2020 Season
PAU (Int) Race Liberation News


Fri 31/07/20 - 06.18 hrs. The birds have been liberated at 06.15 hrs, uk time in a light South West wind, gusting to 10 mph. Air temperature is 21 degrees, humidity 74 degrees. Variable winds on route but mainly South. All birds cleared the site together, none left on transporter. A good race is predicted. Good luck to all and Well done to Phil leech and Damian Ellis on a great job, you can both come back again. Thank you and well done, Dom McCoy, Chief Convoyer.

Race Advisoirs Report: - Birds liberated at 06.15 hrs from Pau into a light south west wind at 5 mph at 21 degrees.

Line of flight up to Bordeaux at 09.00 is 28 degrees into a light South West at 8 mph. Between Nantes and Angers at 12.00 to 15.00 is 30 degrees South West wind at 10 mph. Cherbourg peninsula is West South West at 9 to 12 mph. Tonight the channel is West South West at 10 to 15mph.  There are thunderstorms to the East of France and the South East of the UK forecast early evening that will push out easterly into the north sea which will decrease the temperature rapidly by dawn tomorrow. Tonight and tomorrow in the UK is generally South West winds and dry.

Wishing all members a successful race.

Steve White, Race Advisor & Dom McCoy, Chief Convoyer.

Convoyers Report: - Pigeons fed and watered on docks in caen.

Travelled to Bordeaux fed to appetite and watered.
Stayed overnight set off to pau at 06.30 arrived 11.00.birds had food and water constantly all Thursday.
Up at 04.00 topped up water and liberated at 06.15 birds cleared well

Phil Leech, Convoyer and Damian Ellis, Driver/Pigeon Assistant



 Fri 31/07/20 - 06.00 hrs. Latest from PAU. At 04.00 hrs, transporter lights were switched on, waters topped up, birds seem very content. The weather conditions have been monitored every 30 minutes. Light South East wind on site, blue sky, broken cloud from 05.30 hrs French time. All strings are cut. We will update very soon.

WhatsApp Image 2020 07 31 at 06.11.54


Fri 31/07/20 - 05.36 hrs. PAU skies now: -

WhatsApp Image 2020 07 31 at 05.37.39WhatsApp Image 2020 07 31 at 05.35.01 1

WhatsApp Image 2020 07 31 at 05.35.01WhatsApp Image 2020 07 31 at 04.47.46


Fri 31/07/20 - 03.58 hrs. Friday am weather at lib site, 04.50 hrs French time, cloud cover, temperature is 22 degrees and rising one degree approximately every hour to a max of 31 degrees at 17.00 hrs French time, then temperatures will start to drop down to around 24 degrees. Throughout the day, mostly sunny, clear with good visibility. All we need is a good liberation sky will update later. Dom McCoy.

Thurs 30/07/20 - 19.35 hrs. The temperature forecast tomorrow morning at PAU is 22 degrees.

Thurs 30/07/20 - 19.09 hrs. Update for tomorrow - PAU showing cloud, north of liberation point. Southerly wind all through France, although variable in places. Light rain tonight over bay of biscay. Once birds leave PAU from Bergerac up, Southerly wind, some light rain forecast showing helping wind all the way home. This forecast is from four different sources but all saying very much the same. P.s. rain forecast for couple hours over liberation site tonight.

WhatsApp Image 2020 07 30 at 19.11.35WhatsApp Image 2020 07 30 at 19.12.15WhatsApp Image 2020 07 30 at 19.13.55


Thurs 30/07/20 - 16.07 hrs. The birds have just had a second feed, all seem very relaxed. It is very warm but Phil and Damo are relaxed as well and are about to put barbecue on!


Thurs 30/07/20 - 11.14 hrs. French weather for PAU, FRIDAY forecast, yellow thunder storm warnings over parts of France. Now West wind, visibility 8 miles.

WhatsApp Image 2020 07 30 at 11.14.05


Thurs 30/07/20 - 10.43 hrs. Transporter left Bordeaux at 06.30 hrs and are now on site. I have made contact with the agent and everything is fine, as I am sending this, the agent has arrived on site and is talking to our race team. Birds have been fed and waters are being topped up, all is looking good. Steve White, our race advisor has been on phone this morning with weather updates. Our weather team are also keeping in touch with myself and Steve White.  The NFC have a very close tight knit team looking out for the welfare of your birds.  We will update later.

WhatsApp Image 2020 07 30 at 10.36.32WhatsApp Image 2020 07 30 at 10.36.32 1WhatsApp Image 2020 07 30 at 10.36.32 2

WhatsApp Image 2020 07 30 at 10.36.33WhatsApp Image 2020 07 30 at 10.36.33 1 

Wed 29/07/20 - 21.58 hrs. Update on journey to PAU. After careful planning of route down to liberation site and some ten hours of driving with compulsory breaks, the driver and convoyer have stopped to park overnight at the Bordeaux liberation point where they will stay until around 6.30am.  The birds have had two feeds and constant water and are now nicely settled for the night .The best thing about parking here for night is all the facilities and security.  Tomorrow morning, the drive to PAU should take approximately three hours so birds should be nicely settled well before midday Thursday.  We have been in contact with the agent and the weather is forecast 33 degrees on Friday.  I will update more tomorrow with pictures of lib site etc.

Dom McCoy Chief Convoyer.