The National Flying Club committee, along with many other organisations have been striving to bring the best racing possible whilst operating in unprecedented times. Over the past two or three seasons the sport in general has been in a flux with Covid, Brexit and Bird Flu to contend with, but thanks to the hard work of a few prominent people we can now see a light at the end of a very long tunnel. The challenges placed before us in order to race from France have been successfully surpassed and although our individual members have some initial form filling to do, there the joint race which was organised between the NFC, BICC, BBC and the CSCFC was very successful with a total of 342 NFC members sending 4,069 birds to St Philbert to join a total convoy of 5300 birds. Congratulations go to all the winners of the participating clubs and especially to Gladwin, Jarvis and Family for their first National Flying Club win to accompany their previous national wins in the BICC and the BBC. The weather on the day was not too kind to those in the midlands and further north, as once again the forecast for showers actually became a band of heaver rain which was unforeseen by the overall race controllers of the joint race, but having said that some super performances were put in by brave and determined pigeons in the northern sections, which I hope will put them in good stead for the Grand National on the 22nd of July. To those members who have yet to apply for their CPH numbers I must recommend you do so at the earliest convenience as DEFRA will withdraw their extra resources in the next couple of months at which time it will take much longer to get a response and if anyone is thinking of leaving it until the spring of 2023 be aware that they will have thousands of new born lambs etc to register at that time, which could mean even more delay. In short “do it now” as it is the best option and with the Young Bird race being from France, it would be back to normal much sooner. I would also like to point out that some sections have not featured in this report due solely to the fact that the marking stations available were just too far to travel. It is hoped that over the next few months the situation can be resolved in some way to ensure some of our members do not have to drive over 450 miles round trip to be able to compete from France, it is a worrying time for some.

Section: A

Once again Mr & Mrs May & Son won section A and Darren sent me the following “Firstly we would like to say congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to the convoyers with the birds returning in great condition on what turned out a tough day. Our first bird is bred by our partnership loft of Yves De Wit in Belgium. She was raced on roundabout widowhood and had been given just one 100 mile race this season prior to this race and she has also previously won 1st Federation for us. In this race across the different organisations she has provisionally won 2nd Section, 4th Open CSCFC 872 birds, 1st Section, 9th Open BBC National 1297 birds, 1st Section, 18th Open NFC National 4069 birds, 8th Section, 28th Open BICC National 2046 birds.

A1 Josh Darren May 1st Sect A NFC St Philbert

Our second bird to win fifth section was also bred by our partnership loft of Yves De Wit in Belgium.  She was also raced on roundabout widowhood and had been given only one 100 mile race this season prior to this race. She is a half sister to our Elite Breeder “Champion Elita”, who is responsible for many winners and is also a 1st Combine winner herself. Second section was  J May & Son who would like to say well done to everyone involved in get us back racing from France and well done to all the winners.

A2 Jonny May 2nd Sect A NFC St Philbert

Their first pigeon was a grand child of super breeder “Spiderman” and has been one of their best racers. He had 4 races prior to this and is raced on widowhood, came back in fantastic condition and they are looking forward to the next race from France. Third was Fred Hall & Daughters with a blue cock raced on widowhood.

A3 3rd Sect A for Fred HAll Daug NFC St Philbert

His sire is a grandson of “Invincible Spirit” x George Carteus and his dam is of Syndicate Lofts breeding sister, to the “Good Hen” 4 times in the top ten of the NW Combine, her sire being a son of “Caliph” and her dam a daughter of “The Good Pair” responsible for loads of winners at all levels up to national’s. Brian Wall featured in the top five once again, this time being fourth and said “What a great feeling to be able to fly the channel again after two years absence.

A4 Brian Wall 4th Sect A NFC St Philbert

Thanks to all at the marking station with all the stellar work you did in what must have been a long day. It was great to see fanciers I had not seem for a few years, just like the old days at Reading. My first bird was from Owen Simpson of Darlington as I have had a few birds from Owen over the last couple of years, but have not been able to really test them as we had not been able to go over channel, hence birds have flown at most 100 miles, so it was good to get a 240 plus miles out of them. Next race will be Poitiers with BICC. Well done all the winners.

Section: B

Taking the Premier position in Section B and 10th Open is the Southampton Loft of Darren Ede and his young family to add to some other excellent results achieved over recent seasons.

B1 B 1st Sect B for Team Ede NFC St Philbert

This is what Darren had to say “Firstly I’d like to congratulate all the other Section Winners and of course the overall winners, my good friends John and Theresa Gladwin, better people within the sport you’ll be hard pressed to find, congratulations Guys. Sending a small but dynamic team of six “Harry” hens for their first race from the South in over two years, I’m extremely pleased to win the section.

B1 Darren Ellouise Franklin Emilia team Ede 1st Sect B NFC St Philbert

This hen has also won 1st Section, 1st Open CSCFC and 1st Section, 5th Open BBC. The Section winner is a Granddaughter of “Harry”, being from my best breeding son of “Harry”, “Forever Grateful” who has now bred 4 X 1st Section winners and 2 X 2nd Section Winners as well as “ Licence to Thrill”, the super Welsh racing and breeding champion. This small team have not let me down all season, winning on the north road in the CSCFC, 4th, 5th & 6th Open, Wakefield, 3rd 11th & 19th Open Hexham, 3rd, 12th, 13th, 14t, 17th & 19th open Perth. Due to some changes coming up in my personal life, this is the last couple of races of my current racing career and all the birds will be auctioned by Les Green & John Crehan after the Season, good luck to everyone for the rest of the season, Darren”

Next is one of the most consistent and prolific of National performing lofts, Dave and Lisa Waterhouse, who won 2nd, 3rd and 4th Section, 62nd, 64th & 87th Open.

B2 Dave Waterhouse 2nd 3rd 4th Sect B NFC St Philbert

This is what Dave had to say about his performance. “Firstly can we congratulate all the winners from today’s race. My first two arrivals are from my sprint team. The first cock is from my son of “Sagon”, has been very consistent whilst only being a yearling and first time across from France. My second bird is from CWL birds out of a son of “Eurovision” X “Coutance Hen” which was also having her first trip from France. My third bird is down from my ace pair and has previously won 3rd Section, 5th Open NFC, 1st Section, 8th Open NFC in a strong NE wind.  My birds are flown on roundabout and fed on Vanrobeys Superstar Plus. Please can I say a special thank you to all the team at the marking station. It was nice to see all old and new friends having a chat and some banter. Well done once again every one and looking forward to the next one. In fifth place was the ever-consistent Fordingbridge loft of Mark Gower.

B5 Mark Gower 5th Sect B NFC St Philbert

This is what Mark had to say “Well done to Mr and Mrs Gladwin and all the Section Winners. My first arrival for 5th Section is a three year old cock bred from a son of Premier Stud’s “Man- O-Chester” when paired to a hen bred by GWP Macaloney from “Camelot” X Blue Caviar”. He has been a steady performer and always looks fresh when returning and was 5th Section B NFC Guernsey 2 weeks previously. It did not prove to be an easy race for flyers on the Westerly side this time with most birds returning out of the North East and  I ended up with 13 out of my 20 entries on the night. Well done to all the people that worked tirelessly to get the birds to the race, especially with all the paperwork involved”. My thank once again to Bill Edwards for compiling his report.

Section: C

Mel and Sue King had a super day winning 1st and 2nd section and they would like to congratulate the winners and all the other section winners. Their first bird was a two year old widowhood cock of Vandenabeele origin bred from the race team, and has previously won 1st Section 3rd Open N.F.C Guernsey 2 this year. Both parents are 1st Federation winners, and he is line bred back to their original M & D Gaby’s which they have been cultivating for 23 years. Their second section bird was again from their Vandenabeele family being a yearling hen raced their celibacy system, amongst minor prizes she was previously 2nd Section 22nd Open Young Bird National Guernsey National Flying Club and 1stSection BBC St Philbert 2 weeks ago.  Her sire is a grandson of their original “Shadow Daughter” and won 1st Federation Longest Young Bird race. Her dam is also a granddaughter of “Shadow Hen” and a daughter of the sire of 1st Open National Flying Club Countances. “Thanks go to all involved in putting this race on, especially all the hard workers at the marking stations”. Another loft which had a super race is Mr & Mrs Hodges who won the next six section positions! Their first pigeon was one of their old favourites bred from their Gerrit Lahuis pigeons via Chris Balson of Bristol back in 2004 and they have bred too many winners to list. 

C3 3rd Sect C for Mr Mrs Hodges NFC St Philbert

She has also won many Combine, National and BICC positions and is raced on the chaos system. Their birds are fed on Versele-laga and Vanrobaeys mixtures and they would like to congratulate the winner and all section winners. It was good to see BHW scribe Chris Williams time a good pigeon and he wrote “Congratulations to John Gladwin on a well deserved win  and well done to Mel and Sue King for taking 1st and 2nd section C.  It feels great to be racing the channel again and we would like to thank everyone who has made competing from the continent possible for all their hard work. There was a great atmosphere at the Southampton marking station with everyone pulling together to get the job done.  Dad and I racing as Steve & Chris Williams timed our yearling blue hen whose bloodlines are that of Dirk Van den Bulck and the “Showman” via Sheldon Leonard of Arklow.

C11 Chris Steve Williams Sect C NFC St Philbert

We would like to say thanks to Lawrence and Marg Cowley for helping us with the clock read out as Jenny Mills from our club and  her husband Stuart currently  have Covid I hope you both feel better soon”.

Section: D

Paul Harradence Paul was over the moon to win 1st & 3rd Section D from his first ever French race, he timed a Busschaert yearling cock for 1st section which was bred by club member Chris Stevens which was a gift to Paul as a young bird when he started up.

D1 Paul Harradence 1st 3rd Sect D NFC St Philbert

His 3rd section D was a gift bird from Richard Goodier and is a Vandenabeele x Thone late bred in 2020. Both birds were racing back to 10 day old eggs. All birds are fed on Versal Laga corns. Congratulations to all the section and Open winners. Richard Goodier was very happy with my 2nd section, a day that turned out to be a tough race for in the west of the country due to the persistent wind and rain which was around all morning.

D2 Richard Goodier 2nd Sect D NFC St Philbert

He timed a three year old Lambrecht x Van den Bulck cock raced on the roundabout system. His sire is a son of "Golden Lady 930" from P & D Stud which has bred many good birds. Returns where slow but managed to get 9 out of 10 home by the second day. “Congratulations to 1st section D Paul Harradence who is flying his 1st old bird season having started with young birds last year. Also congratulations to Ade Human who timed a great bird close to the Cornish border” Fourth section was Wayne Wright who said well done to everyone who took part. 

D4 Wayne Wright 4th Sect D NFC St Philbert

His pigeon was bred by Ronnie Mains of Newcastle and was participating in its 4th race, first time across the water. It has sire bloodlines of “Mucking Fagic” 1st open Bourges and dam breeding lines of “Big Smithy”.  “A big thank you to Lewelly Parsons for exercising and looking after the birds while I was away”. Fifth was Cordery & Roast with a dark checker hen which was gifted to them by Andy Hodge and is a Mark Gilbert Hermans-Ceusters. 

D5 Cordery Roast 5th Sect D NFC St Philbert

They would like to say well done to Paul Harredence, also a member of the Honiton flying club for winning section D, in only his second National race.

Section: E

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs P J Wells for winning 1st and 5th section E with Mr & Mrs Carrick & Son 2nd.

E2 Mick Carrick 2nd Sect E NFC St Philbert

Mick would like to congratulate all the winners and the pigeon he timed has been very consistent this year and last he started the year with 3rd club, beaten by loft mates. Then went to Guernsey with the BBC were he was 14th open. Soon after he damaged his leg, so did not race again till St Philibert. He was sent sitting ten days on eggs with plenty of training in the previous two weeks. His sire is Micks Bordeaux national winner paired to a hen bred by Jimmy Whitehead who has sadly passed. She has the best of Syndicate Lofts in her pedigree, “Wardrum” x “Jean Genie”,  “Mario” x “Sunday Girl”. Two-time section winner this season was Roger Lowe who was third with Mark Gilbert fourth. Mark has played a tremendous role in making channel racing possible and I know we all extend our thanks to him. Sixth was Ricky Turner who is happy with his birds this year having won the BBC the other week.

E6 Ricky Turner 6th Sect E NFC St Philbert

E6 6th Sect E for Ricky Turner NFC St Philbert

He only keeps a small team and would like to thank Darren May for breeding his first bird. Ricky only sent four but they came well and he would like to thank club members for helping him to train as he does not drive and Frank Elliston for taking him to the marking station. 

Section: F

First section F 11th Open was committee member Cosmin Talas “First of all I would like to congratulate the national winner and all the section winners. 

F1 Cosmin Talas 1st Sect F NFC St Philbert

What a joy to be able to race from France again and thank you to Ian Evans and Richard Chambers for all his hard work he put in to get the channel racing back, and all those who made it happen. I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to race from France again. I keep and race the pigeons with only one aim to race against the best in this country with the National Flying Club, I have always said that if you want to test your pigeons and yourself you need to fly against the best. This race was my first race with the National Flying Club this year and my section winner is a widowhood cock experiencing first time over the water. He been raced inland with the local club before he went to St Philbert and is bred from “Dino” a son of “Dinan” and “Diana”, two of my section winners from Saintes 421miles with NFC. This section winners name is “New Dinan” as he did very well considering the wind and the weather. I only sent 3 pigeons which had one race from France before, the rest having their first time over the water and I had a great race. Many thanks to everyone involved”. Second section 16th Open were Mr & Mrs P Kenny & Family who would like to start by congratulating Gladwin Jarvis and Family on winning the race.

F2 Mr Mrs Paul Kenny 2nd Sect F NFC St Philbert

They would also like to say a huge thank you and well done to all marking teams at all the marking stations. Their timer is becoming a very smart performer as she has previously been 1st section, 3rd open NFC Guernsey 4367 birds and 18th open BBC Guernsey. She looks like being 1st section provisionally 2nd open CSCFC, 3rd section, 7th open BBC and 5th section, 24th open BICC St Philbert 296 miles. She was bred by Brian Mawdsley from Southport and her Sire has been a really good bird for Brain, winning the fed and 2nd West LANCS Affiliation Cheltenham 2343 birds. Their birds are fed Versele-laga Superstar and Bayers Koopman All Round as well as this Brad Cowoods Oasis and Vita pro are used regularly and the birds are also trained weekly down to the coast. The next three positions were won by the very consistant loft of J & P Parker with B Sherman & S Wells in sixth place.

F6 S Wells 6th Sect F NFC St Philbert


Their hen was bred from a pair of J, D Fretwells stock birds brought from his entire clearance sale, which had bred a bird which was 1st Open MNFC Carentan in 2012. She won the club a couple of weeks ago and was flown sitting on two week old eggs. Steve would like to congratulate all the section winners especially Cosman Tallas for winning the section. J J Schoeman was 7th with a pigeon which was a Bonus Ball win from Simon Schofield which had been quiet in the short sprint races but now the distance has jumped, she came well.

F7 J J Schoeman 7th Sect F NFC St Philbert

 Her pedigree is the best from Sorin Florea from Romania, from “Jong Bliksem” x “New Laureat” bloodlines, he is very happy with this years National results and will encourage all members young or old to give it a go, “it’s an unbelievable feeling getting them home from France on the day as the radius of pigeons are so wide spread”. 


Section: G

Joey Raeburn won section G and would like to say a big well done to all who were involved getting this joint venture to go head.

G1 Joey Raeburn 1st Sect G NFC St Philbert

Off to Pau next but he thinks they will need to work on the liberation because the last three races the country has been split by bad weather you may get away with poor liberations on short races but not from 500 plus. Joey sent me a short video of the heavy rain whilst waiting for his birds from St Philbert and would like to congratulate John Gladwin and all the other section winners. He timed a yearling widowhood cock which is one of the twenty widowers he started the season with. His Sire is a son of “Litton Glory” winner of the grand national from Tarbes for Paul Kendal from Wantage. Litton Glory was paired to a granddaughter of “Gwen” who won 1st Grand National from San Sebastian. The dam is a daughter of “West Bound” three times from Tarbes winning 26th open 4th section and 3rd open plus 1st section Barcelona when paired to “Lucky 13” and she’s the dam of 1st sec 6th open Grand National Tarbes for Nigel Templar and 1st section 6th open Grand National Tarbes on the day of lib. Lucky 13 is bred from a son of Irdb winner of 1st International Pau for A great fancier Wicky Bullen when paired to daughter of Gwen. Second was C & J Howse who said “Firstly well done to the winners. Our bird is a two year old hen flown on the natural system, which had just hatched her first YB of the year on the day before basketing. She is Syndicate Loft breeding and her sire is a grandson of “Drum”, with her dam a granddaughter of “Dutch Master”. Thanks to Joe Raeburn for taking our birds to the marking”. Third was Stuart Wilcox with a bird which was cross entered in all of the clubs competing in the UK Masters race.

G3 Stuart Wilcox 3rd Sect G NFC St Philbert

He is a 2019 Dutch rung widowhood cock called “Buck Rogers” bred by famous Dutch fanciers Martijn and Buck De Kruijf and has been an outstanding pigeon, being the winner of 1st Club 1st Fed Truro 1820b, 3rd Open NFC Sennon Cove (2) 3575b, 5th Open NFC Sennon Cove (1) 5479b. He was gifted to Stuart by Martijn and Buck along with a number of stock pigeons and they have been very successful. Buck Rogers is bred from “Stevie Wonder Jnr” winner of 3rd Arras 1350b, 3rd Roye 694b, 4th Peronne 1477b, 7th Bourges 922b etc from S Smits bred from a full brother to 1st National La Soutteriane 21,271b and a sister to the dam of Faberge 1st National Chateauroux 45589b. His mother is NL17/004 from a direct son of “Pitbull 777” of Kerel Leanens and “Litchje”, sister “Olympic Bolt” when paired to “127” from Leo Heremans, dam of 1st Pom 5296b, 1st Duffel 427b, 2nd Asse 1443b, 2nd Pom 569b, etc, a dtr of “Blauwe As” 1st Asduif Hafo and De 802, dam of 5 x 1st. He is flown on traditional widowhood and fed on Beyers and Country Wide corns. Alan Jones was fourth who would also like to congratulate all the section winners and all the people that were involved in getting this race on after a very trying time.  

G4 Alan Jones 4th Sect G NFC St Philbert

His chequer hen is of Gerrit Lahuis x Van Dyke breeding, which were gift pigeons from Nigel templar who has supplied many good pigeons over the years. She has won many cards in club and combine and has always been an honest pigeon and her nest mate was 12th section in the last Guernsey race. Having a great season is Wojciech Blachut who was fifth on this occasion.

G5 Wojciech Blachut 5th Sect G NFC St Philbert


Section: H

In section H C Crick & Son won 1st and 2nd which has to be one of the best lofts in the section 2022 as they have put up some terrific results in all NFC races this year up to now.

H1 C Crick Son 1st 2nd Sect H NFC St Philbert

Third and fifth was David Paine in St Neots with N & J Callaghan fourth and in sixth place was Dexter Thomas in Wellingborough.

Section: I

Tim Atkin was 1st section I again with a daughter of his very good “NFC Pair” a son of “Propere 10” paired to a daughter of “Minerva”.

I1 Tim Atkin 1st Sect I NFC St Philbert

They have bred 2 x 1st section winners NFC and 2 x 2nd section plus multiple Fed winners. In second place was Cliff Sanders who is pictured with his four grandchildren, Ruben, Beatrix, Darcey and Kitty.

I2 Cliff Sanders 2nd Sect I NFC St Philbert

 His little two year old late bred hen was not raced as a young bird but has had all the club races down to the coast this year, then into Guernsey with the BBC and two further races from Guernsey before going to St Phibert. Her sire was a Daniel Arran and her dam is the best hen he has raced being 6 times in the top 20 of section I in the NFC right up to Segogne. This late bred hen has raced all season just to the perch, never paired up. Her feed has been Gerry Plus and Super Star and a mixture given to Cliff by John Barnet from Telford and Cliff would like to thank all the people for getting Channel racing back. Third and fifth was T & J Mather & S.Haywood with Gavin Duggan fourth with a six year old white flight cock flown on a semi widowhood/roundabout system.

I4 Gavin Duggan 4th Sect I NFC St Philbert

Gavin would like to thank all involved to make it possible to fly out of France again and especially the marking station at Steventon.

Section: J

Winning section J and completing a great weekends racing in the Nationals was the Chambers Family and Craig said “First if all I would like to say thank you to all of the well-wishers who have been in contact to congratulate us on our weekend's performances, to top the section in all four national races entered this weekend was a huge surprise and I have been humbled by the response and kind words of our friends.

J1 Chambers gamily Heart Breaker 1st Sect J NFC St Philbert

Our first arrival from St Philbert is a yearling hen, now named “Heart Breaker”making her fifth channel crossing of the season having raced from Guernsey four times previously in preparation for the longer distance races. She is bred from our best middle-distance family crossed in with a hen from Brian Dearn. Heart Breaker’s sire is a full brother to "Big Girl" and "Blue Lightning" winners of 7th, 10th, 15th, 34th & 44th open National up to 9,679b. He is also half-brother to "Coutances Queen" our 1st section 1st Open BBC Coutances and RPRA award winner from 2020. Heart Breakers nest mate has also performed well for us this season, winning 6th section 37th open in the BICC National a few weeks earlier when 5,847b were competing, so you can see that she this hen has been bred for the job of middle-distance national racing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all organisations and the individuals involved in facilitating racing from France to resume.  All our birds arrived in tremendous condition, and they were a real credit to the organisations who transported them”. Another super loft of the 2022 season in second place is Lee and Trevor racing as Williams Bros from Oldbury.

J2 2nd Sect J for Williams Bros NFC St Philbert

They timed a two year old widowhood cock which has been consistent from the previous Guernsey races, but had never had the opportunity to go to the distance he was bred for until now, due to the racing restrictions from France. His sire is a Busschaert that had himself scored well being 3rd Open MNFC. His Dam was bred by John Bradley and she has bred winners every year including 1st Worcester fed and 1st Open MNFC. The Fowler Family of Leek were third and they timed was a two year old widowhood cock, the parents of which bird were purchased at the entire clearance sale of D. McFadden. His sire is “Rowley 730” a multiple national winner and is the sire and grand sire of many winners. Dam is the 600 hen who is dam and grand dam to many winners including royal blue a winner of 12th national Bordeaux and 11th open NFC Tarbes 2019. The 600 is also a half sister to Queen Mary winner of 1st open NFC Tarbes and being direct from Dark Prince and Pau Princess 2nd open INT Pau.  Jonathan Hamplett was fourth and fifth with Dave Whitfield in sixth place with a home bred Verheye out of the “Action Man” and “Pretty Girl” line which has been a multiple prize winner on land and channel racing over the years, including topping the Mid Cheshire Fed.

J6 Dave Wjitfield 6th Sect J NFC St Philbert

 This year she has flown 6 land races plus twice from Guernsey and St Philbert flown on Dave’s own Roundabout Widowhood System. 

Section: K

Dean Coleman was first section K and would like to thank everyone involved in helping to get channel racing back for the UK “They didn’t give up when others told them it would never happen.

K1 Dean Coleman 1st Sect K NFC St Philbert

Winning the Iconic section K has always been a dream mine and it proves that sometimes even at 56 years old, dreams do come true. My bird is a four year old widowhood cock out of middle distance bloodlines and a door had opened from the closed off box above him a couple of days before basketing and he decided he would guard it which seems to have given him the added impetus to get home. Who knows but pleased he came as well as he did”. Second and third was H A Rawson, Son & Towers who have also had a great season up until now with a blue cock out of Ron Dennets hen paired to one of their own family which has been on constant form from the beginning, and a young bird winner getting prizes each year. Their second bird is a blue hen out of their old family, her sister being a top section winner and another sister won the 11th open NFC Coutances. They would like to thank Mr Fred Ellis for getting our CPH number and everything he does for us and the other members of the club . Fourth was Michael Lake with Will Curtis in sixth place with his pool pigeon in the 700mm club taking first position and my pool pigeon in the Lancashire and Yorkshire 4bird club also taking 1st place. He is bred from a son of “Sharron” gifted by good friend Dave Thompson and Sharron was 1st section K Tarbes for Dave in 2017. He is also the pigeon that has been breeding the pigeons to finish 11th final Derby Arona 2021 and 17th final Derby Arona 2022. The Dam is a daughter of “Little Gem” gifted by Pete and Barry Winters in 2016. 

Section: L

Brian & Gary Smith & Son won section L with a three year old chequer hen flown on a variation of the Roundabout System.

L1 Brian Gary Smith 1st Sect L NFC St Philbert

Her Sire is bred from a pair of De Rauw Sablon stock birds purchased from Roger Lowe, which go back to the Freddy Vandenheede bloodlines & Her Dam is a Gaby Vandenabeele gift bird via good friends Rick & Simon Geary of Macclesfield. She has been a very consistent bird this year having been 4th Open Guernsey 253 miles with North West Classic Club & 12th Section L Guernsey from Race 3 with the NFC. Second was E Taylor from Crewe with R & B Smith third with a home bred blue cock from the best of their channel birds. His sire is “Mr Reliable”  GB 13 N 66947 who is a direct son of the “Hilsons Cock” when he was paired to a half-sister to “51” 1st open MNFC Carentan.

L3 Mr Reliable sire to 3rd Sect L NFC St Philbert

 He was a natural young bird which was not raced but well trained and he was their best yearling with several good land performances, then with the covid pandemic causing the delay to channel racing in 2020 and none in 2021 he has limited channel experience. With his breeding we knew he had what it takes on the day. His sire, 66947 and his nest mate “Max” 66946 both have multiple channel performances in the NFC, MNFC Eccles 2 bird Lancs Yorks 4 bird from 300 to 540 miles.

L3 Max nest mate to 3rd Sect L NFC St Philbert

 Paul Hodson was fourth and J Wood & Son fifth.

Section: N

Jeff Walton wrote “First a big well done to all Section winners and especially the Open winner John Gladwin & Family at Formula1 Lofts for topping the NFC Open. NFC Section N winners were M/M Hutchinson & Sons of Middleton St George.

N1 Richard Huthinson 1st Sect N NFC St Philbert

Their three year old cock was on 10 day eggs and his sire is a grandson off “BC” x “Amoy” via L & K Buddle from Dover. His dam was bred by Dave Dockray from his Durham Combine Bourges winner. Second was Mr & Mrs B Hicks in Seaham and third, fifth and eight section is Bob Mckie flying at 525 miles into Chopwell and probably the longest flier in the Open.

N3 Bob McKie 3rd Sect N NFC St Philbert

His first bird, a three-year-old cock whose sire is from Dave Impett's, Brugman family and was sent feeding a big youngster. His second bird arriving at 20.38pm was 2nd Section in the tough second Guernsey race after over 11 hours on the wing. He was sent sitting 10 day eggs and his 3rd bird was the Red cock which was 1st Section in the second Guernsey who was also sent sitting 10 days on eggs. M Anderson and sons were fourth and sixth section N flying 523 miles” Thanks Jeff. All the section N birds put up a fantastic performance considering the conditions whilst not getting the breaks they deserve and I would like to give recognition to all these longer flyers for their perseverance in the biggest competition in the country, thank you for continuing to support the NFC and your day will come. 


Section: P

Kevin Foster wrote “Once again, section P members hit the target with the top 3 in the National and eight members featuring in the top 15 open result. Chris has covered the winners Gladwin, Jarvis and Family from Leigh on sea, so nothing more to add other than a very well done to a national winning loft.

P1 GB21N17743 Gladwin

In at 2nd section and Open is Dave and Gary Heywood of Laindon.

P2 Gary and Dave Heywood 2nd Sect P NFC St Philbert

Another multinational winning loft and this is what Gary told me “the hen we timed has been a really good hen this year for us and has been to Guernsey 4 times, scoring in the open and section on each occasion. Her father is a grandson of “Harry” and her dam is a granddaughter off “Tip Top Junior”. I would like to say a big thank you to all involved in getting us back across the channel it was great to have that feeling again seeing pigeons dropping from France, thank you to all involved “ Well done Dave and Gary, a top class hen.

At third section and third open is also a loft which is in super form and one that I personally can vouch for as becoming serious national competitors in the Kent area, is that of Tommy Sparks and Pauline Dallas of Gravesend.

P3 Tom Sparks Pauline Dallas 3rd Sect P NFC St Philbert

They timed a yearling widower cock, the sire of which came from Tony Seery, the grandsire is a son of a Saintes national winner. The granddam is daughter of a Midland National winner. The dam of the yearling cock is a winner of 3x1sts so well done Tommy and Pauline. Fourth and fifth section is D Hunt & sons of Bishops Stortford and talking of inform lofts how about this, Dave told me they have had15 races this year winning the fed 14 times, several times having a few together.

P4 D Hunt Sons 4th 5th Sect P NFC St Philbert with young Davy Hunt with Vogue

In fact the pigeon they got for 5th national is a yearling cock which has arrived with fed winning loft mates 4 times but received no awards as the fed ruling is for first two birds only. So effectively a  four times fed winner! He is 50% Stickers Donkers and 50% Harry bloodlines. Well done and I’m sure we will hear more about this young pigeon in the future. Sixth section and seventh open is a relatively new partnership to national racing and one with a very small team which has stormed into the national winners enclosure in recent times is that of Topp and Mann of Rayleigh.

P6 Topp Mann 6th sect P NFC St Philbert

Here is what Mitch told me “I would like to congratulate the winner and my club mates John and Teresa Gladwin, no one deserves it more due to the work they have put into our great sport to get us over the channel is second to none, so a big well done. My first pigeon was a yearling cock flown on the widowhood system being a Gaby x Zwol from a pair that Lee Bastone gave me which is also the nest mate to my breeder buyer winner and 1st section BICC last year. Over the moon the be 7th open on my first ever old bird channel race from France as I only started south in 2020 and haven’t got into France because all the restrictions, so really happy with the result. I would like to thank everyone who made channel racing possible a big well done” Well done and I’m sure it won’t be the last time you get featured in a national write up.

Section: W

1st Setion W was Derick Jones with a 2 year old WH cock vandanbeele gson of the picanol .timed in from Guernsey .no details on his other 2 only one was a WH hen. 4th Section was B cook and son with a 4 year old hen thats been very consistemt on the channel and inland, her parents were bred by Nick Adshead of Selby the sire being a half brother to chapion Milly. We would like to thak Nick for the birds and congratulate the winners Gladwin, Jarvis and Family.  . Paul Blundell was 8th section with a a late bred 2year old hen only raced the land first time to see any water  . A very good performance to this part of the world ,on the doorway to Snowdonia it's breeding is euro diamond on both sides.