Please read!

Clock Stations

  1. Rubbered Entries
    • Signed Master Timer Sheets must be sent to the Race Manager for set and strike off
    • T3 clocks should be on Time Set when first struck, so that the clock is struck on the exact minute
    • Rubbers should be sent in the clock envelopes provided at the marking stations, correctly filled out, along with the verification card
  2. ETS Entries
    • A strike report signed by the clock station along with the members clocking sheet must be sent to the Race Manager.
      • If one strike report covers several members if would greatly help if all the members NFC codes were listed on the strike report
    • The verification card must be sent with the clocking sheet
    • Please return your clock sheets, strike reports, rubbers, verification sheets, as soon as possible to the Race Manager, Mrs Jill Webber only.
      • Address is in the handbook.

Failure to comply with all the above could result in disqualification from the result.

General – Marking Stations

  1. No extra birds will be accepted on the day of marking (see Rule 11 of racing rules)
  2. No additional pools will be accepted on the day of marking
  3. Please place Part B on top of the ETS form so that the page number on Part B (from the handbook) is at the bottom, and the ETS sheet is the right way up. Please staple the sheets together in the top left corner without obscuring the NFC code 😊