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This Race Switchboard is your one-stop hub for all NFC racing activity. The Actions button for each race will open up a host of activities for you 1) Form A [PDF] 2) Form B [PDF] 3) Form B [Excel] 4) Online Race Entry 5) Entries Analysis 6) Verify 1st Arrival 7) Provisional Result 8) Final Result 9) Race Report. Below, you’ll see additional picture buttons that will give you access to 10) Your flying distances 11) location of the Transporters 12) Race Info and Liberation News 13) Verification Card [PDF] 14) Manual Clock Sheet. Some of the Actions are only available for logged-in Members e.g. Race Entry and 1st Bird Verification, and some actions are only available at appropriate times e.g. Race Entry. Non-members are very welcome to visit this page, and view available reports.


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