National Flying Club

Something Awesome is Coming

The NFC has embarked on developing a new website and backoffice systems for the NFC, to manage the club more efficiently in future years.

There are many reasons for needing to do this, and we are looking forwards rather than backwards, with the primary aims being to deliver an easy-to-use website, with a modern look and feel, for Members and Administrators to use.

The project team is headed by Paul O’Leary (Section B Rep) who will be getting valuable support from the Committee, primarily from Gillian Naum and Jill Webber, plus we have engaged a Freelance Website developer to design and implement our requirements on the website.

As you would imagine, there are hundreds of individual task elements within this large project, mostly categorised under either Membership Management and end-to-end Race Management. In terms of priority, the 1st Phase will see the generation of the actual Website footprint, and an upload of the existing Membership so that we can start implementing and testing functionality e.g. accepting new Members, renewing Memberships, selling Rings.

Necessarily, therefore, we need to make sure that the details we are holding for existing Members, and which we will upload to the new website, are 100% correct, especially your email address. Put simply, a modern website cannot communicate effectively with Members without a valid and current email address to use e.g. to send Order/Payment Acknowledgements, Verification confirmations, etc. So we take this opportunity to also encourage 100% of members to transact all their business via the new website, moving away from postal and telephonic systems that consume resource, resources which, as you know, are not available 24/7.

So, can I please ask all members to click to log in to the current website and then click details and check/edit all details we’re currently holding for you, and finally click UPDATE DETAILS button. Please note that, specifically, email addresses must include the “@” character will end (mostly) with “” or “.com” e.g.

Alternatively, you can email all your Details directly to either, or both, of the contacts listed below:
➢ Gillian Naum
➢ Paul O’Leary

Please do this as soon as possible, so that we crack on with all the work around the Membership piece. As soon as the website goes live, we will of course let you know …
Many thanks
Paul O’Leary