart.” Cheer up Mike, we have a great race from France coming up on the 2nd July and will soon be back to normal. Pete Barlow from Coombe Hill was third

J Pete Barlow 3rd Sect J NFC Guerrnsey 2

with Shaun Stanton in Stourport on Severn fourth. Fifth place went to Martin Williams “Congratulations to Jason Bowen and my section winner Lionel Brewer.

J Martin Williams 5th Sect J NFC Guernsey 2

With a family wedding clashing with this race, I had decided to only send a small team of 4 to make it easier for a friend to clock for me. This included my CSCFC section winner from the previous week. She is "Blue Gem", my three year old, 2nd Ace Pigeon from the NFC last year, a Freddy Vandenheede x my old family. With the race being held over, it enabled me to see her come back on the Monday and once again for the second week in succession, it was no surprise to see her drop in first.

Section K

In section K H A Rawson, son & Towers clocked their fifth section winner and would like to thank the convoyers for the excellent condition of their birds which came home from the race.

K H A Rawson Son Towers 1st Sect K NFC Guernsey 2

Their 1st section winner is a blue cock bred from two birds which are also 1st section winners from Messac. “We would like to congratulate the winner of the national, very well done to them and may I add a personal thank you to Bruce my dear friend, my wife Maureen, my daughter Lianne and all the other club members for helping me while I have been very poorly. Having the pigeons gives me a lot of pleasure and encourages me to get better.” Second was JJ Booth in Castleford with J & J Greenfield in Barnsley third. Fourth was Kevin Keeley and Dave Allen with a two year old cock bred by Dave at his own loft from a very special pair. This pigeon was on his fourth Guernsey race on the trot having already been 207th open BICC 5847b, 39th NC section followed with NFC 418th open 6599 birds 22nd section k, followed by 59th open BICC 5440b 12th NC and last weekend 4th section K so it looks like he likes Guernsey thanks to Dave for all your help and could I have a couple more like this one please, Kevin. 

Section L

Leading the way in section L was the long term NFC Committee man Gerry Clements in Manchester with a 2 year old blue widowhood cock which is full of National performances throughout his breeding, the sire is “Twitter” a top racer for Gerry, 1st Manchester FC, 1st Lancashire social Messac 400 miles, Fastest of total lib 7,000b plus. 5th Lancashire Social Circle Niort 500 miles, 25th section 88th Open NFC Fougeres and 81st Open NFC Messac. “Twitter” is son of “Hercules” 1st Yearling Open Midlands National and prolific breeder top producer for different lofts when Hercules was paired to the Aelbrecht Hen a top breeder for Gerry. The dam was herself 1st Section L 22nd open Coutances 3,246b. 

L Gerrry Clements 1st Sect L NFC Guernsey 2

Second was the consistent loft of Hughes and Buckley from Rochdale.

L Hughes Buckley 2nd Sect L NFC Guernsey 2

“We timed a yearling Lambrechts x De Meyer hen. She was bred for us as a kit of 10 to try by Darren Glenn of Shaw near Oldham. This hen is part of a team of 25 spare yearling hens that have been playing about with some early bred young cocks and they have brought us some nice bits of success so far this season. We would like to congratulate the section winner Gerry Clements who I know has not been in the best of health for a while now, but hopefully this little win will cheer him up. Well done Gerry. Campbell Brothers in Liverpool were third section with a blue yearling cock bred from their race birds.

L 3rd L Sect L NFC Guernsey 2 for Campbell Brothers pictured on return

His sire won 1st Pirrie Gold ring futurity race and is Willy Thas x Van den Driesshe x Lambrecht. The dam Xavier Verstraete Top Star x Chris Hebberecht.  She is sister to 2nd section 8th Open National last season from Sennon Cove. Eric Taylor in Crewe was fourth who said “I would like to congratulate all the winner's, especially the further north as it was a lot tougher than I expected after seeing the early velocities. My pigeon is off Gerald Delaney “Ace of Diamonds”. G Bower in Congleton was fifth.

Section M

It was great to see birds timed right up into section M to the Annan loft of E Hodgson & Sons.

M John Hodgson 1st Sect M NFC Guernsey 2

John timed very early on the second day flying 381 miles and timed another four during the morning. He sent me the details of his first two birds and the first pigeon was the same hen as last year which was 1st Sect from Guernsey and she has scored several times in club including 1st Club 2nd Federation. Her sire is a direct Oswald Schneider and the dam is a direct R X Verstraete "Top Star" Bloodlines. His second pigeon was at Guernsey last year also sire by a direct Oswald Schneider who is sire of his pigeon called "Roxy" a silver award winner with SNFC.  The dam is a direct Twan Bongers from the lines of "Romee & Kliene Jade" Well done John, it was a testing day for most and your timings right up into Scotland from the NFC is a real achievement indeed.

Section N

Thanks to Jeff Walton who writes “There were only three birds on the day in NFC Section N from over 200 sent and very few have turned in since. Bob McKie of Blackhall Mill won 1st & 2nd NFC section with a Red cock, namely “Virtue’s Boy” a 2018 Late bred trained 50 miles, lightly raced and his sire bred by David Coward-Talbot.

N Bob McKie 1st 2nd Sect N NFC Guernsey 2

The dam is an outstanding stock hen from Peter Virtue she is Dam, G/dam of multiple winners from 50 to 640 miles. “Virtue's Boy” was sent feeding a big baby and was keen on his hen again. Bob’s second bird is a 2020 late bred chequer cock, very lightly raced in 2021 being bred from House of Aarden stock. Dam a 2019 summer bred Southwell bred by Albi Deacon. He was sent very keen sitting a small baby and he only have 2/6 cocks back from this tough race. Kevin & Tracy Kelly of North Shields have some special pigeon in their grizzle cock, “Ronnie”.

N Kevin Tracy Kelly 3rd Sect N NFC Guernsey 2

Ronnie he is a grandson of “Champagne Charlie” from Marshall and Smith on the sire side. On the dam’s side he is Nouwen-Paesen the famous Barcelona flyers. He topped NFC Section N from the first Guernsey two weeks ago & now winning 3rd Section N. He won in 2020 1st club 5th Fed 9th Section 62nd UNC Gien flying 538 miles. In 2021 he 4th NFC Section N Guernsey. At clock opening on Tuesday evening only eight back from 33. Alan Dixon of Newcastle won 4th & 5th NFC Section N. His first bird’s sire was through his Busschaert x Fran Zwol stock, dam “Euro Diamond” lines. Alan’s second bird is a Busschaert x K Hine. Dam was from Ian Black and both flown celibate. After five days he has three from ten home.”

Section O

In 1st and 4th Section O from this second Guernsey race was the consistent Kendal loft of Kris Czaplinski.

O Kriz Czaplinski 1st 4th Sect O NFC Guernsey 2

Kris has been racing really well this year at club and federation level, so taking this section win was no great surprise to his competitors. Kris sent eight birds to the race and on the Friday after he had unfortunately only clocked two of his birds with his second pigeon arriving the following morning. His first bird flew the 326 mile journey in just over ten hours. This bird is chequer cock and is a son of one of his best pairs, with the sire being Kris best channel bird. The section winner is a Royston Davies of Port Talbot x Bruce Blamire of Kendal bird and was sent on widowhood. When Kris first started in the sport in the UK he was gifted a team of 16 birds from top local fancier Bruce Blamire. Kris then looked around for a cross into these birds and found Royston Davies. This is the main base of the Czaplinsky lofts and Kris and Royston are still in touch today. In second section once again is Dave Travis. Dave clocked his hen after twelve hours and fifteen minutes on the wing. This hen was 7th Section from the last Guernsey race and was bred by good friends Roy and Christine Nicholson. Dave tells me that Roy was a very good fancier in his own right but gave up the birds a few years ago. He then decided to keep a small team of pets and has been breeding Dave half a dozen youngsters every year. Roy helps Dave out with his birds whenever Dave is working away so I’m sure seeing this result will give Roy just as much pleasure as it has given Dave. On the Friday after the race Dave had 6 birds returned from his entry of 11. Third section was the winner from the first Guernsey race Arthur Wilson with the same pigeon that won the section. This game pigeon was now sitting around 15 days on eggs and returned after thirteen hours and seventeen minutes in great condition. Arthur now only has seven birds to race after being virtually cleaned out by vermin. He was left with only 12 birds but has still managed to race every week so I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this pigeon. Arthur sent two birds to the race with this being his only returnee by the Friday.

Section P

Section P had a lower entry than the first Guernsey, but a similar result with the winner on that occasion the National winners Mr & Mrs John Buckfield coming out on top of the section once again.

P Mr Mrs John Buckfield 1st Sect P NFC Guernsey 2

The leading pigeon at 39th Open was in my opinion a really good pigeon on the day and a clear section winner. To cap a good day they were also second and fourth section. My thanks to their son Tony for collecting their info.Here is what John had to say “It’s a Gaston van de wouwer bred by Tony, Although this hen has not won before she has always been consistent and won a bit of pool money. All birds came home in good condition with 100% returns. Congratulations to the open winner and all other section winners. And hats off to the convoy team re putting up with an extended weekend.” At Third section is Freddie Hadley & family from Leigh on sea.

P Freddie Hadley James 3rd Sect P NFC Guernsey 2


P James Hadley Sect P NFC Guernsey

This what Freddie told me “I would like to say well done to Jason Bowen on 1st & 2nd NFC & also well done to John Buckfield on winning section P twice on the bounce now, well done John congratulations. My pigeon has always been named ‘Ground Zero’ since he started to show promise last year, hence his ring numbers. As a young bird last year he scored. 7th club Holmsely - 41st TNEC 1,319b, 3rd club Purbeck - 23rd TNEC 2,124b, 3rd club Littlehampton, 2nd club Weymouth - 7th TNEC 1,141b, 2nd club Weymouth - 18th TNEC 805b, 189th open BICC Guernsey (2) 2,164b. Just two weeks ago on the 21st of May Ground Zero recorded 12th section P 27th open NFC Gurnsey 6,599 pigeons & now yet another section P and open position in this race from Guernsey 2. ‘Ground Zero’ was bred by the partnership of Lewis & Angie Milne of Sutton, Doncaster. I have been fortunate to have obtained some very good pigeons from Lewis & Angela over recent years since 2016 when a kit was sent down to try and the friendship was struck from the get-go. “I actually managed to take a look at the parents of him when I took a visit to Lewis and Angela last December and the pair where just impeccable and once again Lewis has repaid me this year by sending me some down from the same pigeons so thanks again Lewis & Ange.” The sire of ‘Ground Zero’ was bred by Etienne Meerscharet and purchased by Lewis after his racing career winning 22nd NPO 8,600b, 26th - 18,948b, 31st - 10,082b, 56th - 1,369b, 97th-1,957b competing. Lines containing Rudy Van Reeth, Dirk Van Den Bulk & Stefaan Lambrechts. The Dam being direct from Bob Fenech bred from a brother of “Red Alert”, father to a hen that won 2x1st Feds with little miss Sagan lines thrown in to the mix.” Just a quick mention for young James in the photo who is obsessed with the pigeons, so and up and coming ace for the future no doubt. In at fifth section is Andrew Cousins from Bishops Stortford . Andy clocked a 2yo hen which had previously won,3rd section,108th open Guernsey 2 1st club, 35th open Weymouth TNEC, 2,581b, 7th section 416th open Guernsey 2, 5,831b 2021, 46th section, 876th open 5,600b, Sennon Cove 1 2021

P Andrew Cousins 3rd Sect P NFC Guernsey 2


She is G,daughter of Rob Pughes “Licensed to Thrill” x “M” two of Robs best racer/breeders. Finally, we have Tony Buckfield, once again featuring in the section result following the previous Guernsey race. Tony had this to say “This Gaston van de Wouwer has had a win last year and has been my first bird home on several occasions. She has had every race so far this year and is currently back to Yeovil for the club race. Well done to the convoy team who had to look after these birds for extra few days. Well done to the winning open fanciers and again a big congratulations to my mum and dad for a great section win and slipped in another 3 in front of me in this section.” Well done to the Buckfield family and everyone else who featured in the section result.

Section Q

Chris Boyce writes for Section Q “Finally after much soul searching and weather watching the second Guernsey race got under way on Mon 6th June. Many local fliers were disappointed that the long forecast easterly wind was deemed unsafe and hopes of a National win in the Section were dashed as we held over to the Monday and a much quieter SW wind. Can not help wondering what would have happened if it had been a strong wind from the South on the Saturday. That said the racing was again highly competitive with a total of 11 different fanciers finishing in the top 13. The early lead was taken by Terry Luscombe who had won the first Guernsey race and looked like he had number two in the bag

Q Terry Luscombe Sect Q NFC Guernsey 2

but as the day unfolded and birds started to arrive further and further west the lead changed and AS Mitchell and Son (Tubby and Dan to us) of Camborne pipped Terry to the Section win.

Q Dan Allan Mitchell 1st Sect Q NFC Guernsey 2

They had sent four birds and the section winning bird was a gift to the guys from the Angwin Family lofts, from their highly successful Busschearts, it completed the 132 miles with a velocity of 1120 ypm.  Terry Luscombe of Plymouth club flying out of Looe being second sent six birds. The successful bird was not the same bird as before being a yearling blue cock bought from fellow club member Zibi Novac. He was driving his hen when sent to the race and completed the 103 miles to Looe with a velocity of 1102 ypm. Third Section was Mervyn Elliot of Hayle club, Mervyn and his brother Steve sent four birds. Their 3rd Section bird was a blue chequer hen flying to a 7 day old youngster and is a Janssen out of a red chequer hen from Jon Heffron and a Braspenning Janssen cock from his friend Harry in Gateshead. The 135 miles to Hayle were covered in a velocity of 1081ypm. Fourth were T D & L Hosking, of Penzance club. Darren sent ten birds and their first home was a blue chequer cock being a Daniel Aeren crossed with a Mueleman and was sent sitting on eggs for 6 days.  As a matter of interest this bird has flown the channel 4 times achieving 2nd,4th, 6t h and 12th Section and always been his first bird home. There must be a record there somewhere! The bird covered the 141 miles to Penzance in a velocity of 1070ypm. Fifth section was Joe Nuciforo of Redruth club. Jo sent ten birds and his first bird home was a 2019 dark chequer pied hen bred from a cock that was a grandson of “Padfields Invincible” and a hen also from Padfield lines, both birds were bought from Gareth Watkins and originated from House of Aarden. She was raced on the roundabout system and completed the 129 miles to Redruth in a velocity of 977ypm. It is sad to have to report that the bird has been lost to predators since finishing the race. Sorry to hear that Joe, but it’s a very familiar problem here on the Cornish coast.

Section W

John David won section W with a 3 year old blue pied cock bred from two famous Belgium families.

W John David 1st Sect W NFC Guernsey 2

The sire is from a pair of direct Roland and Guy Nihoul`s when crossed with a hen bred from a gift pair bred by late Roger Vereecke. The Nihoul`s were 3 x National Long Distance Champions of Belgium over a 4 year period. Roger Vereecke who was a true legend of the sport, always said a pigeon doesn't fully mature until he is 3 years old, and of course we haven't been able to fly the channel in recent years apart from Guernsey, which the above cock  has flown 4 times. The winning pigeon is very protective of his box and attacks John’shand whenever I try to catch him but last season, he took 4 days to return from Guernsey. He is flown on the widowhood system, but this time spent 1 hour with his hen before basketing for the race. Unusually, after exercise the cocks always see their hens through the adjoining compartment for a few moments which keeps them on their toes. He, like several of his loft-mates normally fly the southeast route and have never flown the south route into Wales apart from Guernsey. “I do feel that the experience of flying in the NFC does make our pigeons more competent as they have to think for themselves and break away from the masses making up the convoy. This season the cocks are only exercised for up to 50 minutes once a day as they are only flying in races up to 200 miles. Interestingly, my 2nd pigeon who was 6th west Section is a three year old chequer cock only half the size of my section winner but I have learned over the years that size doesn't matter, its all about the heart and motivation. It saddens me to think that registering to fly channel racing into Wales this summer and obtaining a CPH number through Defra (as compared to England) is proving an almost insurmountable task even for fanciers who are reasonably computer literate like myself.”

A huge thank you to all those who have helped me to compile this report and it is one in which some have voiced a little dismay regarding channel racing. I would like reassure those by saying that the NFC Committee held an emergency meeting on the 8th June to discuss the possibility of racing from France and the outcome was a very positive one. The NFC, BICC, CSCFC and the BBC are to hold a joint race from St Philbert on the 2nd of July with four marking stations open to all our members. This will spread the extra costs of having to have an Official Vet at each station and the paperwork required to get all our birds through the border for a liberation. It really is not that difficult once you have obtained the DRFRA registration numbers and we all must help each other through this initial period of doubts. There are instructional videos on both the RPRA and the NFC websites, explaining how to go through the process of registering and once it has been done, the Pau Grand National is on for all our registered members three weeks after St Philbert, so if you need any help….ask for assistance.

News and views to me Chris Sutton on 01530 242548 or 07792 356330 email