Tarbes Grand National - Race 4
Sun - 29/06/19 -  The birds at Tarbes have been liberated at 14.00 hrs in no wind. All cleared well.  Visability is 11 miles.
Sun - 29/06/19 - 11.45 hrs.  Getting birds ready, all waters topped up. Line of flight getting better, bit cloud over Nantes, sun trying to come through. Not long now! Dom McCoy, Convoyer.
Sun - 29/06/19 - 09.35 hrs.  @ 10.35 local time, there is no wind so the clouds are taking longer to clear. Light rain has stopped, humidity nice and low 21 degrees will definitely brighten up and we should have liberation today, early afternoon. The predicted wind last night, to clear this cloud never materialised. Dom McCoy, Convoyer.
Sun - 29/06/19 - 08.00 hrs.  @ 04.00 a.m. there is cloud and light rain. @ 06.00 a.m. still low cloud cover and light rain in air. FCF members on site since 5.45 a.m., all checking satellites. It's looking like later today for a liberation, I will update as soon as. Dom McCoy, Convoyer.
Sat - 29/06/19 - 11.00 hrs The birds at Tarbes have been held over until tomorrow. There will be no liberation today.  The heat and humidity is rising hourly.  The forecast for tomorrow is very good and cooler, the race team feel very confident of a liberation tomorrow in what looks like more favourable conditions.
Sat - 29/06/19 - 07.30 hrs Sunny and hot, 26'C with no cloud movement. The Pyrenees mountains were fairly clear a couple of hours earlier but now misting up and disappearing out of sight. I Will keep watching the temperature and humidity. The birds waters are all topped up. A few hens sitting on eggs 😱 nice and happy. Fingers crossed birds will be liberated some time in the next 24 hours, weather permitting.  Convoyer and driver are running low on sun screen oils 😁.
Sat - 29/06/19 - 05.30 hrs.  No cloud movement, slightly cooler than yesterday.  I will update later this morning. The birds are all looking fine. Dom McCoy, Convoyer.
Fri - 28/06/19 - 15.50 hrs.  Dom McCoy, Convoyer has informed us that the birds at Tarbes are held over until tomorrow, there will be no liberation today. He reports that the birds are very content, temperature is 40'C on site with no wind and very high humidity. He will review the circumstances tomorrow, after taking into account the weather and all relevent matters.   
Fri - 28/06/19 - 13.32 hrs Just a correction re the earlier message: - The statement advises that racing has been banned in France. This isn't correct, but the FCF has published guidance but has not banned racing. The FCF agent at Tarbes is refusing to sign the paperwork if the NFC liberate and the RPRA officials and the NFC officials beleive we should respect this position and the FCF guidelines.
E-mail received from the RPRA: - Good afternoon We have been in touch with the FCF after rumours were circulating there is no racing in France this weekend. Please see the following information translated from the FCF website:- “Given the high temperatures expected for the coming days and until Sunday in particular, we ask competition organizers and conveyors to take these measures: FOR COMPANIES: - decrease in the number of pigeons per basket of 20% - the pigeons must be watered from the lodges and the waterers remain attached until the moment the pigeons are removed by the carrier FOR CARRIERS: - reduction of the maximum height allowed for pick-ups and for transport to the drop-off site - ensure that the temperature does not exceed 30 ° inside the truck during transport, knowing that for Speed and Half Bottom competitions, trucks drive at night, - possibly consider shortening the distance to let go - at the place of release, park the truck in the shade - water at will and regularly. We insist that these measures be strictly followed for the wellbeing of our pigeons and to ensure a good return of these. For regions with a federal competition program, it may be considered to postpone the release of a day or two, since the end of the heat wave is scheduled for this Monday” Basically racing has not been banned, precautions have been put in place for the welfare of the birds. I trust that your organisation will adhere to this. Ian Evans Chief Executive
Fri - 28/06/19 - 09.20 hrsThere will be no liberation this morning.  Further to this news, the French Authorities have banned all racing in France and the agent in compliance with the FCF, won't sign the release documents and if we don't comply with them and liberate, it would affect future licenses to liberate in France.  The RPRA have advised the NFC to respect the FCF decision.  The temperature is expected to be 43' to 45' C today. Options are being reviewed hourly.  Cooler weather is expected on Sunday / Monday. Photos are being placed on the 'NFC Photo Gallery', under the sub topic, 'Tarbes Liberation Photo Gallery', accessable on the Home page. Videos will currently be uploaded to the Forum until a technical issue is resolved, upon then being displayed within the gallery, all together. 
Fri - 28/06/19 - 06.00 hrs.  The birds waters have been topped upIt was very warm during night. There is low cloud and heavy mist, humidity is very high. More updates to follow. The FCF agent called by last night and is coming to see us this morning. I will update then. Spoke to guys at Argen @ 6 a.m., no lib at present. Dom McCoy, Convoyer
Thurs - 27/06/19 - 21.50 hrs. The temperature is currently 34 degrees C. The birds are settled. The French Agent will not sign the 'delashers', due to the red heat alert over France with all local pigeon racing cancelled.