National Flying Club

Committee Meeting, held Wednesday 25th October 2006 at the Gainsborough Hotel, Kidderminster.

Report by Roy Stretton, Chairman.

The Chairman, Roy Stretton, opened the meeting at 9.30am.

Apologies were received from Geoff Cooper who has decided to stand down due to ill health. All present wished Geoff a speedy recovery.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read. Under Matters Arising regarding finance and contracts, the Chairman asked non-committee members and the secretary to leave the room while contract matters were discussed. After about 45 minutes all were asked to return.

Correspondence. Letters read out were mainly complaints about the 2006 young bird/old hens’ race from Chale. The Chief Convoyer, Colin Bates, was questioned about the liberation time. Brian Long, joint Race Advisor, informed the meeting of the events leading up to 1.25pm on the day of liberation. The chairman again asked Colin Bates why he had liberated so late. Colin replied that he thought the birds would do a faster time.

Accounts. Paul Naum, Treasurer, informed the committee that the NFC was in a healthy state financially with their being approximately £45,000 left in the current account, after all bills had been paid. Racing had broken even with over £120,000 prize, pools and sponsorship money paid out. The committee agreed that prize money was very poor. This is being addressed for 2007 with £5,000 already pledged. Paul also informed the committee that in-house savings could be made. Advertising was mentioned, also the cost of marking stations. For six races it had cost in excess of £13,000 to mark the birds. The NFC accountant, Brian Logan, has advised the NFC committee via Paul Naum to de-register for VAT. This was carried.

Transport. Brian Long, through the chair, explained to the committee that the contract between J. P. Haulage and the NFC was, as he put it, a tremendous deal but members were totally oblivious to this. Ken Hanby proposed that the Chairman and President set up a column in the Fancy Press to report on the facts. They agreed. It was proposed and carried that the Chairman deals with any transport problems that arise.

Dinner 2006. Doreen Kneller addressed the meeting. 170 dinner tickets have been sold, entertainment has been booked and the menus decided upon. Torquay has been booked for 2007 and York for 2008. Doreen was given a vote of thanks.

Proposals for propositions for 2007. All were read out and some were deemed out of order. It was decided to indicate alongside the propositions those that the committee support for the future benefit of the NFC.

Any other business. Ken Hanby requested that the President, Secretary and Chairman work more closely together to resolve any non-agenda matters. The Chairman thanked everybody for their attendance and wished them a safe journey home. The meeting closed at 5.30pm.