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Sent: 22 April 2022 16:33
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Subject: Channel Racing Update

In my previous update of 7th April I stated that the DEFRA loft registration process would be published within two week. This week I have been 'chasing' confirmation in relation to the process. However, as of 4.30pm today, Friday 22nd April 2022 I have received no information in this respect. I appreciate this is a frustrating position for everyone concerned and is impacting on the start of organisations channel race programmes. I will continue to push for this process to be published as soon as possible and as soon as I have any information I will share it through the normal channels. In the meantime I have held meetings with various veterinary practices to establish a list of of such practices that are willing and able to carry out loft visits to adhere to the EU loft registration requirements and also compile a list of Official Veterinarians that are able to sign export health certificates for organisations. This list will be published sometime next week and will be updated as and when necessary. Finally, I wish to clarify that the loft registration process is one imposed by EU regulations (not DEFRA) for those lofts wishing to race from EU countries. The reason that they have to be registered with DEFRA is purely down to the EU regulations requiring lofts to be registered with the competent authority within the country of origin. In the UK the competent authority is DEFRA Ian Evans CEO