National Flying Club

Post-Race Paperwork

A few points and requests from the Race Secretary:-

  1. Marking Station update:
    • Alveley marking station will be open from 08:00 to 11:00, one hour earlier than in the handbook.
  2. Reminders after clocking:
    • Strike Reports:
      • For members using ETS, we need a strike report for each and every type of clock that arrives in the same envelope as the members clocking sheets, plus their verification form
      • Without strike reports, we can’t validate that your clocked was synchronised with GPS at strike-off
      • For every missing strike report, we then have to look up a phone number to then call to chase it up
      • Frustratingly, some of the phone numbers we hold for Members seem no longer to be correct
    • Alan Webber has been checking the paperwork received and Jill Webber has spent many hours chasing missing paperwork, time that would be far better spent producing a result from the correctly received paperwork.
    • Although we no longer issue verification numbers, the verification card serves to tell us who you are, and this is where you list the birds you would like to appear in the result, and where you also claim any Pools or Noms that you placed on each arrival.
      • Some members are not sending in the verification form, so we have to look up their NFC code.
      • If you only get one bird entered on the result with no pools or noms, you’ve only got yourselves to blame. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to continue like this.
  3. Looking ahead to the Messac race next week:
    • Any missing paperwork Messac race may result in exclusion from the result. You have been warned!
    • We really shouldn’t need to chase paperwork so, please, help us to help you.