Due to the restrictions imposed at present, resulting in no racing from France, the Management Committee have voted on a provisional race program.

Please note General Rule 25: - The club will have no races within the clubs stated boundaries except for emergency action being required.”

We hope matters improve and that France opens sooner than later, or at the very least, Guernsey opens earlier than 1st July. If this becomes reality, the race program will change. 


The management committee have voted on a provisional race programme which is: -

1st Race                  5th June              'The Duke of Edinburgh' Sennen Cove

2nd Race               19th June              Sennen Cove

3rd Race                  3rd July               Guernsey

4th Race               17th July                Guernsey

5th Race               31st July                Guernsey Grand National

6th & 7th Race        4th September     Guernsey YB & OH